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Bali is one of the most popular forms of Mitragyna speciosa, and many enthusiasts swear by the Premium Bali Kratom variety. So, what does Premium actually mean? This is where you’ll want to ensure that you buy Kratom from highly reputable vendors. In some cases, Premium is nothing more than a marketing term. But in others, there is a notable difference between regular and Premium Bali.

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The definition of Premium varies depending on who you ask. One Redditor provided a good answer, though. “It’s more of a guaranteed potency…the stems and veins [are] removed before grinding so the powder is more concentrated.” In other words, if you order this variety and receive something that acts exactly like normal Bali, you were probably duped by an unscrupulous vendor.

It’s distressing that some vendors use marketing buzzwords without backing them up. To help you avoid this problem, we’ve scoured the internet for shops that sell the real deal. Keep in mind that Mitragyna speciosa sources and marketing ethics can change at any time. This list is accurate as of July 2020, but we cannot make any guarantees about the future performance of each listed vendor.


The PurKratom brand has earned itself a solid reputation, and with good reason. Therefore, we’re happy to recommend this vendor’s Premium Bali Kratom Powder. Pricing ranges from $14.99 for 1 ounce up to $189.99 for 1 kilo. If you prefer capsules, you can grab a 50-count bottle for $17.99 or 100 capsules for $32.99. Whichever way you choose to go, PurKratom keeps their pricing relatively consistent, meaning that you won’t be charged an exorbitant fee for the Premium name.

Kratom Spot

Over at Kratom Spot, they’ve chosen a slightly different name for this product. Dubbed Ultra Bali, this highly concentrated take on Red Vein Bali has gained many admirers. In the site’s review section, one pleased customer called it “Bali’s big brother.” Depending on how much powder you want, you can expect to pay between $19.99 (1 ounce) and $129.99 (8 ounces).

Cali Botanicals

Premium Bali Kratom capsules are one of Cali Botanicals’ top sellers. Loyal buyers rave about it, with one calling it “the best Kratom I’ve ever had.” The pricing is very customer friendly at Cali as well. A 30-count bottle sells for $9, 15-count bottles are $16 each, and you can get 80 capsules for $25. Although it’s not quite the same thing, you may also want to check out this vendor’s Super Enhanced Bali powder. This mixture contains Premium Bali and 30x Kratom extract.

Kratom Country

The Premium Red Vein Bali Kratom offered by this online shop comes in capsules for your convenience. Kratom County pledges to only utilize fully mature leaves in the creation of their products, which helps increase the alkaloid content. These capsules are sold by the weight of the Mitragyna speciosa, starting at 1 ounce for $15.97. If you prefer to buy bulk quantities, you can grab 16 ounces for $189.97.

Laughing Lion

Referred to as “the legend of the Kratom world,” Laughing Lion offers Premium Organic Red Bali Kratom. Although many vendors choose to make the Premium product by removing stems and veins, this seller takes a different approach. By keeping these components in their powder, Laughing Lion says they’re able to “produce a higher effectiveness and higher Mitragynine level.” At a 6g sample price of a mere $3.49, it’s easy to verify or debunk this claim for yourself. If you’re ready to plunge in with a larger order, pricing ranges from $9.95 for 1 ounce all the way to $134.95 for 1 kilo (1,000g).

Which is the Right Premium Bali Kratom for Me?

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The reality is that every single Kratom enthusiast has different needs. Therefore, it’s impossible to tell you what brand is right for you. We recommend trying out several versions and be sure to compare it to regular Bali. The depth and potency of the product’s performance will depend largely on whether you’ve found a true Premium product or a misleading marketing phrase.

Want to find a much bigger list of vendors to choose from? Head over to The Golden Monk’s comprehensive list of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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