Appalachian Herbs Vendor Review

Some vendors splurge on high-priced marketing gimmicks while others waste your time with flashy web design and cheap bait-and-switch techniques.

These sketchy types with their cheap come-ons are a dime a dozen, which makes finding a simple, down to earth vendor that much more precious.

Appalachian Herbs is one such vendor, a Kentucky-based kratom supplier with a newly-minted online store and a reputation for its free samples.

Users on kratom forums have given this fresh seller a big shout-out, which is what it deserves. This is a homegrown business that’s worth your patronage.

In three-and-a-half short years, this supplier has become the Bluegrass State’s greatest source for CBD, kava kava, and botanical specimens. See what they’re all about in the following review.

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Appalachian Herbs Kratom Review

Founded in 2018, Appalachian Herbs is the independent artisan so many of us have been looking for. Like Meridian Botanicals before them, Appalachian Herbs have emerged as a simple, down home operation with a wealth of exotic herbs.

The owner of this brand started out as a backpack vendor, using his Gmail account and platforms like MeWe and Reddit to sell his wares. After much blow-back from anti-backpack consumers, he decided to take his business to the next level by investing in a registered domain and e-commerce site.

Over the ensuing years, this vendor has concentrated its efforts on growing the business as more than a mere kratom importer. Instead, it has established itself as a dependable source for the best herbs from all over the world.

As if that wasn’t enough, Appalachian Herbs regularly stocks concentrates, craftmaking supplies, isolates, incense, and more.

Although it lacks the AKA (American Kratom Association) affiliation of so many GMP-certified vendors, Appalachian Herbs maintains its track record of submitting to third-party independent laboratories.

Since its inception, this vendor has stuck to its guns. Its mission has been and always will be a simple one: sell quality cutting-edge products without the price hike typical of the industry.

As its About Us page promises, “No premium pricing. No tax. Just good clean, quality tested, herbs and botanicals at a price you can afford.”

Appalachian Herbs Product Line

Despite its small staff and humble beginnings, Appalachian Herbs stocks a veritable abundance of ethnobotanical items, including CBD Isolate, Kavalactone powder, 80% Kava Wax, Kanna Extract, hand-spun glass, and CBD oil.

Of course, it’s the Mitragyna speciosa (listed as “speciosa” in its product link) that has people most intrigued.

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Appalachian Herbs Top Kratom Powders

Raw kratom powder is an excellent option for individuals who like to get their hands dirty. You’ll want to roll up your sleeves and dig in with a measuring spoon. You’ll also want to have a digital scale handy so you can measure out your tea.

Kratom powder is a versatile product, one that can be sprinkled on food, implemented in soapmaking, added to smoothies, or brewed as tea. Everyone finds their personal preference eventually.

Appalachian Herbs’ speciosa powders include Big Green Red, Chocolate Bentuangie, El Dorado Gold, Green Vietnam, OG White Maeng Da, Premium Gold, Premium Green Bali, Premium White, Red Elephant, Red Hulu Kapuas, Super Fermented Yellow, Super Green Malay, Super Red Gold, White Horn, and White Maeng Da.

Appalachian Herbs Best Kratom Strain

There are many phenomenal kratom powders at Appalachian Herbs’ site, from the delectable Chocolate Bentuangie to the enchanting El Dorado. But only one can take the number one spot, and that one is definitely OG White MD.

This traditional horned leaf strain is harvested at peak maturity for a bold, long-lasting aroma that’s unforgettable. Users have called White Maeng Da outstanding and next level.

One user wrote, “Generally speaking, strain names are just for marketing. With that being said, every White Maeng Da I’ve tried has been good.”

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Appalachian Herbs Kratom Capsules

Encapsulated kratom is the most prudent choice for active individuals. Working professionals and outdoorsy users will appreciate the economy and compact nature of kratom caps.

Not only do they mask the bitter taste of raw powder; they also provide a quick, easy-to-swallow solution that you can pop in your mouth whether you’re on the treadmill, venturing up an incline, or on your way to a business meeting.

Kratom capsules start at $5.99 for twenty capsules, with seventy five caps going for $18.99. You can also purchase a kilo for $139.99.

What Makes Appalachian Herbs Special?

This Bluegrass State business is more than a kratom vendor. It’s a homegrown ethobotanical apothecary. Like all good grassroots vendors, Appalachian Herbs is happy to provide visitors with a free demo of sorts.

To that end, it has frequently offered free kanna samples and free kratom samples to newcomers. Longtime customers can attest to the generosity and value of this supplier.

In addition to its giving nature, Appalachian Herbs routinely lab tests its specimens. This is why the brand’s kratom powders are always fresh, clean, and robust.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Curious parties can try them out for as little as $4.99 for a 25-gram sampler. That’s almost a full ounce for what some vendors charge for a few grams.

Once you’ve given their sampler a shot, you can buy one hundred twenty-five grams for $18.99, two hundred fifty grams for $29.99, a half kilo for $52.99, or a full kilo for $89.99.

If you’re looking for some variety, you can order a split kilo for $94.99. Additional options may be available upon request.

Based on these prices, it’s easy to see why Appalachian Herbs is making such an impression on consumers. Its bulk kratom prices are well below the industry standard $120-130 range. In fact, this vendor’s kilos are one of the three lowest price points we’ve encountered online.

As of this writing, Appalachian Herbs is holding a Super Sale on its Rainbow Kratom Blend. You can score two hundred fifty grams for $25.99, five hundred grams for $39.99, or a kilo for $65.99. This is easily the best deal you’re likely to find on the Internet.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service), with most orders automatically receiving First Class Mail. First Class shipments typically arrive within two to three business days, although you should expect a longer wait time given recent Post Office delays.

Orders in excess of $15 receive free shipping, while smaller shipments cost $3.50 flat to ship. You will never pay more than this for a package.

Those who order a lb or more receive a free upgrade to Priority Mail, which is the best option of the three.

It is unclear at this time whether Appalachian Herbs accepts returns. Concerned users are encouraged to email this vendor with any inquiries.

Appalachian Herbs Payment Methods

This vendor currently accepts CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle. Alas, it does not accept credit card payments, although it makes best efforts to accept COD (Cash On Delivery) and personal checks.

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Appalachian Herbs Coupon Code

You can score kratom coupon codes good towards your total when you join this vendor’s email newsletter. You can even get an Appalachian Herbs free shipping code when you spend $15 or more.

Discounts on bulk kratom powder abound, including sales on split kilos and social media specials that are redeemable on sitewide products.

Many of its discounts are offered on a monthly basis. For example, February was Five Off February, and codes were redeemable for five percent off your total at checkout.

How to Get in Touch

You can send all inquiries to, and you’ll receive a prompt reply with instructions on how to contact the company in the future.

Unfortunately, Appalachian Herbs does not have a Live chat feature, nor does it disclose its phone number or mailing address online.

Appalachian Herbs Consumer Reputation

As a relatively new business, Appalachian Herbs hasn’t generated the attention common of kratom vendors on Reddit. But that doesn’t negate the obvious influence this seller is having on speciosa enthusiasts.

Over at the Double M Herbals forums, a user said, “I got some batches from Appalachian Herbs that doesn’t have the bones [stem and vein] removed…the ones I tried were really good, it seems like the s&v gives it a good full spectrum feel to them.”

Closing Thoughts

This is a reputable vendor with an incredible assortment of botanical specimens. Appalachian Herbs is the first and last word on kratom in Kentucky. It’s simple and enjoyable without costing an arm and a leg.


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