Azarius Kratom Vendor Review

Azarius Kratom is one of the oldest and most successful kratom shops in all of Europe. This online head shop specializes in everything from cannabis butter and blue lotus to kratom powder and kratom extracts. Kratom, in particular, is a major focal point for this twenty-three-year-old business. It offers everything from kratom capsules to kratom drinks.

This Amsterdam apothecary has sustained the uncertainties of the global health crisis and emerged with its success intact. The business, which also maintains a “smart shop” online, currently enjoys a four-and-a-half-star rating out of nearly six hundred fifty Google reviews. Discover the key to this EU brand’s longevity in our comprehensive Azarius Kratom Vendor Review.


Azarius Kratom Product Review

Founded way back in 1999, Azarius is quite possibly the oldest and most celebrated smoke shop in all of the Netherlands. It carries nearly thirty kratom products in a variety of sizes, strains, and strengths. These items include kratom powder, kratom tinctures, and kratom capsules.

If Azarius Kratom has had one thing going for it throughout its long and storied history it would be its variety. This site is fully stocked with a fleet of different brands and products. Unfortunately, these varied brands and products come at a price that’s quite steep. When we converted Azarius Kratom prices to US currency, we found they were far more expensive than those to which we’ve grown accustomed.

This smart shop has seen tremendous support from consumers over the last two-plus decades. With hundreds of reviews on Google and a slew of four-and-five-star ratings, it is no wonder that Azarius has replaced Erowid as shorthand for all things Mitragyna speciosa.

Its packaging is eye-grabbing and appropriately sturdy, though select items in its inventory are less-than-professional. For example, Jetpack Kratom Kratom Leaf carries a packaging design that looks like a child’s idea of a kratom pouch; its bumblebee-on-a-jetpack mascot takes up most of the pouch’s front, with minimal information provided on its labeling.

Azarius Kratom’s in-house brand is slightly more attractive, with its lava-lamp-like background and bold font, but its pouches are admittedly generic and its labeling isn’t all that much more detailed than Jetpack Kratom‘s.

Azarius Kratom makes some assertions on its product pages that give us pause, such as its assurance of a time-specific aroma and its promise of certain sensations. Aside from these obvious exaggerations, Azarius gives its customers little to go on – there is no info about strain origins, no mention of facilities or drying techniques, and no allusions to alkaloid content.

The variety of its kratom products may be the key to its success, but it’s brand and price limitations may prove to be its downfall. Azarius Kratom is one of an ever-dwindling number of international vendors to charge a small fortune for kratom, regardless of its freshness or lack thereof.

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What It Costs & How It Compares

Azarius Kratom sells ten grams of its own branded kratom for €9.95 or approximately $10.48 in US dollars. This is woefully overpriced by any metric; most vendors charge around $10 for around an ounce of kratom powder. For example, Left Coast Kratom charges $9.80 for twenty-eight grams.

Azarius sells fifty grams for €33.50 or $35.33 USD, whereas brands like Left Coast Kratom charge around $19.60 for fifty grams or more. Finally, Azarius Kratom sells one hundred grams worth of its branded powder for €59.00 or $62.22 USD. This is extremely high by domestic standards.

This vendor offers twenty-five grams of Jetpack Kratom Powder for €17.50, which equates to approximately $18.45 USD. That is three rounded grams less than the average starter pack for more than double what most e-commerce sites charge for a full ounce. For example, sells an ounce of Remarkable Herbs Kratom for $6.99, while Soap Korner charges $10.00.

Azarius Kratom sells one hundred grams of its kratom powder for €49.00, which equates to roughly $51.63. That is more than $50 for less than a quarter of what Americans offer for the same price (see: five hundred grams or more for around $50+). This is highway robbery no matter how you cut it. By contrast, some online vendors offer full kratom kilos for as little as $50.00; sells $50 kilos, while Kratom Deal sells five-kilo bundles for $249.95.

Azarius Kratom offers kratom capsules starting at €17.50 or $18.46 for thirty plain leaf capsules. This price point is reasonable enough, though it is hardly what would constitute a deal at five hundred milligrams per capsule. For the sake of comparison, Smokey Shays charges $16.99 for a thirty-count of Choice Kratom Kratom Capsules.

Azarius Kratom is one of a select number of vendors offering kratom resin. Azarius Bali Kratom 15x Extract is available starting at €19.50 or $20.8 USD for fifteen grams. While this is not an unreasonable amount of money given the exoticism of kratom resin, it isn’t the most economic of prices either. also offers 15x kratom resin, with fifteen grams for €15.95 or $16.84 USD.

