Tea Time Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Tea Time Botanicals is a Texas-based kratom vendor offering everything from single strain ounces to five-way split kilos. TTB carries some of the most coveted kratom products on the market, such as Crushed Leaf, Stem & Vein, and Ultra Enhanced Kratom.

This Lone Star State supplier bills its M. speciosa products as “kratea” or “tea blend,” which may be confusing to the uninitiated. However, its product pages and photos are clear on what you are browsing.


Tea Time Botanicals has one of the world’s most expansive collections of CBD and kratom products, but whether it is worthy of your patronage is another matter. Find out everything you need to know about this South Central kratom seller and its myriad of Mitragyna speciosa goods in our vendor review.

This vendor has an attractive website that is bolstered by its simple honeycomb design. Once you discover Tea Time’s sweet deals and sublime strains you’ll flock to it like a hungry bumble bee. The company’s catalog is beautifully highlighted on its front page, but its individual products pages leave something to be desired. Drop down menus enable you to scour through its many plain leaf and enhanced kratom powders, but little information about their origins or content appear on the site.

On the bright side, Tea Time Botanicals is forthcoming about the vein colors it sources and the blending that produces each of its kratom products. This Texas-based kratom vendor believes in full disclosure. That is why it is upfront about its testing process and refund policy.

Although it is not a participant in the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices program, Tea Time Botanicals submits its kratom powder for independent third-party testing. Third-party certificates of analysis can be downloaded directly from its website. Any other questions are covered by its FAQ page.


  • Wide variety
  • High quality strains
  • Awesome kratom blends
  • Discount kilos
  • Free kratom samples (on orders of $75 or more)
  • Third-party certificates of analysis
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Accepts credit cards


  • Does not accept COD (Cash On Delivery)
  • Does not accept most cryptocurrencies
  • Limited refunds
  • No money-back guarantee

Tea Time Botanicals Product Line & Pricing Guide

One thing that Tea Time really excels at is selling a LOT of strains. By the time you get through the following list, you’ll probably have to start it over just to remember what they have. This vendor regularly stocks a wealth of ethnobotanicals, including elderberry, kava, and many, many more. That being said, kratom is front and center.

This vendor carries no fewer than 94 kratom “strains,” all of which are offered in powder form. Needless to say, the variety is truly staggering. No other vendor manufactures this many kratom powders. Of course, not all of these so-called strains are worthy of discussion. On the contrary, some are downright weak (e.g. Dk Red Elephant, Jade, and Red Maha), while others can seem stale (,i.e. Brown Aceh and Yellow Vietnam).

Our staff have placed their votes for Tea Time Botanicals’ best kratom powders and the results are all but unanimous. First and foremost, Green Baik has landed in our top five strains of the future. This green vein kratom powder gets its name from the word “baik” whose etymology can be traced to the Old World of Malaysia.

image of tea time botanicals products

“Baik” is often used as an adjective to describe ethical behavior, such as good intentions. It is also an adjective for a useful product (e.g. “not stale or rotten”).

Indonesian farmers use the word “baik” to describe a particularly good batch of ketum leaves, which form the basis for high-quality kratom powder. Green Baik is one such good cultivar, a lush green tea that is ethically sourced and fresh (,i.e.“baik” and “baik”). Green Baik Kratom is powerful and pungent, possessing a pleasant fragrance that calls to mind blooming flowers and morning dew.

Red Bota is another top choice, one that hails from the hinterlands of Bota in Malaysia’s Perak Tengah District. Although kratom is regulated under Malaysia’s 1952 Poisons Act, the cuttings of its original Bota cultivar have been transplanted to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. This red vein kratom powder is deeply aromatic, providing a potpourri-like atmosphere with its herbal scent and notes of durian and sandalwood.

Although Green Biak and Red Bota are undeniably exceptional it is White Sulawesi that is most astounding. This white vein delivers an ecstatic aroma that is as bracing as it is long-lasting. White Vein Sulawesi marries the woody fragrance of Patchouli with the creamy sweetness of a coconut grove. The duration is protracted and the bouquet is explosive.

