The Kratom Store Vendor Review

The Kratom Store Vendor Review

The Kratom Store is the official online shop of Herbal Gifts LLC, a Pennsylvania wholesaler specializing in herbal supplements. This East Coast kratom supplier is known for its awesome staff and superb products, but its reputation can be deceiving. The Kratom Store shares its name with a West Coast smoke shop, but the differences between the two are vast.

If you’re thinking about buying kratom from this site, we’ve saved you the hassle of having to play detective. Read on to get the full skinny on this South Williamsport kratom vendor and its online store. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about The Kratom Store below.


The Kratom Store Product Review

We were as confused as the average consumer when we learned that The Kratom Store shares its name with a popular California tobacco shop. We were even more dismayed to learn that The Kratom Store has nearly 100 four-star Google reviews, while Herbal Gifts LLC (https://thekratomstore.com/) only has three reviews.

While this sort of confusion could very well be a deliberate ploy to knowingly mislead customers, it is unclear whether The Kratom Store predates Herbals Gifts’ website or vice versa. It is quite possible that Herbal Gifts purchased the URL prior to learning of the La Mesa smoke shop. In this case, we were willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

The company website is another story entirely and one that left us scratching our heads. The Kratom Store’s homepage looks like a relic from the age of dial-up. Its graphics are lo-res, its colors are basic, and its menu is hackneyed. Nevertheless, the page immediately demands one’s attention with its deals.

image of the kratom store

As soon as you land on the site, you’ll see discounts advertised in big red writing. As it turns out, The Kratom Store is true to its name. This wholesaler doesn’t simply stock a kratom product or two. It offers bulk kratom, including five-kilo and 10-kilo bundles.

The Kratom Store is a veritable kratom emporium, with a wealth of products to choose from. These include crushed leaves, kratom edibles, kratom extracts, CBD gummies, and kratom concentrates. Other items include Delta-8 THC, kava kava, and THC-0.

There are 21 nano kratom powders to choose from, such as Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Thai, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Horn, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, Stem & Vein, Super Green, White Horn, White Kapuas, Yellow Borneo, and Yellow Vietnam.


What It Costs and How It Compares

The Kratom Store’s prices are amazing, even by online kratom standards. You can get four ounces of kratom powder for just $13.95, which is less than what many sites charge for a single ounce. $37.95 gets you a pound, while $64.95 will earn you a full kratom kilo! You read that right.

To say that these prices are low is an understatement. The Kratom Store’s kilo prices are at the bottom of the industry average. Frankly, it is below the low end of the industry average. For the sake of comparison, New Dawn Kratom charges $79.99, while 99kratom.com charges $99.99.


The Kratom Store Coupon Code and Discounts

image of kratom store coupon code

As we mentioned earlier, The Kratom Store is very generous with its discounts. You can get coupon codes directly from its homepage. Punch in the promo code ‘5KILODEAL’ to get five kratom kilos for $50 each or use ’10KILODEAL’ to get 10 kilos for $45 each! You couldn’t ask for more savings than this.

In addition to its seasonal sales, The Kratom Store provides sitewide clearances. You’ll find specials on hemp, kava, kratom, and CBD products, among others. There are even sales on swag and other herbs. Additionally, you can follow the brand on social media to learn about the latest offers.


The Kratom Store Customer Reviews

It may not have the most sizable following in the industry, but The Kratom Store has its supporters. Those who have shopped at the store swear by it. Ratings range from three to five stars across consumer review websites.

One reviewer said, “I recommend to everyone I come across that uses Kratom or CBD the people that run the store are also awesome also they always make me feel very welcomed and always have the answers I’m looking for with any of their products…

“…And their loyal customer program is great you’ll get a discount of $5.00 after a certain amount of points you gather up I’ve spent o much money in other stores and was never offered not even a $1.00 discount.”

Another customer said, “I’ve become a regular customer. They have a DELIGHTFUL variety of kratom and CBD products to choose from – you can even buy CBD gummies one at a time! The people who run the store are awesome, too!”


Is The Kratom Store Legit?

image of is kratom store legit

Herbal Gifts LLC is a registered business, but it isn’t a particularly well-regarded one within the industry. Kratom wholesalers are rarely as reputable as independent kratom manufacturers. That’s because they invariably leave the lab testing up to the brands they distribute.

The Kratom Store appears to be the exception to the unwritten rule, as it claims to stock lab-certified products. What’s more, the company appears to accept returns on a contingent basis. This is more than we can say about many online kratom vendors.

Although it does not participate in the AKA’s landmark GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, The Kratom Store seems to be a legitimate business with a quality guarantee. Its fast shipping and fair market pricing place it on firm footing and its customer service keeps it there.


Bottom Line

In summary, The Kratom Store isn’t the fanciest or the most well-regarded kratom vendor. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find kratom for less than seven cents per gram anywhere else in America. The Kratom Store offers high quality and low cost, which is more than most of us could ask for.

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