The Best Local Kratom Vendors in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s city motto is urbs in horto, which translates as “city in a garden.” This reference to the Windy City’s historic natural parks is especially fitting given its ranking among ethnobotanical enthusiasts. Fans of the herb kratom have flocked to Chicago’s sprawling streets to get their hands on premium speciosa.

If you’re planning a vacation or putting down roots in the Windy City, you’ll want to know all about its rich culture, which extends beyond its deep dish pizza and trailblazing music. We’ll tell you all about the pros and cons. Read on for our list of the best kratom vendors in Chicago.

What is the Legal Status of Kratom in Chicago?

It is legal for anyone 18 or older to purchase kratom. The same is true for most of the state of Illinois, with the notable exceptions of Jerseyville and Alton. A statewide ban was proposed in 2018, but the legislation failed to gain traction and died in 2019.

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Although there are no current legal threats to kratom in Chicago, it’s always wise to keep a close eye on newly introduced bills. When in doubt, check with local law offices to learn what’s acceptable in your neighborhood.

Best Kratom Vendors in Chicago

There are approximately 20 establishments carrying kratom products in the greatest Chicago area. This does not include the many herb and vape shots outside Chicago, in cities such as Aurora, Evanston, and Naperville. All told, there are hundreds of vendors throughout the Prairie State.

For the purposes of our guide, we have limited our picks to the top five kratom vendors in Chicago. We have selected these shops based on several evaluating factors, including affordability, variety, overall quality, and consumer reputation. Believe it or not, you’ll pay less for the best.

1. Elevated Minds

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Located on W North Avenue, Elevated Minds is known for selling CBD and kratom supplies, including plain leaf and kratom capsules. The store has managed to earn a 5-star Google average with 89 reviews, which is a very rare feat.

If you’re in Chicago near North Avenue Beach and need to find some kratom, this vendor is definitely a no-brainer. Previous buyers have raved about how knowledgeable and friendly the staff is.  They have earned major points for versatility, as well.

One reviewer said, “Amazing store with a fine selection of kratom. So many colors and strains, and at only 50-cents a gram, it beats almost all other smoke shop kratom. They have a good importer overseas and it’s really potent.”

2. Mr. Nice Guy Head Shop/CBD Kratom (Tie)

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The Mr. Nice Guy headshop chain has had a foothold in the Illinois area for some time. Its Chicago location at N Halsted has long led the pack in terms of critical reception, racking up five-star reviews from scores of patrons.

Alas, the N Halstead storefront has closed permanently, leaving customers to wonder what’s the next best thing. We advise everyone check out CBD Kratom, the state’s next kratom chain and one whose E Randolph St. shop has garnered a 4.9-star score out of nearly 400 consumer ratings.

“This place is great,” one customer gushed. “I walked in and its was super clean and aesthetic. Destiny helped me right away and was so kind to me!” Meanwhile, another patron said, “Highly satisfied with the service from this establishment. The associate…provided superb service…Will recommend.”

3. Natural Releaf – Dispensary/CBD/Kratom

image of natural releaf logo

It may not be as historic as some of the other shops mentioned here, but Natural Releaf is another five-star store with a solid track record and a reputation for excellence. This vendor has earned more than 200 five-star ratings courtesy of its kind bud, aromatic green vein, and convenient shopping options.

Natural Releaf offers delivery as well as curbside pickup, so you can get top of the line kratom products when you want, where you want. Clients have noted the prestige facilities, incredible customer support, and exciting kratom brands. Between the aroma and the art, you won’t want to leave.

4. Kazzaz Smoke Shop

Many of Kazzaz’s satisfied customers take advantage of their specially curated handmade glass options. Of course, this is far from their only product, which makes them a popular spot for those who are looking for vape juice or kratom.

This vendor sets itself apart from the competition by trying every single product in stock so that they can give honest, knowledgeable advice to consumers. Kazzazz is another store that’s prized for its great selection of premium kratom, as well as its fair market prices.

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5. WSC CBD Kava Kratom

With three Chicagoland locations (Steger, Tinley Park, and Manteno), this chain makes it easy to find kratom no matter where you go! They stock a wide variety of capsules, powder, extracts, and specialized WSC Kratom Powder and Capsule combos. Chicago area residents who don’t want to shop in-store can also buy kratom from this vendor’s online store.

This vendor stocks Bentuangie, Brown Sumatra, Chocolate Borneo, Gold Bali, Gold Elephant, Gold Maeng Da Kratom Capsules, Golden Green, Green Bali, Green Banjar, Green Indo, Green Jonkong, Kratom Powder, Rev80 Chewable Kratom Extract Tablets, Green Maeng Da Kratom Tablets, and more.

Kratom is definitely easy to find in Chicago, so you never need to worry about running out between shipments. You can click here if you want to read about Illinois Kratom legality and our collection of the best vendors in the state.


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