Third Eye Labs Kratom Vendor Review

Third Eye Labs Kratom Vendor Review

Third Eye Labs is based out of North Carolina. They are a wholesale vendor that sells their products to smoke shops, headshops, gas stations, and other online vendors.

Because we couldn’t find a website for Third Eye Labs, it’s difficult to say much about them. However, we do know some people who have tried this vendor’s wares. For headshop Kratom, it’s actually pretty good. Back in 2018, they did have a mandatory recall, but that’s been cleared up for years now.

Third Eye Labs Kratom Product Line

There are plenty of websites that carry TEL’s products. By reviewing them, we can see that TEL sells:

  • Capsules: Green Maeng Da, Red Vein, Bali Gold, & White Vein.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

TEL doesn’t set the prices that others charge for their products. We’ve taken a look, though, and the average price per bottle is:


  • 12-count – $8.99
  • 30-count – $13.99
  • 90-count – $34.99
  • 300-count – $79.99

Coupon Codes & Coupons

As a wholesale vendor, TEL doesn’t offer any promo codes.

Consumer Reputation

Unfortunately, the few reviews we found weren’t very good.

  • “It’s nothing like I thought it would be.”
  • “I’m assuming I got questionable Kratom considering the effects.”

Customer Service

Although we were able to find a couple of reviews of TEL’s products, they weren’t good. Even worse, we couldn’t find any reviews about their customer service. This isn’t a good sign, regardless of us knowing a person who liked their Kratom.

Bottom Line


Before you buy Kratom, take a few minutes to research the vendor you’re interested in. As you can see, TEL might be okay, but the few reviews we found don’t make things look very good. Your best bet it probably to stay clear of headshop Kratom.

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