SoCal Herbal Remedies Vendor Review

SoCal Herbal Remedies has been a crowd-pleaser ever since their online debut in 2015. In fact, it’s practically impossible to find negative chatter about this vendor, which makes this a very unusual Kratom vendor review, indeed.

Unfortunately, SoCal Herbal Remedies is also currently facing a major controversy due to a Pennsylvania family suing them. The most important thing to know about the case so far is that a 25-year-old got into a car accident. Now, the family is trying to blame the incident on Kratom. The legal case is still pending and doesn’t appear to have a hearing date yet.

To be clear, no one is claiming that SoCal’s products were bad or adulterated. The entire basis of the lawsuit is the misconception that this naturally occurring substance is harmful.


SoCal Herbal Remedies Review

SoCal Herbal Remedies took a short break after news of the lawsuit came out. This left many in the Kratom community unhappy as this vendor has long been viewed as one of the best around. In fact, there are many glowing reviews about SoCal on Reddit.

Fortunately, SoCal didn’t stay down for long. This showcases their commitment to proving that they did absolutely nothing wrong. Hopefully, the requested jury trial will fully exonerate SoCal and Kratom.

SoCal Herbal Remedies Product Line

You can find nine Kratom products on the SoCal Herbal Remedies website. However, they’re not going to pop up by doing a search for Kratom. Instead, enter ‘speciosa’ in the search bar. Their Mitragyna speciosa products include:

  • Red Borneo
  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Vein Capsules
  • Red Vein Capsules
  • Maeng Da Capsules
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da
  • Green Maeng Da

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

SoCal Herbal Remedies sells Kratom powder ranging from $25 – $32.50 for 250g. Alternatively, you can get 100 Kratom capsules for $30. Although the powder products have a drop-down menu to select your preferred size, they only come in 250g tubs or bags at the current time.

SoCal Herbal Remedies Coupon Code

image of socal herbal remedies coupon code

There appear to be two active SoCal Herbal Remedies coupon codes as of late September 2019. Please note that these codes could expire at any time. During checkout, try code ‘SAMPLE9’ for $20 off your order. Depending on how much you’re buying, you may prefer to enter ‘SPLIT75’ to get 25 percent off your entire cart.

Please note: In the past, SAMPLE9 only worked if you purchased nine different 1-ounce packs. SPLIT75 worked with orders containing at least 1 kilo of Kratom. Since this vendor has changed their quantities, it’s unknown if the coupon codes have been updated accordingly.

SoCal Herbal Remedies Consumer Reputation

Even with the lawsuit, SoCal’s reputation with Kratom buyers has remained solid. There are only a few people who have written negative reviews about this vendor. Of course, a mixture of positive and negative reviews is very common and expected, no matter what industry or products are being discussed.

One Reddit thread contains nothing but praise for SoCal Herbal Remedies. Redditors commented that SoCal’s shipping is “very, very fast” and that they sell “top-notch products.” Another Reddit Kratom forum member said “SoCal is my go-to vendor. Always incredibly fast service and great product.” Others echoed these comments, along with saying “SoCal rocks,” “I’m always happy with SoCal’s products,” and “SoCal is my favorite.”

It’s difficult to find negative comments about this vendor on Reddit. One person did claim to receive a batch of Yellow Indo that had a “yucky acrid smell.

SoCal Herbal Remedies Customer Service

SoCal offers extremely fast shipping, so it’s no wonder that’s one of the first things customers mention about this vendor. They don’t appear to offer a refund policy, but they do make it easy to contact their customer service department via email or phone.

The lack of a refund policy may not matter much since most customers rave about the quality of SoCal’s products. One Reddit thread dedicated to giving the company props contains comments such as “customer service and product quality doesn’t get any better than SoCal.” Another happy buyer said, “SoCal is the absolute best Kratom vendor…product quality and customer service are always top-notch.”

image of socal herbal remedies customer service

Bottom Line

They may not stock a lot of strains at the moment, but it sounds like there’s a very good reason that so many Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts buy Kratom from SoCal Herbal Remedies.

Looking for a wider selection of strains? Check out The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors!

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