Third Eye Kratom Vendor Review

Third Eye Labs: Kratom Brand Back in Full Effect After FDA Probe

Third Eye Labs shares a name with several other companies, some of which are prominent in their respective fields. There is ThirdEye Labs, the London-based tech firm developing CCTV-powered AI assistants. Then there is 3rd Eye Labs, a cutting-edge computer keyboard manufacturer with its finger on the pulse of IoT.

We understand this can seem confusing, so let’s be clear: Third Eye Labs Kratom is not actually called Third Eye Labs. Rather, Third Eye Kratom is a product of Triangle Pharmanaturals. Confused? We’ve got your back. We’ll explain everything in today’s complete Third Eye Labs Vendor Review.

What is Third Eye Labs?

Third Eye Kratom is a line of kratom powder and kratom capsules manufactured by Triangle, AKA Triangle Pharmanaturals, LLC, AKA Triangle Pharmaceuticals. This Las Vegas manufacturer made headlines in 2018 after it refused to acknowledge requests by the FDA to recall its products. This forced the hand of the government agency, resulting in its first mandatory recall.

The FDA probe unearthed evidence of Salmonella in samples of Third Eye Kratom products, and the company had to cease production and distribution accordingly. Third Eye Labs kratom capsules were among the 26 branded items recalled. It is unclear whether Salmonella was detected in all or some of these recalled products.

These discontinued products included Raw Form Organics Maeng Da Kratom, Molecule Gold Bali, Chameleon Kratom Formula 51, Naturally Kratom White Maeng Da, Lifted Kratom, Live Well, and three varieties of Third Eye Kratom in capsule form.

Third Eye Kratom was always meant to be an ideal solution for the on-the-go kratom connoisseur. And, indeed, fans of the brand have included academics, athletes, entrepreneurs, and active-duty military personnel. At the height of its popularity, ‘does the military test for kratom’ became a common search term.

Today, the Nevada kratom supplier responsible for Third Eye Labs Kratom Capsules remains active despite administrative oversight. Over the last four years, Triangle has managed to avoid any repeat of the incident that landed it on the FDA’s hitlist. It has partnered with reputable third-party vendors, such as Payless Kratom and Kratom Library.

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What Does Third Eye Labs Have to Offer?

This Sin City brand is well-regarded for its leading line of proprietary kratom products. Third Eye Labs Kratom Capsules are available as green, red, and white vein kratom powder, as well as so-called “gold vein.” Third Eye Gold Bali, the brand’s fermented kratom strain, is often sold out.

Other items include Third Eye Green Maeng Da, Third Eye Red Vein, and Third Eye Premium White Elephant. Each of its kratom strains comes in a sturdy, attractive bottle with detailed labeling. The Third Eye label boasts a slick and savvy logo, and a lush background design that’s as pleasing as its thorough back-label instructions.

Sites like even carry specialty blends, such as Third Eye Kratom Aurora Maeng Da Blend and Red Vein. Alas, little to no information is given about the ingredients or aroma of Third Eye Aurora Maeng Da Blend or any of its other blends. This is a big turn-off for those of us who value transparency as much as potency.

What It Cost and How It Compares

At Payless Kratom, you can get a 300-count bottle of Third Eye Kratom Capsules for $32.99. charges $14.99 for a 30-count, $24.99 for a 90-count, $34.99 for a 150-count, or $59.99 for a 300-count. Meanwhile, Payless Kratom charges $32.99 for the same. Prices vary from vendor to vendor.

Most of these price points compare favorably to those of your average e-commerce platform. For example, MI Vape Co is charging $24.99 for 90 kratom capsules, while sites like Pure Leaf Kratom charge as much as $49.95 for a 90-capsule variety pack. Similarly, Payless charges $32.99 for 300 kratom pills, while Earth Kratom charges $54.99.

Third Eye Labs Coupon Code and Discounts

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You are not likely to find direct coupon codes for Third Eye Labs, but you may be able to save $$$ off your purchase by signing up for Payless Kratom’s email newsletter. Payless regularly hosts discounted products and delivers special deals. Sales may be good for up to 25% off a purchase.

Alternatively, sites like Kratom Library feature affiliate programs, which enable customers to earn points towards future purchases by referring friends or posting links to social media. Like Payless, Kratom Library offers an email newsletter, which provides you savings opportunities.

How You Can Pay

Depending on which way you decide to go, Third Eye Kratom can be purchased with an assortment of payment types. In Kratom Library’s case, MESH Payments enables customers to pay with major credit/debit cards, such as Mastercard and VISA. In Payless Kratom’s case, options are a bit more flexible. Payless currently accepts credit cards, Venmo, or Zelle.

Shipping and Returns

Payless Kratom offers free kratom same-day shipping on orders in excess of $100, with items shipped via USPS Standard Mail, Priority Mail, or Express Mail. You may also upgrade to FedEx for faster service. By contrast, Kratom Library gives customers Next Day Shipping, which may arrive within two to four business days.

On the other hand, Kratom Library provides you a 30-day window to return any unopened items for a refund, while Payless Kratom only gives you a 15-day window. Furthermore, Payless Kratom charges a 35% item disposal fee for returned kratom products. This leaves you with a 65% return on an item that did not meet your standards.

Third Eye Labs Customer Reviews

As something of a headshop brand, Third Eye lacks the word of mouth common of e-commerce kratom. That being said, it’s generally well-received (with the exception of a single Reddit post). Some have lauded its low prices, while others have praised its prime quality.

One reviewer claimed Third Eye is the freshest kratom on the market, while another placed it firmly within the range of the best kratom brands available. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any honest consumer reviews of Third Eye on Google, Trustpilot, or Yelp. The same is true of its manufacturer.

Is Third Eye Labs Legit?

We hesitate to qualify Third Eye as a legitimate brand or Triangle Pharmanaturals as a legitimate company. Its track record speaks for itself and its lack of ratings doesn’t bode well. This vendor is not a participant in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program.

Although it isn’t mandatory to participate in the GMP program, many trustworthy kratom suppliers have demonstrated accountability by volunteering for the program. These brands include Austin Organic Village, Buy Kratom Bulk USA, MIT45, and New Dawn Kratom.

Bottom Line

This Nevada vendor seems to have cleaned up its act over the last four years and customers really seem to trust its kratom capsules. It may not have the industry bonafides we normally look for in a trusted brand, nor does it have an enormous fan base, but Third Eye Kratom is a brand that has persevered despite bad press.

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