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If you live in Arizona and haven’t heard of TucsonKratom.com, then you might just have been hiding under a rock for the past few years. Despite being very well known, though, this company appears to have become yet another casualty in the battle to keep Kratom sales legal in Arizona.

This vendor gained almost immediate notoriety in the media due to their unique premise. Instead of going to a headshop or waiting for Kratom to be delivered to your front door, Tucson Kratom set up Mitragyna speciosa vending machines. The first of these machines attracted a lot of negative attention from the DEA and local news outlets. Even with this attention, Tucson Kratom stayed in business for a few years.

Not only did they sell Kratom from vending machines but this vendor also had two popular online stores. Currently, TucsonKratom.com and TucsonIncense.com are inoperable. There hasn’t been any official word yet, but it doesn’t look like either of these sites will be returning any time soon, if ever.

When they were still operational, Tucson Kratom offered a streamlined shopping experience. They only had a few products, but they had generally favorable reviews and great prices.

Tucson Kratom’s Old Product Line

If the website ever goes live again, it will likely contain similar products to their old product line. Therefore, here’s a list of what they had for sale the last time we were able to visit their site.

  • Capsules – Energy Blend, Green Blend, Red, Blend, & White Lightning
  • Powder – Red Horned Leaf, Bentuangie, Morning Blend, White Borneo, Maeng Da, White Lightning, White Bali, and Green Blend

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

image of tucson kratom cost

Right now, TucsonKratom.com’s products are inaccessible, meaning they can’t cost you anything. If things change, though, we hope they’ll still offer the same amazing prices. Before their websites closed up shop, you could get 10g for only $2.99. Sample packs, which came bursting at the seams with five to 10 strains, sold for only $22.99. Capsule pricing started at $4.95.

Consumer Reputation

Reddit users had many positive things to say about this vendor. One thread featured many people reveling in the company’s decision to offer 10g sample for free. Comments included:

  • “This stuff is POTENT.”
  • “One of the best MD I’ve had so far.”
  • “I liked it a lot.”
  • “It is very potent, holy cow.”
  • “The quality though, best by far. Very clean.”

Customer Service

image of tucson kratom customer service

People on Reddit used to rave about how nice the owner was and how much they loved free samples. There was also lots of praise about the nice packaging and the handwritten notes included on the back of most orders.

Vending Machine Controversy

Redditors weren’t quite so impressed with Tucson Kratom’s decision to set up vending machines in Tucson. A heated thread about this topic brought out a lot of negative opinions.

  • “It’s dumb, irresponsible, and brings a whole lot of negative attention to Kratom.”
  • “I think a vending machine right now is a very bad idea.”
  • “Somebody needs to smash this thing to pieces. With the battle we are currently fighting, this is just stupid and careless.”

What Happened to Tucson Kratom?

With no official word, we can’t say for sure why TucsonKratom.com and TucsonIncense.com disappeared. But what we do know is that the Governor of Arizona signed a new law earlier in the year that probably made it impossible to keep running a Kratom vending machine business.

House Bill 2550 strictly prohibits the sale of Kratom products to minors. Considering the fact that this vendor’s flagship vending machine was in a sub shop, it must have been next to impossible for Tucson Kratom to have any control over who bought their products.

Final Thoughts

image of kratom leaves

With changing laws, it’s understandable if the vending machine option no longer existed for this vendor. We hope to see them come back as an online shop, though.

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