Stark Organics Vendor Review

If you’re a kratom vendor in 2021, you have to be nimble to keep up with the competition. Every day another handful of hard-nosed kratom start-ups come along to shake up the waters of the ethnobotanical industry.

The market has become congested with sketchy brands that ignore quality in favor of turning a quick buck. This is why it is important that consumers do their homework when new sellers enter the fray.

Stark Organics is one such seller, a wild card operation out of Houston, TX, with a pop-up website and an undeveloped brand.


You may have heard the name in passing and wondered what the story was. We’re here to fill in the gaps for you with today’s Stark Kratom Vendor Review.

Stark Organics Kratom Review is the e-commerce site of Stark Organics, a Texas-based vendor. Stark Organics should not be confused with the similarly named Stark Bros. Organics.

The latter is a celebrated gardening and tool company out of Louisiana that’s been established since the 1800s, while the former just received Approved Vendors status from I Love Kratom in June, 2021.

The latter is a legitimate organic flower and tree supplier with ties to the Missouri community. The former is said to be owned by a parent company with relatively little history.

Stark Organics is owned by Palabra Systematic, LLC. According to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, this entity was first registered with the Secretary of State in April, 2019.

Palabra Systematic LLC was registered by John Vastola, a St. Edwards University alum who also registered Palabra Systematic LTD in Ireland.

There is little public information available on any of these related entities or their founder. What we do know is that Mr. Vastola does not have a background in ethnobotanicals. Rather, he is a licensed real estate agent whose other business venture—a website for those planning to invest in real estate—lacks an active domain.

Regardless of the seemingly vague details surrounding Stark Organics’ creation, there is a functional online store from which you can purchase kratom powder.

The site may not be much to look at with its amateurish design and cut-and-paste graphics, but its collection encompasses everything that kratom enthusiasts have come to expect of an online vendor.

Stark Organics Product Line

image of stark organics product

This Lone Star State seller carries a host of coveted kratom strains, but the variety doesn’t end there. You can also shop its extensive catalog of botanical specimens, including Akuamma, Blue Lotus Flower, and more.

This vendor also stocks CBD solutions, such as Kreat Day Botanicals’ CBD/G & Moringa Oil in tincture form.

Stark Organics Kratom Powders

Stark Organics’ merchandise includes 19 unique kratom strains, with seven green vein kratom powders, six red veins, three fermented and/or sun-dried strains, and three white veins.

They are as follows: Green Bali, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Thai, Green Vietnam, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Borneo, Red Gold, Red Maeng Da, Super Gold, Super Maeng Da, Super Red, White Borneo, White MD, White Sumatra, and Yellow Sumatra.

Kratom powders start at $9.95 an ounce, with a kilo selling for $125.00. More on this in a bit.

Stark Organics Best Kratom Strain

image of stark organics best kratom strain

White Sumatra has long been a favorite around here, but it took sampling Stark Organics’ White Sumatra to remind us why we’re so fond of it. This magnificent strain from the Greater Sunda Islands is emblematic of everything one looks for in a kratom powder.

This Mitragyna speciosa tea is bold, sweet-scented, long-lasting, and redolent of Oolong leaves. It is an irresistible and oft-unpredictable variation on the prized Ayurvedic herb.

Stark Organics Kratom Capsules

Encapsulated kratom is a terrific choice for active individuals, particularly those whose professions keep them traveling from place to place. Instead of lugging around a mess of measuring spoons, plastic scoops, digital scales, and baggies, you’ll be able to store one compact bottle of kratom caps.

Kratom capsules will fit in most carrying cases or handbags without bulging or taking up unnecessary space. What’s more, Stark Organics’ kratom capsules come in discreet packaging.

A five-capsule sleeve sells for $5, with a 30-count going for $16.25, a 60-count going for $31.25, and a 150-count selling for $61.88.

What Makes Stark Organics Special?

This vendor keeps its packaging, labeling, and web design simple, which enables it to offer kratom at a reasonable market price to its growing number of nationwide customers.

With reduced in-house expenses, Stark Organics is able to successfully source a range of hard-to-find kratom strains, including fermented kratom variants like Red Gold and Yellow Sumatra.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

image of stark organics kratom cost

As mentioned above, you can get an ounce of kratom powder for $9.95. You may also order one hundred fifty grams for $34.35, two hundred fifty grams for $54.75, or five hundred grams for $69.99. Kratom kilos are also available for an industry standard $125.00.

These are fair market prices in the United States. Its bulk kratom prices are neither the lowest nor the highest. Based on our extensive research, these prices represent the industry average.

In other words, there is nothing remarkable about Stark Organics’ pricing, but there isn’t anything alarming about it either.

Shipping & Returns

All items are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service), with most orders shipping within 24 hours of your purchase.

You can choose between First Class Mail, Priority Mail, and Expedited Shipping (one to two business days).

Kratom same-day shipping is not provided on any orders and no guarantees are made regarding turnaround time.

Returns are only accepted on items that were damaged in transit or receive in error. This vendor does not offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Stark Organics Payment Methods

Credit cards, money orders, and personal checks may be accepted. Although this vendor prefers you pay for your items using EFT (Electronic Wire Transfer). To inquire about all options, get in touch with a Stark Organics representative.

Stark Organics Coupon Code

Coupon codes are accepted at checkout, although Stark Organics promo codes are not widely available from third-party savings sites. Interested parties should contact the seller to inquire about current promotions.

Past promotions have included a 15% off discount via social media platforms.

How to Get in Touch

If you have a question about a current order or want to inquire about a potential order, you can reach this vendor by phone at: 713-857-2344. Alternatively, you can email the Stark Organics staff at:

Stark Organics Consumer Reputation

image of stark organics consumer reputation

There have been few mentions of this brand on popular kratom forums. It has yet to be referenced by members of Reddit and does not appear to be peer-reviewed on I Love Kratom.

Despite its status as an Approved Vendor at ILK, this supplier has not answered any of the forums’ questions regarding its origins and operations.

The Double M Herbals boards are about the only place where anyone has bothered to mention Stark Organics. The vendor allegedly created the thread itself by posting from numerous dummy accounts.

As one user wrote, “What a ridiculous attempt. Anyone who can’t see through this…in the words of Mr. T, I pity the fool…Three new accounts sign up at the same time to make their first posts about an obscure, IG [Instagram] vendor.”

According to this same thread, Stark Organics is not actually a vendor, so much as it is a marketing firm with clients like Kreat Day Products.

Closing Thoughts

Despite the apparent potency of the samples we tried, we would be reluctant to recommend this brand to others. It does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, nor does it promise uncontaminated product.

Given the unclear origins of its strains, the lack of a satisfaction guarantee, and the apparent failure to submit to third-party labs, Stark Organics does not strike us as a trustworthy source for kratom powder.

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