This supplier provides its patrons with three shipping options—B2C Europe Two-Day Shipping, Europe Priority 2-3 Business Day, and World Priority. In addition to its versatile shipping options, Azarius delivers a next-level affiliate program, which enables passionate patrons to earn unparalleled discounts on new products and earn revenue through the promotion of its products.

The quality of Azarius Kratom’s products appears to vary from brand to brand, with most of the credit going to Azarius itself for its in-house products. Reviews suggest its consistency can be counted on, while the longevity of the brand points to its inherent value and untarnished reputation.

The Azarius Kratom website ( isn’t the most high-tech or the most ergonomic, but it gets the job done with minimal issues and no need to reload pages. The dropdown menus lack a certain degree of orderliness, but the overall functionality is good. What’s more, the site’s design is top-notch, from its meta descriptions and page layouts to its widget and favicon. All things considered, is a slick and sexy site with a plethora of exciting products.

Azarius Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

You can subscribe by email to receive monthly news updates, promo codes, exclusive deals, and much, much more. Like other email newsletters, Azarius Kratom’s newsletter relies on targeted advertising. You may receive several emails per month, depending on how many new items enter its collection and how many products go on sale.

Azarius Kratom Customer Reviews

Azarius Kratom has received an abundance of acclaim from its clients, many of whose rate is higher than any other store they’ve gone to. This vendor has been called legit, consistent, and high-quality on Reddit where one user said it’s a really good, smart head shop.

Over on Google, it has been called “the right place to go for wisdom, healing, or a good trip,” with one reviewer writing, “The perfect place to start your psychedelic journey. The staff is highly knowledgeable about their products and very patient with you.  The shop itself is a nice place, full of knick-knacks of the mystic kind and all sorts of psychedelic-related paraphernalia.”


Another Google reviewer awarded it five stars, adding, “Friendly staff who educate the customer, a shop built around education while not crossing the line to medical advice. Be sure to buy one of the awesome shirts.”

Still, another reviewer wrote, “Mick helped me with finding a product that was discontinued. Within an hour she called me back with good news: she found the product in their warehouse and would send it to me immediately! Truly amazing service!! I can highly recommend this shop! The people that work there are the best.”

Azarius Kratom Complaints

Every rose has its thorn, so to speak, and this is true in the kratom industry as it is in any other industry. Azarius Kratom may have amassed an impressive following of loyal customers, but it still has its fair share of detractors. Our research indicates it has disappointed some of its patrons in the past.

One customer lamented their customer service experience, writing, “Payment confirmed on the 17th/18th emails sent to customer service 3 times only get an automated response. Went to the store I was told they are responding to emails? Phone numbers for both store and warehouse were turned off. While I understand the current situation but I would [sic] like some feedback or a cancellation option.

“Update: After emailing they advised it’s on the way but it seems they do not work together with Azarius Customer Service as they have now sent to the wrong address even though I emailed numerous times to say I am moving to a new address.”

Another disappointed customer said, “ I have bought 3 vaporizers in the shop yesterday and they did tell me I won’t have problems with tax refund although they did not provide me the tax-free form.

I went back today because I researched and some information should be stated in the receipts to get them stamped by customs.

“The lady was extremely rude and did not care about helping me and said they don’t have problems as the only sale to locals. I’m very disappointed with this kind of non-support and will return the goods tomorrow as she recommended.”

Is It Lab Tested?

No mention of third-party laboratory testing appears on, nor does this vendor disclose certificates of analysis. There is no indication that it has worked with independent labs to assess the purity or potency of its products.


Although Azarius Kratom features a detailed FAQ page, this FAQ does not feature any information about alkaloid concentrations, in-house evaluation, drying techniques, heavy metal testing, or any other form of thorough analysis. There is no seal of approval from any kratom watchdog group or other third-party entity on its website.

Is Azarius Kratom Legit?

While its longevity as a head shop would suggest a legitimate business, we have our reservations about Azarius Kratom. Based on our research, we are inclined to believe that the company as a whole is legit, but the legitimacy of its kratom powder is debatable. Without unbiased laboratory verification, we are not inclined to confirm or deny Azarius Kratom’s quality.

American Kratom Association

As an international business, Azarius Kratom does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, nor is it expected to participate. International businesses are not subject to the customs of domestic companies. The GMP Standards Program was specifically designed to protect American customers and hold domestic kratom processors accountable.

Those who participate in the GMP program are expected to voluntarily submit to a third-party audit while following the guidelines set forth by the AKA. These guidelines extend to the manufacturing, labeling, marketing, distribution, and sale of kratom products.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Azarius Kratom is a well-respected international vendor, but its prices are cost-prohibitive and its selection leaves something to be desired. If you are looking for a more honest and affordable brand with proof of purity, you will want to shop around. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for an in-depth look at the top kratom suppliers.

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