South Pacific Botanicals Kratom Review

When it comes to Kratom products, you want to buy from a company with a solid reputation and a transparent business model. But how can you trust a vendor with little to no history or track record?

The Kratom industry is heavily unregulated, and there are a lot of shady players trying to make a fast buck out of unsuspecting consumers. We really hate to say this, but it seems to be the case with South Pacific Botanicals.

While we are not implying that South Pacific Botanicals is a scam or a fraud, they certainly lack the credentials of a more established and respected Kratom brand. They have been in the business for more than a year already but their progress seems to be stagnant at best.

In this review, we will take a look at some of the most common concerns when purchasing Kratom from South Pacific Botanicals. This is not a complete list, as there are dozens of other issues that deserve attention, but they’re more than enough to give you a good idea if you should trust this brand or not.


South Pacific Botanicals Products and Services

Right off the bat, South Pacific Botanicals does not have a website. We’ve searched high and low but we only came across some of their products on third-party Kratom retailers and distributors’ websites.

Based on the available information online, South Pacific Botanicals sells Kratom products in the form of powder and capsules, and they carry a variety of strains and veins including Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, White Indo, Yellow Thai, etc. South Pacific Botanicals’ Kratom powder is available in 50g, 100g, and 200g while their Kratom capsules can be purchased in quantities of 50pcs, 100pcs, and 150pcs.

Their packaging is also plain and simple with little to no information about the contents whatsoever. This is very unappealing to advanced Kratom users who are willing to pay a premium for quality. It is very difficult to tell whether or not you are getting what you pay for when it comes to South Pacific Botanicals.

There is also no way to get information about the origin of their Kratom strains, the extraction process, the testing procedures, or anything at all about their Kratom products.


South Pacific Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

It’s almost impossible to know South Pacific Botanicals’ pricing structure because they don’t have a website and virtually nothing about them is available online. They do have some Kratom products listed on some third-party websites, but we can only assume that those prices were already inflated. Here are some of the data that we’ve gathered from their retailers and distributors:

Kratom Powder
  • 50g – $19.99
  • 100g – $34.99
  • 200g – $49.99
Kratom Capsules
  • 50pcs – $19.99
  • 100pcs – $37.99
  • 150pcs – $49.99

image of south pacific botanicals cost

When compared to a reputable Kratom vendor like Kats Botanicals, South Pacific Botanicals’ Kratom powder and capsules are definitely way more expensive. This is quite disappointing because when it comes to transparency, Kats Botanicals wins over South Pacific Botanicals hands down.

So how can one justify the price difference between South Pacific Botanicals and Kats Botanicals? We think that the answer lies in the quality of the product. Unfortunately, South Pacific Botanicals does not have a website, so we have no idea how they manufacture their Kratom products.


South Pacific Botanicals Customer Reviews

As for South Pacific Botanicals customer reviews, there aren’t any. At least, we can’t find even a single review about them. They don’t have a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, or anything else.

On Reddit, there is also no discussion about them whatsoever. All in all, there isn’t much information online about this company and its Kratom products. This is very unusual for a new Kratom vendor who wants to compete in a very saturated and cutthroat market.


South Pacific Botanicals Customer Complaints

We haven’t found any customer complaints about South Pacific Botanicals either. It seems like Kratom consumers don’t even know about them, which means that they are not very successful in spreading the word about their existence.

It is also worth mentioning that their products seem to be out of stock on some of the third-party websites that we’ve checked, which is quite unusual for a new company. As of this writing, South Pacific Botanicals is still in operation but there is no sign of them expanding their business or increasing their inventory anytime soon.


South Pacific Botanicals Coupons

image of south pacific botanicals coupon code

As far as we can tell, there are no coupon codes available for South Pacific Botanicals. This is somewhat surprising because they should be promoting their brand name heavily since they are new in the game. Perhaps, they are not using coupons because they are still new in the business and do not have a big customer base yet? Again, we can only speculate because we could not find any information about South Pacific Botanicals online.


Is South Pacific Botanicals Legit?

It is very hard to say with any degree of certainty whether or not South Pacific Botanicals is legitimate. To give them some credit, they are a duly registered business in California but there are several reasons why this does not necessarily mean that they are legitimate.

Undeniably, it would be helpful if this company had a fully-functioning website. It also would be great if they had social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, but they don’t seem to worry about any of that. All in all, the lack of information is definitely concerning and we would advise people to proceed with caution when buying Kratom powder and capsules from South Pacific Botanicals.



Overall, we think that South Pacific Botanicals is a questionable vendor of Kratom products. We cannot confirm their legitimacy because they don’t have any online presence whatsoever.

In our opinion, South Pacific Botanicals are very suspicious and we do not recommend our readers to use them. It is not our intention to cause harm to anybody, but rather to put things in writing so that people can make an informed decision about what they are buying.

image of kratom powder

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