This white vein contains the lowest amounts of 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) of any kratom strain. What it lacks in this terpenoid indole alkaloid it makes up for in high concentrations of Mitragynine, Mitraphylline, and Paynantheine.

This vendor has more strains than you could ever ask for and many of them are available in equally impressive combinations. Tea Time Botanicals’ massive collection includes Green Asia, Green Borneo, Green Dragon, Green Ketapang, Green Riau, Red Asia, Red Bali, Red Banjar, Red Bentuangie, Red Dragon, Red Hulu, Red JongKong, Red Kali, Red Ketapang, White Aceh, White Banjar, White Dragon, White Gold, White Horn, White Indo, White Kali, and White Vietnam.

TTB also stocks gold and yellow vein kratom, such as Brown Aceh, Chocolate, Gold Bali, Super Brown Indo, Yellow Aceh, Yellow Bota, Yellow Elephant, Yellow JongKong, Yellow Maeng Da, and Yellow Riau.

In addition to its plain leaf kratom strains, Tea Time Botancials carries CBD products, essential oils, Kava powder, and Shilajit extract. Shoppers can also put together their own custom blends from TTB’s expansive catalog.

TTB manufactures a wide range of specialty blends, including NPLH, Sandman, Pearly Gates, Wizard, Willy Wonka, Energ-eaze, 24K, Hallelujah, Jamaican Me Happy, Nirvana, Yello’ Darlin, Pink Floyd, Phoenix, Gold Digger, Pink Willy, Hulu Hoop, In-U-Indo, Iron Man, Resurrection, and Taste the Rainbow.

Tea Time Botanicals’ pricing varies wildly from item to item, with fresh kratom leaves selling for three dollars per leaf or $11 for five full leaves. Such cuttings are perfect for ornamentation or personal cultivation. Plain leaf kratom powder starts at $7.50 for an ounce, with three ounces going for $18, and four ounces going for $22.00. You can get two hundred fifty grams in a secure black container for $47.00. Five hundred grams sell for $57 and come with an organic scoop.

Tea Time Botanicals offers some of the most affordable kratom kilos on the Internet, with select strains selling for just $93.00. This price is well below the low price of $120 set by the industry as a whole. At $93 for one thousand grams, you will be paying approximately nine cents per gram. What’s more, you can get a five-way split for anywhere from $97 to $107.00.

Tea Time Botanicals Coupon Code

image of coupon

Before you buy Kratom, take a few minutes to look for a discount code. In this instance, you’ll also have the opportunity to get free samples with an order over $75. As of September 2020, the following code is active: EARLYBIRDSALE – 15% off

On the Tea Time Twitter, there’s also a monthly code released, so be sure to check it out!

Tea Time Botanicals Consumer Reputation

Over on Double M Herbals, there’s a popular thread about this vendor. Some of the comments included:

  • “They had some unique strain names, so I decided to give them a try. I’m glad I did.”
  • “Everyone seems to enjoy their products.”
  • “Every product I’ve tried from them has been great! They are definitely in my Top 3 vendor list.”
  • “I’ve been pleased with the service and the product.”
  • “It was average quality.”
  • “It’s the most consistent and best bang for your buck I’ve found.”

This vendor does offer refunds on their products, but only if they haven’t been opened yet. Additionally, all refunds must be initiated within 14 days of receiving their product.

As far as their customer service is concerned, a member of Double M Herbals writes: “The owner, Jen, has been super helpful to me via email. Her email address Is listed in this thread. I recommend contacting her If you need a recommendation to place an order quickly.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom powder

Tea Time Botanicals definitely has a good reputation for selling Kratom. They also have a lot of strains that no one else has ever even heard of. These two things combined makes them a great resource to check out, especially when you consider how many positive reviews there are!

Are you looking for a vendor that makes pricing easier to follow? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. With more than 80 vendors listed, you know that you’ll find an easy price structure to believe in!

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  1. Martha Jacquez says:

    Best Kratom ever! And staff is amazing. Especially Jen.


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