Green Sumatra Kratom Strain Review

Green Sumatra Kratom is known as the strain that contains both Red Sumatra and White Sumatra’s effects. Although it is considered a mild strain, it’s also long lasting, which has made interest in this particular strain very high.

What is Green Sumatra?

Green Sumatra grows in the very unique climate and soil conditions of the Indonesian island, Sumatra. This particular Sumatra gets its name from the color of the strains running through it. They are rich in alkaloids and therefore stand apart from some of the others.


Green Sumatra Kratom Strain Review

As always, we go to Reddit when it’s time to get a good Kratom strain review. Why? Because that’s where the world’s most hardcore Kratom enthusiasts hang out! When it comes to Green Sumatra, one person said, “I have Green Sumatra… and it’s starting to become one of my favorite strains.”

In another thread, several people spoke up. The first to speak said that “I really like the Green Sumatra.” The second person said. “The Green Sumatra is great. Almost reminds me of a red.” In response, a third person opined “I second this assessment. That is Green Sumatra in a nutshell.”

Sumatra Kratom: White, Green, Red, & Gold

Are you curious about the Sumatra family as a whole? This guide should help you decide which ones you’ll like best!

  • White – This one is relegated to the land of daytime usage due to its similarity with the coffee plant. In fact, it has an uplifting, energetic performance, which makes the family resemblance easy to see. If you think this is what you’re looking for, learn more about the White Sumatra strain effects!
  • Green – Coming in somewhere between Red and White is this Green Sumatra. It’s not quite as potent as White Sumatra, but it does have a mixture of mild and stimulating properties. Additionally, if you’re looking for a shorter-term Kratom, this one is your best bet.
  • Red – This one is frequently used as night and is touted as the polar opposite of the White vein. Many say it’s perfect for a good night’s sleep as it offers a relaxed performance. If you want to try it out, do your homework on the Red Sumatra strain properties!
  • Gold – Gold Sumatra, AKA Yellow Sumatra, is frequently reserved for daytime or morning usage. It doesn’t last overly long, but it does provide a strong, energetic performance.

Where to Buy Green Sumatra Kratom

Whether you’re looking for a single ounce or hundreds of capsules, the following vendors should be able to help!

  • Kratora
  • Kratom Crazy
  • Kraken Nation
  • PurKratom
  • BuyKratomBulkUSA

Green Sumatra Powder and Capsules Pricing


The pricing scale is very diverse with this particular form of powder and capsules. We’ll start with the Green Sumatra powder to help you learn how much you can expect to pay.

A 1-ounce (28g) bag of Green Sumatra Kratom is the cheapest you can find. It costs between $9.05 and $11.99. If you shoot up to a 4-ounce bag, you’ll find a much bigger split in the prices. In fact, you can get 4 ounces for anywhere between $19.99 and $41.99. If you’re more interested in 500g, the difference gets even larger, with Kratom Crazy at $54.99 and Kratora at $149.99. Finally, you can grab an entire kilo of this popular strain for only $89.99 from Kratom Crazy.

When it comes to capsules, you can get as few as 50 for only $19.99 and going up to 100 will cost you $36.99. Interestingly, you can get 500 capsules for as little as $60. Even crazier, grab 2,000 capsules for only $195.

Final Thoughts

Before you buy Kratom, take a moment to anticipate the pros and cons of each strain. In this particular instance, Green Sumatra seems like a good idea for most Kratom enthusiasts.

Even though Green Sumatra is great for tons of people, it might not be right for you. Check out your other options by heading over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of Kratom Strains .

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