Top Kratom Vendors in Gainesville, Florida: A Complete Guide

Gainesville, Florida, is home to almost 134,000 people, and its main claim to fame is the University of Florida. Residents and visitors can enjoy a thriving arts and music scene, along with sports and several annual festivals. During your time there, you may even get a chance to catch a glimpse of an alligator or two. Fun fact: a couple of alligators (Albert and Alberta Alligator) are the official University of Florida’s mascots. It’s also relatively easy to find a good Kratom vendor in the metropolitan area. And, for your convenience, the Golden Monk has put together a list of the best Gainesville FL Kratom vendors.

As an aside, We encourage you to buy your Kratom from a reputable online vendor whenever possible, and there are plenty of companies out there to choose from. So, for those times when you just can’t wait for the mail, here are 5 local places to buy Kratom that will hold you over.

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Is Kratom Legal in Gainesville?

Kratom, AKA Mitragyna speciosa, is legal in most of Florida. However, Sarasota County banned all Kratom products in 2014. The good news is that Gainesville – and a long list of Florida Kratom vendors – fall outside of Sarasota’s jurisdiction. You’re free to buy, sell, and carry Kratom outside of Sarasota County, but don’t forget to leave it behind if you take a trip to Venice or Sarasota.

Best Kratom Vendors in Gainesville

1. Mai Kai Kava Bar

This Gainesville vendor has a large and loyal customer base. More than just a place to pick up Kratom, you can also relax, have a beverage, and even do some adult coloring while hanging out at Mai Kai Kava Bar. Locals give this establishment an impressive 5-star Google average. Several reviewers also mention the high-quality Kratom, which the vendor offers in small or bulk quantities.

2. High Tides Tobacco and Gifts

High Tides has served the Gainesville area for more than 20 years. With so many smoke shops available, it’s clear that this particular vendor must be doing something right. Aside from tobacco products, High Tides also stocks glassware, Kratom, and a diverse assortment of unique gift ideas. The next time you’re in Gainesville on SW 13 St, be sure to check this shop out.

3. Trip’s Gambol Gift Emporium and Smoke Shop

It’s rare for a city to have one 5-star rated vendor. So, the fact that Gainesville has two is worth celebrating. Trip’s Gambol Gift Emporium impresses locals due to their “amazing selection, friendly service, positive vibes,” and “an adorable puppy.” Aside from Kratom, you can pick up incense, vapes, posters, and tapestries.

4. Climax Vape Smoke Hookah Shops

This chain operates eight Florida locations. In Gainesville, Climax Vape resides on W University Ave. Several Google reviewers give Climax Vape high marks for selling exceptional Mitragyna speciosa at “the best prices I’ve ever seen.” The staff is knowledgeable about each strain and will take the time to help you make the right choice.

5. Mystic Hookah Café

When you don’t want to just buy and run, the Mystic Hookah Café provides a great place to hang out. They even take this concept to the next level by offering private rooms for groups. Reviewers love that they can listen to their own music in these rooms. You can also find Kratom and a large selection of hookah flavors here.

Gainesville’s Other Options

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If none of the Kratom vendors above is a good fit, check out Gator Tobacco and Smoke City Gainesville.

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