Zona Kratom Vendor Review

Zona Kratom is an international kratom brand with a history of bold marketing choices. This Indonesian vendor has billed itself as “the best place to buy kratom,” which isn’t exactly a humble brag.

Find out how this vendor compares to its competitors and what you need to know before placing an order.


Zona Kratom Review

If you want to buy Kratom in bulk quantities, then Zona is for you!

Zona Kratom is a multinational kratom supplier located in the heart of Pontianak.

As a vendor who is local to Indonesia, Zona grows much of its own kratom trees in Pontianak. When it’s not doing its own harvesting, Zona sources its kratom strains from the natives of JongKong Village.

Although it has slowly evolved into one of the better-known brands on the international market, Zona Kratom lacks certain fundamental features. For the longest time, this vendor did not have a social media presence.

Today, BotanicalsZona is the official Facebook profile for Zona Kratom, but it doesn’t give users much to go on. While it discloses the company’s overall location—Pontianak, West Kalimantan—it does not disclose the company’s mailing address.

Some have complained about not being able to view the company’s online store. Apparently, some prospective buyers find themselves unable to by-pass the warning screen that comes up, which reads, “Attackers might be stealing your information from zonakratom.com.”

Logging on to Zona Kratom’s website requires a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which enables this unsecure website to function properly and allows you to browse its online store safely and discreetly.

This vendor has a reputation for low prices and strong plain leaf kratom powder. Both are richly deserved when compared to the competition.

Zona Kratom Product Line & Pricing

Zona Kratom’s website is a no-nonsense affair designed by a vendor who values its customers and their time. Logos and descriptions are kept to a minimum, with most of the attention focused on its lovely if limited supply of kratom powders.

This vendor’s online collection consists of plain leaf kratom strains in a variety of vein colors, including green, red, and white.

Gold Maeng Da quickly became our favorite new strain, which was quite the surprise. Not everyone responds well to gold and yellow vein kratom powder, but the consensus is that Gold MD is a clear exception.

Gold MD is manufactured by crossbreeding green and white vein kratom using a signature grafting process. The leaves of the resulting tree are then left to dry for a prolonged period of time.

This signature technique yields a product that tests higher for 7-hydroxymitragynine than just about any other strain for sale. Consequently, Gold Maeng Da Kratom is stronger than most.

The smell of this fermented kratom is not unlike vinegar if it were cut with grass cuttings and liquid smoke. A lingering sweetness crosses out the funkiness of this particular powder.

image of zona kratom products

Green Bali isn’t usually on our radar, probably because we’re too busy lavishing love on Red Bali. Regardless, Zona Kratom’s green vein really impressed us. This one has got it going on, from its sweet tea aroma and mild taste to its protracted duration and lasting freshness.

Some say Green Bali is redolent of gardenias and matcha tea, but we must disagree. This Green Bali has a scent all its own.

Finally, Plantation has made our top three of Zona Kratom’s best strains. It is difficult to explain why Zona’s Plantation is so good, perhaps because it isn’t entirely clear what it is.

Some have speculated that Plantation is merely another Maeng Da Kratom cultivar, but we suspect it is something else entirely. The pronounced aroma reminds one of Elephant Kratom, while the graininess suggests something wildcrafted, perhaps closer to a Crushed Leaf blend.

Whatever it is, Zona Kratom Plantation has our vote for the number one strain of 2021 and beyond. This vigorous powdered delight is deep, dark, and delectable.

With notes of durian and lemongrass, Plantation Kratom is a homegrown original with a lot of personality.

Other excellent strains include Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, White Horn, and White Maeng Da.

This vendor specializes in bulk kratom powder, with prices starting at $90 for one kratom kilo. That is at least $30 below the industry low price of $120.00.

What’s more, you can score a four-way split on two kilos for just $200.00. That is a lot weight and a lot of variety for not a whole lot of money.

If you’re looking to go hog wild out here, you can even snatch up twenty kilos for $1,000 flat. That’s five cents per gram for twenty thousand grams! You’d be hard-pressed to find a single other online vendor who is willing to provide these kinds of cut-rate prices to its customers.

Zona Kratom offers each of its strains in both powder and capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is the preferred choice for many active individuals.

Athletes and working pros opt for kratom capsules because they are easy to swallow and easy to store. You can take them with you wherever you go and use them whenever the mood strikes you.

Unlike raw kratom powder, kratom caps do not require careful measurement or a messy clean-up. You simply pop a few in your kisser and you’re ready to go. Kratom capsules fit in most tote bags, handbags, backpacks, and glove compartments.

You can get five hundred grams worth of kratom caps for $80, with a kilo’s worth going for $150.00.

This vendor currently accepts bank transfers, Bitcoin, and other alternative payment methods via the Transferwise app. You can use credit cards, PayPal, or wire transfers in addition to Western Union and CashApp.

Zona Kratom Coupon Code

Not only does Zona offer relatively good prices but they also offer discount codes that make the pricing quite cheap. Try code “ZONA KRATOM” for a promo and save 20 percent.

Zona Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of kratom review

There’s not a whole lot of online chatter about Zona Botanicals, but most of what is out there is positive.

Over on the Double M Herbals forum, one first-time user said, “I tried the GMD and WMD mixed and all I have to say is, ‘Holy crap! This stuff is strong.’ It’s some of the stronger kratom I’ve had in awhile … You will not be disappointed.”

Another user wrote, “At one time a very well known reddit user/vendor named Mitragation Solutions sourced some of his stuff from Zona. Not quite sure if he’s still in business or not or using him currently, but the strains I tried awhile back from MS, which I believe were from Zona, were great!”

Yet another review said, “Anto at zona is a good guy and the kratom is very fresh that I’ve gotten he is a good indo vendor I’ve had 3 of his stains.”

On the other hand, some have lamented the long turnaround time and poor customer support provided by Zona Kratom.

One reviewer said, “I have paid over 2 months ago and the person that handles the email sends me package labels for my purchased order but the tracking shows the package never being checked in to the shipper. This has happened twice, they are generating shipping labels as proof my order is on the way but there isnt even a package being sent. They just create shipping labels. This place is a scam. They wont respond to me when I ask for a refund. DO NOT BUY.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

It’s difficult to decide whether or not to purchase from Zona Kratom. This is usually when it is best to walk away.

However, our research suggests that Zona Kratom is a trustworthy source whose products are superior in potency. It may not be the most legit option on the surface, but the long wait and tug of doubt is well worth it once you brew some of its tea.


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