What is a Kratom and Kava Bar?

If you want to enjoy a beverage with fellow Kratom enthusiasts (and no, we don’t mean the alcoholic kind), your best bet is to find a local Kratom bar. However, you’re unlikely to find an establishment that actually uses the word Kratom in its moniker. Therefore, you’ll need to look for a Kava bar that also happens to carry Kratom products.

What is a Kratom Bar?

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There are many ways to utilize Kratom. One of the most popular for socializing is Kratom tea, and that’s exactly what you can expect to find at one of these so-called bars. You may also run into smoothies and shakes. Many people prefer a drink over the standard toss and wash method. So, it’s not surprising that Kratom and Kava tea are on the rise; especially when combined together. Add this to a chill environment where you can hang out with friends and listen to music, and you get a non-alcoholic bar for Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts.

How Much Does Kratom Tea Cost?

The price of Mitragyna speciosa at a Kratom bar will, naturally, vary by venue and geographic location. For example, Kavasutra Kava Bar in New York City sells Kratom tea for $28 – $38. The same chain’s pricing drops to $25 – $35 in Lake Worth, FL. Is it worth paying this much? According to Google Reviewers, the answer is yes. One reviewer wrote: “Cold strong Kava and hot strong Kratom!!!” Another person said, “Chill Kratom and Kava bar. Unique vibe… kinda digging the feels as well.”

Other bars have different pricing structures. In at least a few spots, you’ll find Kratom priced per gram, with an average of 50 to 85 cents.

The Types of Kratom at These Bars

Each Kratom bar has its own menu, and many hide the type of Mitragyna speciosa behind flashy marketing terms. For instance, Kavasutra calls their most popular Kratom product #BOOM. With this being said, you’ll want to ask the bartender what type of “mitra” or “speciosa” is available. By learning to speak the lingo, you can get answers right away without having to dance around the topic.

The Quality of Kratom at These Bars

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We’ve written a lot about the varying quality that’s offered when you buy Kratom locally, along with what you can expect from a wide variety of online Kratom vendors. In a nutshell, every vendor has their own quality level, and you’ll find the same is true of Kava and Kratom bars. As evidenced above, the Kavasutra chain has earned high praise from customers.

Island Root Kava Bar, located in Melbourne, FL, also has many satisfied customers, per their Google Reviews. A few highlights include:

  • “Love the nitro Kratom.”
  • “Take it slow! Their stuff is strong!”
  • “The Kratom is where it’s at.”
  • “The Kava and Kratom drinks are unique and tasty like an earthy tea.”
  • “The Kava and Kratom are potent.”

Kava at Kratom Bars

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Are you wondering what Kava is? Grown in the Western Pacific, this member of the pepper family is often used during religious ceremonies and rituals. Kava has also gained a lot of popularity worldwide as a cold beverage. The relaxed performance is ideal for socializing. Unlike the alkaloids in Kratom, Kava’s makeup is mostly kavalactones.

This natural plant is legal throughout the US and is especially popular in Hawaii. Just like with Kratom, you’ll find different varieties of Kava tea. Be sure to ask your Kava bartender if you’re not sure what drink is right for you.

Where Are Kratom Bars Popular?

Florida has one of the largest concentrations of Kava and Kratom bars. New York City has at least five of these businesses. Texas is another spot where you’ll find one of these non-alcoholic bars. Aside from these spots, there are a handful of Kava bars that sell Kratom spread out throughout the US.

How to Find a Local Kratom Bar

If Kratom isn’t legally restricted in your state, you can enter the term “Kava bar near me” into Google or Google Maps. From there, you’ll receive a list of the closest locations. Next, you can check each nearby bar’s menu to see if Kratom is listed. Another way to determine if a bar has what you’re looking for is by checking out Google Reviews. In many cases, the keyword ‘Kratom’ will be listed as one of the most frequently mentioned topics in the applicable reviews. If all else fails, call up your local Kava bar and ask if they have any “Mitra” or “Speciosa” drinks.

Final Thoughts

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The best thing about a Kava and Kratom bar is that you’ll have a relaxed environment to share recreational beverages with others. The worst part about these businesses is that you’re likely to pay much more that you would by simply ordering your own Kratom online. Much like a conventional bar, though, people are drawn to these establishments for social reasons. For many, that’s enough to outweigh the price increase.

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