Best Kratom Vendors in Canada

Kratom is currently available throughout Canada, and the only legal exception is that it can’t be packaged for human consumption. No matter where you live or visit in the Great White North, the odds are high that you’re going to find a brick and mortar location nearby that stocks Kratom. We’ve listed a few of the best spots from a variety of locations below. To find even more about the top Kratom Canada vendors, be sure to check out our article featuring Toronto’s best Kratom vendors.



This clothing store also stocks Kratom, pipes, and a variety of other head shop items. One Google reviewer called Psychonaut “the best Kratom shop in Montreal.” The prices are fair, the staff is bilingual, and the store has a laid-back, non-judgmental vibe.


This is Montreal’s second clothing store that has Kratom on the shelves. Wholesale buyers report getting a good deal at Utopia, but you might end up paying a bit more than usual here for smaller quantities. Despite this, reviewers have still given Utopia a 4.3-star average.


With all the Canadian Kratom Vendors to choose from, one can be stressed about trying out a new company. BC Kratom is a premium boutique style vendor that goes above and beyond for their customers. With industry-leading customer service, Canadian customers have been raving about this vendor. Backed with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee on all their products, you won’t find a better company to deal with.

What sets apart from the other vendors is their communication. You can reach them by phone as well as email and they are quick to reply with answers to all your questions. With each batch of product tested by a 3rd party laboratory, you can rest assured that this vendor follows the GMP standards of the American Kratom Association. You wont find a better quality kratom powder and customer service anywhere else in Canada.


Vancouver’s Puff chain is located in four areas of the city: Downtown, Uptown, Eastside, and the Westside. Each store has different hours, but they’re all open until at least 7 p.m. daily. As the name suggests, this is a good spot to find glassware and vaping supplies. They carry Kratom as well and have a solid reputation for selling quality products.

Urban Shaman Entheo Botanicals

If you can’t make it to a Puff location, give Kratom Canada vendor Urban Shaman on Hastings St. W a try. They have an impressive selection of Kratom, plants, and herbs, and most reviewers agree that they sell high-quality items. You may not always get the same personalized level of employee assistance as you would at Puff, but you’ll still walk out with a good buy.


Hemp Roots North

Less than two blocks from Highwood Park is a highly rated store that calls itself Calgary’s #1 Head Shop. This is a chain that also has two other locations in the Calgary area: Hemp Roots Montgomery and Hemp Roots 14th St. Any of these spots can help you grab some worthwhile Kratom. You can find a variety of other items and unique gifts here, too.

Smoker’s Hut

Head to 36th St. SE if you want to purchase Kratom in a discrete store that cares about your privacy. Smoker’s Hut has darkened windows expressly for this purpose, but the inside is brightly lit and very colorful. You’ll discover a large selection of smoking and vaping related items, along with multiple strains of Kratom.


Two Guys with Pipes

A good selection can be found at their three locations: West Edmonton Mall, Jasper Ave., and 118 Ave. This chain is one of the only Kratom sellers in town. Please note that some reviewers have complained about random hour changes, so always call first.

Final Word on Top Canada Kratom Vendors

image of whole herbs kratom powder and capsules

As you can see Canada’s biggest cities definitely have a decent stock of Kratom for sale in a variety of brick and mortar shops.