Gold Vietnam Kratom Strain Review

Gold Vietnam Kratom has become one of the newest and most exciting members of the Mitragyna speciosa community. Although this species has technically been around for thousands of years, people have only just now begun to recognize the power of Vietnam’s extensive Kratom supplies.

What is Gold Vietnam Kratom?

Gold Vietnam Kratom is sourced from trees and plants grown through Vietnam. Most of the Kratom leaves that come from Vietnam are harvested near the Mekong River.  There are very unique growing conditions that help this particular strain set itself apart. For example, the soil and weather that this Kratom comes into contact with is very different from the soil in other Kratom growing nations.


Gold Vietnam Kratom Strain Review

Reddit, as usual, has the ins and outs of this strains. To begin with, there’s a strain where Reddit members actually explain what the difference is between Gold and Yellow Vietnam. “From what I understand, Yellows are sundried Whites and Golds are sundried Reds.”

Another Redditor went into what Gold actually does. “It mellows you out, little bit of pain relief, but as the night went out [sic], it started hitting me hard & got me really sleepy. It’s worth a try!” Finally, in yet another thread, one person said, “I find Golds to be euphoric and little less sedating than Reds. Golds are my favorite!”

Gold, Green, Red, & White

As with most Kratom strains, you can choose between many different possibilities. The reality is that each strain is different, so it’s best for you to try all of the before you settle on your favorite.

  • Gold – Delivers an alert but relaxed performance. Several of this specific brand’s biggest proponents enjoy being able to concentrate for long periods of time.
  • Green – Many all this the daytime strain due to the relieving but not overpowering performance. This subtle vein is very nice because it moves at an easy pace.
  • Red – This is one of the mildest Red strains available. It offers a relaxed but strong performance.
  • White – White Vietnam Kratom stands apart from its cousins due to its stimulating performance. If you’re an introvert who has decided to socialize, this is a can’t miss strain.

Where to Buy Gold Vietnam Kratom

Finding any Vietnam Kratom can be tricky. Therefore, finding a specific breed can be even more difficult. Fortunately, there are a few brands that do carry it, including:

  • Kraken Kratom
  • Craving Kratom
  • Phytoextractum
  • The Kratom Connection
  • Amazing Botanicals

Gold Vietnam Powder and Capsules Pricing

We found this Kratom in three different formats: capsules, powder, and extracts. We’ll get into each one to help you gauge your prices and styles.

Over at Amazing Botanicals, we located the powder variety. Priced at $5.99 for 30g and then all way up to $89.99 for 1 kilo, this choice is hard to find, but cheap all the way! Next, we lean into the capsule category, as found with Craving Kratom and The Kratom Connection. It’s hard to know for sure how much extra you’re getting with The Kratom Connection’s extra-large capsules. However, it’s definitely not enough to make up the difference of $28.95 to $46. The difference becomes even more extreme with 500 capsules, where you’ll pay either $119.95 or $190.

Finally, there’s the extracts version. These are a lot closer to each other in price, and only represent a $5 price difference between Phytoextractum and Kraken Kratom. At $34.49 to $39.99, these extra strong versions are worth the price. If you want to get 20g, the price does open up a bit more with $119.95 to $139.99.

Final Thoughts


Gold Vietnam Kratom is definitely the right version for some enthusiasts. Just like anything else, though, it’s also the wrong version for others. With this being said, the best thing to do is try a small amount the next time you decide to buy Kratom.

Would you like to see how Gold Vietnam compares to several other strains? Be sure to visit The Golden Monk’s Complete List of Kratom Strains for a much more in-depth look at every type imaginable.

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