The Kratom Syndicate Vendor Review  

The Kratom Syndicate has been around since 2016, although they did temporarily close their doors in 2017. Since then, they’ve come back with an increased focus on serving customers. This vendor even reduced their prices to kick off 2019.


The Kratom Syndicate – sometimes referred to as TKS – has put a lot of time, energy, and money into proving their worth. For example, TKS became an American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program member. So, despite their old school mafia looking logo, The Kratom Syndicate has exhibited nothing but good will and solid business practices. But do they have it where it really counts? We’re about to find out!

The Kratom Syndicate Product Line

TKS has a very large selection of Kratom powders, capsules, extracts, and other items to choose from. Their online shop isn’t quite as pretty and refined as some other vendors, but that doesn’t really mean much. After all, would you rather have the world’s prettiest website or Kratom that you actually like?

  • TKS Signature Series – Green Vein, White, Vein, Red Vein, & Elite Maeng Da
  • Green Kratom – Panther, Kapuas, Super Maeng Da, Stem and Vein, Super Indo, Sulawesi, Jong Kong, & Bali
  • Red Kratom – Panther, Bali, Kapuas, MitraX, Stem and Vein, Maeng Da, Sulawesi, Super Indo, & Queen
  • White Kratom – Elephant, Maeng Da, Kapuas, Sulawesi, Jong Kong, & Horned
  • Extracts – Kratom Resin Solid, Resin Powder, 3-Strain Extract Blend, Red MitraX, 60:1 Natural Kratom Reduction Extract, Red Queen, & Crystal Skull Extract

image of the kratom syndicate products

You can also find a few sampler packs on their site, along with a wholesale section. Please note that not all of the above strains are available in Kratom capsules.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Buying Kratom requires much more nuance than simply looking at prices. After all, there are some cheap vendors with fantastic Kratom, and there’s also some expensive vendors with the worst Mitragyna speciosa on the market. It’s still important to be able to compare price vs. quality, though, so let’s check out The Kratom Syndicate’s pricing structure.

  • Kratom Capsules – Vegetarian-friendly capsules sell in a 200-count bottle. Regular price: $69. Current sale (November 2019): $45.
  • Kratom Powder – All 125g bags range from $30-35. Or go all the way up to 500g for pricing around $80.
  • Kratom Extracts – Most of these products range from $18 – $89. However, the 100g Crystal Skull Extract runs from $149 – $169.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

Be sure to follow The Kratom Syndicate on Facebook if you want to get special deals and coupon codes. In October 2019 alone, Facebook followers were able to get a $5 gift certificate added to their order and a trick-or-treat bag full of treats.

There are also a few coupon codes that may still be working. Remember, these codes can expire at any time, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

  • PK10 – 10% off your order
  • KH10 – 10% off your order

Consumer Reputation

image of customer reviews

It’s easy to find many positive comments about TKS. On the I Love Kratom forum, members said TKS has “great Kratom” and that they’ve “never been disappointed.” Another member opined “I’m very impressed with their quality.”

Redditors got into a debate about The Kratom Syndicate a couple of years ago. A couple of people questioned whether or not some YouTube reviewers were paid shills to make the company look better. Keep in mind, though, that the person who brought this up admitted that they’d never tried TKS. Those with experience with this vendor defended them, saying that “TKS has been awesome for me,” “[I’m] never disappointed,” and “TKS is above average.”

The Kratom Syndicate Customer Service

The Kratom Syndicate has a much more lenient return policy than many other Kratom vendors. Although you do have to get your return approved first, they take opened and unopened returns within the first 30 days. Their primary rule is that any opened packages must contain at least 75 percent of the original weight.

Over on I Love Kratom, people rave about The Kratom Syndicate’s “amazing customer service.” Facebook reviews are full of love for this vendor too. One comment says, “every part of my experience with TKS has been excellent – from the ordering, delivery, and the product itself!” Others say TKS is “an amazing company” that’s “reliable,” has “very high standards,” and sells “really high- quality products.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom review

It certainly looks like The Kratom Syndicate is a solid vendor. Even though some have accused this vendor of using paid shills, there are quite simply too many positive reviews across the internet for all of them to be fake.

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