Texas Herbs and Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Texas Herbs and Botanicals is, naturally, a Lone Star State vendor. Based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, this online shop has earned a solid reputation with members of the Kratom community. In fact, there’s so much praise out there about this vendor that’s practically impossible to find someone who doesn’t like them. Is their reputation too good to be true? Let’s find out!

The first thing many people notice when they visit the Texas Herbs and Botanicals website is the link for a free sample! Yes, that’s right; you can actually get a free sample from this company without having to pay extra for shipping. However, this offer is only good for those who request a sample with an order.

Another thing that’s instantly eye-catching is the extensive Kratom collection (see below for more details), along with listings for new arrivals and an easily accessible promo code. The side bar to scroll down the site is a bit frustrating at times, but aside from that, Texas Herbs and Botanicals has a good setup with an easy to navigate menu.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Kratom Product Line

If you’re looking for an extensive selection of Kratom, then Texas Herbs and Botanicals is right up your alley! Although they only sell powder, they have way more than enough options to please even the biggest fan of capsules. After all, you can always encapsulate powder at home, but you can’t find this vendor’s specialty blends anywhere else.

image of texas herbs and botanicals kratom product

  • Red Vein – Maeng Da, Bali, Chocolate Bentuangie, Super Red, Borneo, Elephant, Thai, Sumatra, Dragon, Jong Kong, Cambodian, Horn, Sulawesi, Red Gold, Malay, & Hulu
  • Green Vein – Super Green, Maeng Da, Malay, Elephant, Bali, Dark Green Malay, Jong Kong, Borneo, Dark Green Indo, Asia, Cambodian, Thai, Sumatra, Kali, & Hulu
  • White Vein – Maeng Da, Super White, Vietnam, White Gold, Horn, Borneo, Sumatra, Elephant, Thai, & Hulu
  • Yellow Vein – Super Yellow, Vietnam, Yellow Gold, Maeng Da, Sumatra, Boreno, & Thai
  • Specialty Blends – Austin, Rose Gold, Abbey Road, Houston, Dallas, Texas Red, Texas Two-Step, Highway 19, Hometown, & Sunshine

Each Kratom selection also gives you the option to add on a measuring spoon for $3 or ginger chews for $7.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

The pricing for Texas Herbs is consistent across the board, which is always a beautiful thing. The only variance is that some strains start at ½ ounce packs and other start at 1 ounce.

  • ½ ounce – $4
  • 1 ounce – $7
  • 2 ounces – $14
  • 3 ounces – $20
  • 4 ounces – $25
  • 9 ounces – $35
  • ½ kilo – $50
  • 1 kilo – $90

These prices are competitive, thereby making it no wonder that this vendor has so many regular customers.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code

With so many discounts available, some enthusiasts hardly ever buy Kratom without using a coupon code. Texas Herbs makes it easy to get the best deals for their products. They typically have a promo code listed on their site, along with on their Instagram page.

As of May 2020, the current code is SPRING. This provides 20 percent off your entire purchase. And don’t forget to request a free sample while you’re at it!

Other deals from Texas Herbs include free USPS Priority Mail shipping for orders above $125 and the opportunity to earn free Kratom via their Rewards Program.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Consumer Reputation

image of texas herbs and botanicals kratom customer reviews

Per the several glowing posts on Reddit and Double M Herbals, most Kratom enthusiasts enjoy this vendor’s products. For example, one thread has praise such as:

  • “I have tried them multiple times and really like enjoy their product…they have some quality stuff.”
  • “Great vendor, nice website.”
  • “Yes, they are great. Quick shipping. Loved their blends…highly recommend.”

As usual, there’s someone who disagrees with the general consensus. That poster said, “it was the bunkest Kratom I ever had.”

One Redditor enthused that “this is my GO TO vendor…I highly recommend the Super Green, Austin Blend, and anything else.” Another Reddit forum member said, “I am full time Texas Herbs & Botanicals… the product is clean, beautifully packaged and most importantly potent!” A third Reddit thread indicates that “they sell legit leaf and their blends are fantastic.”

Texas Herbs Customer Service

It’s just as easy to find raves about this vendor’s customer service. Redditors rave about the owners, especially Abbey.

  • “Abbey is great… I appreciated the personal service.”
  • “I dealt with Abbey, and she was just a joy to deal with.”

Other high-praise comments from the threads posted above include:

  • “Their quality and customer service rivals that of any top vendor.”
  • “Their website is top notch.”
  • “Quick shipping.”

According to the Texas Herbs and Botanicals site, returns are possible if there was an issue with your order. To qualify, you must email or call them within seven days of the delivery date.

Bottom Line

image of kratom powder

There’s clearly a lot to love about Texas Herbs. We’re impressed by their consumer reputation, but we’re even more impressed by the fact that their site is filled with product reviews that are obviously real. After all, no company would let one of their products sit at two stars if they weren’t legit. Most of their products are highly rated, though, and most of their price points are competitive enough to be very alluring. We also love it that they offer a free sample per order!

Do you absolutely need to purchase Kratom in a non-powder format? Or are you looking for one of the few strains that Texas Herbs doesn’t offer? Head over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for an extensive list of other options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for after searching through our 60+ reviews of Kratom vendors, then it probably doesn’t exist.

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