Where to Find Kratom in Illinois: A Buyer’s Guide

Illinois, AKA the Land of Lincoln, has a population of more than 12.7 million. Chicagoland is home to an astounding 78 percent of these residents. The vast majority of tourists go to Chicago as well, thanks in large part to the city’s museums, sports teams, and theater venues. If you’re reading this because you are a fan of Mitragyna speciosa, here are a few facts about Illinois Kratom legality.

What is Mitragyna Speciosa’s Legal Status in Illinois?

It’s legal to buy Kratom throughout most of Illinois. There are two notable exceptions, though. Jerseyville and Alton banned Mitragyna speciosa in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

A senator introduced a bill to ban Kratom statewide in 2018. The bill died a year later, and there’s no current legislation pending. Anyone 18-or-older can legally purchase this natural substance in Illinois, as long as they’re not in Jerseyville or Alton.

You can find a lot of Kratom locally in Chicago. But we encourage you to avoid the spotty quality of head shop Mitragyna speciosa by turning to a reputable online vendor. That’s why we’re going to take a look at some of the very best online Kratom vendors located in Illinois.

3 Best Online Illinois Kratom Vendors

1. CBD Kratom

image of cbd kratomThis online vendor has a nationwide chain of brick and mortar stores with the same name. There are seven CBD Kratom shops in Illinois, but you can also order online. CBD Kratom stocks powder, liquid extracts, capsules, and more. There’s a very robust selection of strains, quantities, and price points to choose from. Check out their site to see all of your choices, including multiple varieties of Red, White, Yellow, Green, and Mixed.

2. Qi Kratom

Get Kratom shipped from Evanston, IL, or Washington, D.C. With a name like Qi (which means ‘air’ and ‘energy force’) Kratom, it’s not surprising that this particular online vendor’s goal is “[creating] an exclusively inclusive, ethically responsible, nature anchored community.” You can currently get five strains throughout their online shop. They also sell CBD oils and capsules. Mitragyna speciosa pricing varies from $30 to $150.

3. Peace Novelty

You can visit this vendor in Rockford, IL, or order one of their 27 Kratom products online. Powder, capsules, and extracts are available from Peace Novelty. You’ll find the best selection of capsules, though. Be aware that they don’t offer their own branded Mitragyna speciosa. Instead, Peace Novelty sells a diverse list of head shop Kratom. As always, some of these products are much better than the others, so be sure to do your research first.

Additional Kratom Vendors That Ship to Illinois

image of lllinois kratom legalityDespite having legal Mitragyna speciosa and a large population of buyers in Chicagoland, there aren’t very many local online vendors. Fortunately, lots of great shops ship to Illinois. Here’s two of our favorites.

Kratom Crazy

Want a huge selection of organic Mitragyna speciosa that’s backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee? This vendor is the perfect place to start. Another option would be Qi Kratom.

USA Botanicals

This no-frills discount site offers nice quality Kratom that’s ideal for budget-conscious shoppers. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from, and they ship to Illinois free of charge.

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