Is Kratom Legal in Colorado? The State’s Current Legal Views

Is Kratom allowed in Colorado? The Centennial State is well-known for having a relaxed attitude. After all, Colorado repealed the US prohibition on alcohol a year earlier than the rest of the country in 1932. Many of the 5.7 million residents also voted to make Colorado the nation’s first state with legal recreational marijuana. Now let’s dive into a few facts about Colorado Kratom legality.

Unsurprisingly, Colorado hasn’t banned Kratom. After all, this natural substance isn’t used to make people drunk or high, so it would be very odd if lawmakers demonized it here.

The city of Denver does have some restrictions in place that apply to Kratom vendors. Also known as Mitragyna speciosa, this substance must contain labeling that says “not for human consumption” within Denver’s city limits. Denver vendors are also forbidden from providing recommendations or advice.

If you’re in a pinch, you can find local Kratom in Denver or any other large city. We suggest that you buy Mitragyna speciosa from a reputable online vendor instead, especially if you’re looking for the best deal. Here are a few Colorado-based vendors who sell Kratom online.

4 of the Best Online Kratom Vendors in Colorado

1. Kratom by Mile High Botanicals

Do you need Kratom delivered fast in the Denver area? This Colorado vendor sells Mitragyna speciosa online and from their Denver brick and mortar location. All orders placed by 4:30 p.m. will ship the same day, meaning you’ll probably receive your order within 24 hours.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Kratom by MHB is their selection of Mitragyna speciosa. Choose from three veins (Red, Green, and White) and a total of 43 strains.

2. Laughing Lion Herbs

This Monument, CO vendor carries an extensive selection. Choose from Plantation Super Kratom Strains, Infinity Premium Kratom, and a long list of standard Mitragyna speciosa Strains. You can also get sample packs and Stem and Vein from Laughing Lion Herbs. Prices start as low as $2.49 for a 6-gram sample.

3. Front Range Kratom

If you’re near Aurora, CO, you can pick up Mitragyna speciosa in person or place a delivery order with Front Range Kratom. There are 17 Mitragyna speciosa products to choose from, including powder and capsules. As of July 2019, this vendor is offering 50 percent off all Kratom powder. This puts the starting price for 1 ounce of powder at only $14. Prefer capsules? They currently start at only $25 for 60 capsules.

4. Mile High Kratom Fine Botanicals

Looking for bulk Kratom? When you purchase at least 3 kg (3,000 grams) of Maeng Da Variant, Private Reserve Green Vein Indo, and/or Bali Species, you’ll get the bulk price of only $155 per kilo ($465 total). This online Colorado vendor also sells Mitragyna speciosa as a finely ground powder, enhanced extracts, and resin. Get 250 grams (8.8 ounces) of most strains for $42.

A Final Word

image of kratom leaves and capsules

We hope you enjoyed our article about Colorado-sourced Kratom and Colorado Kratom legality and found it informative, Golden Monks. As an aside, Centennial State residents and visitors have several other options when they want to buy Kratom from a local online vendor, including Straight Up Kratom and Clean Kratom Wellness Center.

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