Green Dragon Kratom Strain Review

Green Dragon Kratom is known for having an extremely beneficial profile. In fact, there are at least seven things in this profile that make Green Dragon so popular. With a mixture of factures ranging from an energy boost to clearing brain fogginess, it’s quite clear why so many people make this a daily part of their regime. Even if some of the properties of the Kratom don’t work for you, it’s going to have a natural relaxant to it.

What is Green Dragon Kratom?

This one goes back for so many centuries that no one is really sure where it was first grown. What we do know is that this particular plant comes from either Southeast Asia or Indochina. In order to answer this question, though, we’ve looked at the evidence for part A and part B. Although we can’t say with any absolutely certainty, we’re fairly certain that plant comes from Southeast Asia due to its natural ability to relieve pain.


Green Dragon Kratom Strain Review

As with any other strain, all we had to do was visit Reddit to recognize Green Dragon’s popularity. In one Reddit review, a person mentioned that “it was the most energetic of any Kratom I had tired up to that point. Definitely not for bedtime for me!” In another post on the same forum, ShadeTree411 said, “I have all three Dragon blends and I’ve grown to really like them quite a bit. White Dragon and Green Dragon are very similar. Energetic and uplifting.”

In another post, a person was trying to figure out the exact blend of Gaia’s Dragon. Although no one got it right, a fan did say that “I love it, one of my favorites.”

Green Dragon Kratom: Green, White, & Red

There are literally thousands of forms of Kratom available. When it comes to Green Dragon, though, you’re going to find a mostly consistent performance throughout.

  • Green – This popular form of Dragon Kratom is made for usage early in the day.
  • White – As another form of Dragon Kratom, this mixture comes in at almost the same power as Green Kratom.
  • Red – This version of Red Dragon is a bit different than the others. It’s not quite as effective as Green and White Dragon, but it still packs a huge punch!

Where to Buy Green Dragon Kratom

Green Kratom is available from a few popular online sellers. To make sure you get the very best mixture possible, we’re gathered a few of the best blends.

Green Dragon Powder and Capsules Pricing

The overall strength of this particular option is on the high end. With that in mind, it’s best to choose which of the listed stores above you like the best. It is important to consider price as well, but don’t forget that the listed retail will be the same, regardless of whether you like it or not.

When you decide to start with a small sampler, you’ll really only have a couple of options. And although one is much more expensive, we encourage you to choose whoever you believe has the best quality. At 28g a bag, $5 to $8.95 is a good price, either way. If you’ve decided to go up, you’ll probably want to select a 250g bag. These ones are, again, a fair price point. The cheapest selection, MitraGaia, comes in at only $30. The most expensive option is quite a bit more, at $42.95.

On the very far side of bulk, you can choose to invest in an entire kilo. Just like before, you’ll find quite a lot of prices to confuse everything. If you’re lucky, though, your preferred option will be 1 kilo of Oasis Kratom Products for only $79. Otherwise, you can expect to pay $120 to $134.95.

As to Green Dragon Capsules, there are a couple of options to choose from. You can head over to Brave Botanicals and get 1-ounce (28-grams) capsules for $25 or 3-ounces for $56.25. On the much fairer side, you could opt to get 40-gram capsules for $25, 100g for $50, and 500g for only $175.

Final Thoughts


It’s time to buy Kratom, but you’ve never had Green Dragon Kratom before. We suggest you start off with a cheaper strain to put you in a good mood. We don’t always suggest the highest price for the best action, but we do believe that the mid-priced tier is usually the best. Check it out today!

Perhaps you come here out of curiosity, but you’ve decided not to purchase that Green Dragon at the moment. The Complete List of Kratom Strains is also a great way to find any Kratom! This guide from The Golden Monk is always available, and it will take care of your needs for many months!

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