Treasure House Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Treasure House Botanicals sells “herbal soap making supplies.” In other words, they have Kratom.

When you visit Treasure House’s website, the first thing you’ll see is if they have any Kratom in stock. This is a handy feature, but it also makes their site rather plain looking. When this vendor has Mitragyna speciosa stock, be sure to order quickly as they sell out frequently.

Treasure House Botanicals Product Line

This vendor gets different batches and sells them until the batch is gone. As a result, some of the following strains may not be available in the batch you see today. As of November 25, 2020, all of these strains are available, though.

  • Powder – Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Modern Red Maeng Da, Modern Green Maeng Da, Modern White Maeng Da, Red Elephant, Green Elephant, White Elephant, Red JongKong, Green JongKong, White JongKong, Super Green, Premium JongKong, Yellow Ranah, & Green Ranah.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

image of treasure house botanicals cost

Prices can vary a bit from batch to batch. However, you can buy Kratom from Treasure House for approximately:

  • 100g – $10.40 – $11.30
  • 250g – $22.95 – $24.95
  • 500g – $43.50 – $45.50
  • 750g – $65.40 – $67.40
  • 1 kilo – $82.62 – $84.62

Coupon Codes & Discounts

Treasure House loves to run a good sale! Not only do they run automatically applied promo codes on their site, but they also post coupons on various sites. Be sure to check them out before ordering.

Consumer Reputation

There are many reviews of this vendor’s products. For the first one, let’s go to I Love Kratom.

  • “First off the Kratom was just excellent from Treasure House Botanicals. They said that this batch was dried indoors & I think this method may make it more potent…  I would highly recommend Treasure House Botanicals as a Vendor with High Potency Kratom. Overall: 90/100.”
  • “I really enjoy the modern green md, the modern white md and the white elephant.”

image of treasure house botanicals kratom consumer reputation

On Reddit, one user opined that:

  • “ALL THEIR WHITE STRAINS ARE TERRIBLE NOBODY BUY THEM YUCK WORST KRATOM EVER. But buy the other strains, though. Only the other strains. Not the white ones.”

Double M Herbals had this to say:

  • “I got green jongkong, green piamen and modern green MD. All three are good solid slow euphoric greens but my favorite out of the batch is green piamen.”
  • “I received my Red jongkong today batch 31, and pretty potent and fresh.”
  • “I got the White Piaman from batch 30 and I would say it’s probably my favorite strain I got from batch 30.”

Customer Service

Treasure House has one of the best return policies we’ve ever seen. Returns are accepted for up to 20 days, for any reason. Even if you’ve used more than 20 percent of the product, you can receive a prorated refund. As you’ll see below, they also get a high marks for their customer service.

  • “I will agree that THB’s customer service is great and they get their orders out fast.”
  • “Ben at Treasure House gives excellent customer service. The first time I got in touch with him to ask about his greens I got a very detailed email back in less than 10 minutes. I placed my order and was invoiced within another 10 minutes and the order was shipped that same day. He’s very friendly and very approachable.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

Treasure House Botanicals seems to be a good vendor but be careful if you buy white strains. Other than that, their reputation is solid, so they should provide some bang for your buck. Additionally, they have very fair prices, which makes it even easier to give them a try.

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