Wildcraft Kratom Review: Quality, Pricing & User Ratings


Wildcraft Kratom is a wholesale distributor of Mitragyna speciosa products.

WK doesn’t appear to have their own dedicated website. Therefore, there’s a lot we don’t know about this company. What we do know is that they sell their Kratom to a variety of other shops that want to sell it.

Wildcraft Kratom Product Line

WK sells their products to others, so there’s no listing of every product they sell. However, it appears that they only sell:

  • Powder: Wildcraft Red Vein
  • Capsules: Wildcraft Red Vein

How Much Will It Cost Me?

image of wildcraft kratom cost

Pricing is set by each individual retailer. A good feel for their pricing includes:


  • 28g – $10 – $11.89
  • 56g – $18 – $21.99
  • 112g – $33 – $39.99
  • 224g – $54 – $64.99
  • 500g – $90 – $109.99
  • 1 Kilo – $130 – $199.99


  • 28g – $14.99
  • 56g – $25.99
  • 112g – $49.99
  • 168g – $71.99
  • 224g – $93.99
  • 448g – $164.99
  • 896g – $315

Wildcraft Kratom Coupon Code

As a wholesaler, WK doesn’t offer any promo codes. You can look for coupon codes for each individual site, though.

image of wildcraft kratom coupon code

Wildcraft Kratom Consumer Reputation

There’s not a whole lot of consumer info about WK. However, TrustSpot has the following:

  • “Wildcraft is by far the best strain. I have tried many different ones, and this one is definitely worth the price.”
  • “WildCraft is usually the term applied to the leaves harvested way far out in the jungle. It comes from old growth trees that have not been commercialized. Basically, it does not come from a farm. It is use more or less as a marketing term though, so I would always check with the vendor. If it’s more expensive, it is because of what I had mentioned- the farther the trees, the harder to harvest.”

Wildcraft Kratom Customer Service

Because Wildcraft sells to other vendors, there’s nothing online about the quality of their customer service.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

The basics behind Wildcraft make it sound like something you’d want to try out. Before you buy Kratom, though, be sure to investigate your sources. Some websites will give you a better deal than others, and there’s also whether or not it’s truly Wildcraft to consider.

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