The Top Online Kratom Vendors in Canada

Whether you live in Canada or simply prefer a vendor located there, you have some solid online Kratom vendors in Canada to choose from. In fact, these eCommerce shops sell a variety of Mitragyna speciosa strains and often provide very fast shipping within Canada’s borders.

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You can buy Kratom from a huge selection of international vendors, but sometimes it’s best to stick close to home for convenience. And if you’re in a real hurry, you might want to check out Canada’s best brick and mortar shops, too.

Before you jump right into ordering kratom online, you should always familiarize yourself with the laws governing your land. Whether you’re shopping internationally or locally, you’ll want to read up on regional kratom regulations. This includes any statutes currently on the books in your city or municipality.

Kratom Legality in Canada – What You Need to Know

Canada’s attitude toward kratom may not be as intolerant as that of the American establishment, but it is just as skeptical of the plant’s purportedly positive attributes. Is kratom a controlled substance in Canada? No. But it’s not a controlled substance in most of the U.S., either. Yet, that hasn’t stopped the DEA from seizing it.

While Health Canada has yet to issue a public warning about the alleged danger of using kratom, as the FDA did in 2017, the department seems to believe it may pose a serious risk. It has not authorized kratom products for human use, just as the FDA has not approved kratom as a dietary supplement.

Kratom is currently legal in Canada, but the substance is not intended for human consumption. As such, the Mitragyna speciosa leaf and its chief alkaloids isolates – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – are sold as research chemicals or otherwise marketed as non-food or supplementary items.

A number of kratom vendors sell kratom as a form of aromatherapy in parts of Canada, as well as the internet, which has led to at least one formal evaluation of kratom information online. Meanwhile, Canadian media has pondered whether the herb is advantageous or disadvantageous to the country’s drug epidemic.

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Regardless, kratom plant matter remains legal across the Great White North. There are more than 40 brick-and-mortar shops selling kratom products in Edmonton, Alberta, alone. That is to say nothing of the 60+ shops offering kratom across much of British Columbia. You could say it’s something of a feeding frenzy.

Best Kratom Vendors in Canada

There are hundreds of land-based establishments advertising kratom products across Lumberjack Country, but not a lot of them provide the detailed information and satisfaction guarantees of their online counterparts. That is why we always recommend going with an e-commerce business. It may seem riskier, but the reward is much sweeter.

The best online kratom suppliers can disclose third-party certificates of analysis, which demonstrate their kratom’s purity and potency. By contrast, the average headshop owner can’t tell you where their kratom came from, let alone how safe or strong it actually is. And that’s to say nothing of the price difference.

Headshops and tobacconists are notorious for price gouging when it comes to kratom products. Here in America, for instance, it isn’t at all out of the ordinary to find a convenience store selling a two-pack of kratom capsules for as much as $15.00. That’s $15 for less than two full grams of kratom powder!

On the other hand, e-commerce sites are famous for their deals, which include bulk kratom pricing, kratom coupon codes, free kratom samples, and affordably priced kratom variety packs. Many brands even offer rewards points on every purchase you make, which encourages you to return for a discount.

Now that you’ve seen the advantages of shopping online, here are our picks for the top vendors in the Great White North:

1. Golden Monk Kratom

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We can’t possibly start a list of online Canadian vendors without giving a nod to Golden Monk Kratom. Not to be confused with our own Golden Monk site, this Canadian vendor adheres to the same stringent quality control measures that we do. Because of this, you can rest assured their products are solid. They also back each sale with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Golden Monk is a GMP-certified seller with a reputation for lightning-fast service, exceptional affiliate rewards, and bargain basement bulk kratom pricing. What’s more, it has been approved by the AKA. Its beginnings in Canada keep it firmly rooted within the Great White North. That loyalty shows in its regular deals and dependable quality.

As one reviewer said, “I’ve been buying 95% of my kratom from Golden Monk for the last two years…I highly recommend you try Golden Monk at least once…stick to green Maeng Da! With their coupons and crypto discount you can get a kilo for $60.”

2. BC Kratom

BC Kratom is the #1 kratom vendor in British Columbia, but it doesn’t just serve the Left Coast. BC brushes right up against Alberta, so you can get premo thom thom whether you’re local to Victoria or an eager Albertan. This vendor specializes in cost-effective kratom strains, including kratom variety packs.

BC Kratom boasts a smooth yet fluffy texture, a bold aroma, and a fresh, earthy flavor. Each batch is securely packaged in simple yet stylish pouches. Highlights include its Spring Blend and Sumatra White. Shipping is expedient, prices are fair, and returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt.

3. Original Harvest Kratom

This particular vendor Original Harvest Kratom has a headquarters location in Canada and the US. Because of this, all of their pricing uses USD. They’re still half Canadian, though, so they’ve earned a spot on this list. Each product they offer goes through lab testing and certification before they sell it. Additionally, they offer a 100 percent, 30-day money back guarantee.

4. Big Bear Kratom

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Big Bear Kratom is the new kid on the block, but it’s already racking up some serious renown among kratom connoisseurs. This Canadian kratom supplier has a 4.7-star Google rating and an impressive following on socials. You can visit for site updates and kratom coupon codes.

Known primarily for its Maeng Da and red vein kratom powder, Big Bear is slowly but surely finding an audience among newbies, with its generous beginner’s packs and quarter kilo splits. Additionally, Big Bear Kratom provides forward-thinking payment options, including Bitcoin, COD, and electronic transfers.

5. My Kratom Canada

This vendor is another example of a relatively new brand, but it is one that’s poised to blow up in the near-future. My Kratom Canada takes a health-conscious, science-based approach to its research and development. It has consistently used its marketing and packaging to educate potential customers about kratom’s properties.

My Kratom Canada is the only Canadian kratom seller to divulge all the details of its meticulous laboratory testing process and quality control standards. Not only is it organic and backed by thorough analysis, My Kratom Canada kratom powder is as cheap as it is reliable. Kratom kilos sell for just $149.99.

Bottom Line

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We hope you enjoyed the above list of the top 5 online kratom vendors. And, with all of these great vendors to choose from, it’s certainly not difficult to come across quality kratom in Canada!