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VitaKratom was a Florida based vendor that appears to have gone the way of the dodo. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2018, and they no longer have an online shop. It’s possible that this vendor is still operating, but we’ve seen no signs of it.

VitaKratom appears to have failed to meet their customers’ expectations. On their Facebook page, there are tons of negative comments, mostly about them being a scam. They also appear to have sold headshop Kratom, so that’s another bad mark against them.

VitaKratom Product Line

Back in the day, VitaKratom offered the following products in both powder and capsules format.

  • Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, White Vein Sumatra, Yellow Kratom, Red Thai, Red Maeng Da, Red Horned Leaf, Red Borneo, & Red Hulu Kapuas

image of vitakratom products

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Here’s an example of another vendor that overpriced their wares. When you could buy Kratom from VitaKratom, it would cost you $11.49 for an ounce. Even worse, they sold a Kratom bundle for $99 that only included four 4-ounce bags. For those who aren’t aware, that’s less than ½ a kilo.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

As they appear to be no longer in business, we weren’t surprised not to find any promo or coupon codes.

Consumer Reputation

Even if VitaKratom turns out to still be in business (and we’re not really sure how they’d pull that off), the following reviews from their Facebook page should be carefully considered before you give them your hard-earned cash.

  • “Had order from them, label was printed, then took another 2 weeks before it got sent. only 1 of the items came. Had emailed and called several times and no response!!”

And on Reddit, there’s a post from someone who had a horrible experience.

  • “Pretty sure Vitakratom is a scam. Maybe they went out of business, but they are accepting payments and delivering no kratom. Tried asking for the delivery to be sent or a refund, but no reply on their site or by phone. Ordered Nov 28th and today is December 18th. I’ve lost hope at this point, but didn’t want others to fall victim.”

Customer Service

Yet again, this is an area where VitaKratom crashed and burned.

  • “Horrible customer service.”
  • “Been over two weeks and order just got a shipping label, customer service is non-existent. do not order from here. just go to the smoke shop.”
  • “Horrible customer service. I ordered December 6th, it is now December 21st and i still have not received my package. Emailed and Facebook messaged with no reply.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves and capsules

When some companies go out of business, it’s really a blessing for customers who might not have otherwise known what they were getting into. We just wish that VitaKratom hadn’t burned so many people on their way out the door.

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