Jetpack Kratom Vendor Review

Jetpack Kratom is a European kratom vendor offering a rich and varied assortment of products, including kratom capsules, kratom extracts, and kratom teas. This Netherlands-based brand is something of a global enterprise.

Jetpack Kratom ships its versatile products to Canada, the U.S., and beyond. Despite its status as an international business, the brand hasn’t caught on in quite the same way as its domestic counterparts. If you’d like to learn more about this vendor you’ve come to the right place.

Jetpack Kratom Product Review

Founded in 2020, Jetpack Kratom has quickly become a popular head shop brand. Thanks to the potency and singularity of its kratom extract it has become a favorite among UK heads. Here in the States, however, Jetpack Kratom hasn’t fared quite as well.

Although the brand has been embraced by those who have tried it, Jetpack Kratom hasn’t generated the buzz typical of newer kratom vendors. What’s more, the owner hasn’t done an adequate job of promoting the brand. Jetpack Kratom lacks a social media presence or a Reddit following.

With the exception of its poor brand recognition, Jetpack Kratom has acquitted itself well. This vendor offers some unparalleled kratom products, such as its Jetpack Kratom Exosphere.


Jetpack Kratom is a fabulous choice for first-time buyers, as its products are generally much smoother than their competitors, with a subtler aroma that’s less extreme than most so-called “premium-grade kratom.”

This is just one of the things that make Jetpack Kratom stand out from others in the current marketplace. On the downside, Jetpack Kratom has replaced the traditional arrow icon for searches with a miniature version of its colorful jetpack-wearing mascot.

Consequently, your eyes go wild when you are trying to navigate the site’s pages. Each time you move your cursor it looks like a fly is skittering across the screen of your iPad or another electronic device.

Jetpack Kratom’s prices vary from product to product, but most of these prices do not compare favorably to those charged by UK or US kratom vendors. More on this in a moment.

Jetpack Kratom Bronze is one of its finest creations, a powdered kratom in capsule form. Each Jetpack Kratom Bronze kratom capsule contains forty-five milligrams of mitragynine.

Jetpack Kratom Gold is its next-level capsule, with each cap containing eighty milligrams of mitragynine. This extract is also available as Jetpack Kratom Exosphere, a liquid kratom extract that contains fifty-five milligrams of Mitragynine.

Other items include Borneo White Kratom, Jetpack Kratom Maeng Da, Jetpackkratom Platinum, Jetpackkratom Silver, Ceylon Tea Blend, and Chai Tea Blend.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Jetpack Kratom charges €19.50 for twenty-five kratom capsules, which is steep by any metric. For example, UK provider Go Pure (gopure.shop) sells fifty kratom capsules for €22.84, while Kraatje (kraatje.eu) offers fifty grams worth of kratom caps for €17.60.

Jetpack Kratom Tea Bags go for a mind-boggling €19.50 for five measly bags containing sixty-five milligrams of mitragynine. By contrast, established American brands like Top Tree Herbs sell fourteen tea bags for $15.00.

This seller is most famous for its liquid kratom extracts, which go for an equally staggering €49 per 10-ml bottle. This is insulting on so many levels, not least because head shops in the UK charge an average of €20 for one 10-ml bottle. For the sake of comparison, Go Pure charges €18.26.

Jetpack Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

You can sign up for Jetpack Kratom’s email newsletter to receive kratom news, promo codes, special offers, and more. You may receive offers to enter raffles for kratom giveaways or receive discounts on kratom samples.

Jetpack Kratom coupon codes are redeemable for anywhere from ten to twenty percent off your total at checkout. Discounts are not guaranteed to occur with any regularity.

Jetpack Kratom Customer Reviews

You are unlikely to find Jetpack Kratom mentioned on any online kratom forums, as it has failed to connect with most domestic consumers. There is no mention of this outfit on I Love Kratom or Reddit.

That said, customers have had overwhelmingly good experiences with Jetpack Kratom. Some have suggested they were pampered by customer service, while others were thoroughly impressed with their products. The brand currently holds a four-star general rating at Trustpilot.

As a matter of fact, one Trustpilot reviewer gave it five stars, writing, “Best Kratom + Customer Service. Jetpackkratom is the highest quality kratom I have tried, and there is a reason I keep coming back! I have tried a lot of different extracts, but this is the best.”

Another customer said, “The reactivity, as well as the quality of Jetpackkratom’s products and customer service, are unequaled! I will gladly recommend this company to all kratom fans!”

Jetpack Kratom Complaints

Our research indicates that Jetpack Kratom is above reproach. We were unable to find any bad reviews online, nor were we able to find anyone with memories of a negative experience.

As of this writing, there are no formal complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau, nor has Jetpack Kratom been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.

Is Jetpack Kratom Lab Tested?

Wholesale retailers have suggested that Jetpack Kratom is lab-tested, but there is no proof of third-party evaluation on its website. The Jetpack Kratom online store lacks certification or a seal of approval.

Not all kratom suppliers pay to have their kratom analyzed by third-party laboratories, but most trustworthy brands demonstrate purity in one way or another. Jetpack Kratom has not demonstrated purity, nor has it disclosed certificates of analysis.


Is Jetpack Kratom Legit?

All of Jetpack Kratom’s business information has been redacted by registration data lookup tools and other domain analytics. It is as if Jetpack Kratom’s owner is an enigma and their business is their specter.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with preserving one’s privacy. Virtually every successful company on earth has invested in varying layers of security in an effort to keep bad actors at bay.

Assuming that Jetpack Kratom’s owner(s) paid to have their IP shrouded from public scrutiny, we can see why such a company would value its privacy. The kratom industry has become like the Wild West and far too many eager upstarts attempt to stake their claim to marketplace fortunes by ripping off their predecessors.

Unfortunately, by hiding its location and origins from the public, Jetpack Kratom is also doing itself a disservice. Modern consumers expect engagement and transparency from the people they do business with. Jetpack Kratom has failed to engage with its audience on social media, just as it has failed to provide vital info.

American Kratom Association

This vendor does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This is regrettable, given the legitimacy the program affords suppliers, but it isn’t at all suspicious.

As a European company, Jetpack Kratom is not bound by the conventions or regulations of the United States. Therefore, it is under no obligation to participate in a U.S. program, nor is it expected to submit its product to an American laboratory for evaluation.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Jetpack Kratom may be lots of fun if it’s your first time buying, but you won’t get fair pricing from this company. Bestselling items frequently go out of stock and prices tend to rise, making Jetpack Kratom as unreliable as it is overpriced. Still on the fence? You can compare this brand to other top names in the business by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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