Shaman Nation Kratom Vendor Review

Shaman Nation Kratom is based out of California. They sell a variety of items, including Kratom, Kava, and botanicals.

Before you buy Kratom , you probably do a bit of research into vendors. Today’s review is on Shaman Nation, a vendor that has a pretty terrible website. Don’t hold that against them, though, as their Kratom is a completely different story.

Shaman Nation Kratom Product Line

You can buy several strains of Kratom from this vendor, including:

  • Powder – White Bali, White Borneo, White Maeng Da, White Vein Indo, Maeng Da II, Premium Red Bali, Premium Red Thai, Red Borneo, Green Malay, Green Borneo, Green Indo, Super Green Maeng Da, Marks Special Blend, Green & White Blend, Eye-Opener Blend, & Pink Vein Indo

image of shaman nation kratom product

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Shaman Nation charges different amounts based on the type of Kratom they’re selling.


  • 1 oz – $8.75 – $12.99
  • 4 oz – $29.99 – $42.99

Shaman Nation Kratom Coupon Code

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find that this vendor often has promo codes to share.

Shaman Nation Kratom Consumer Reputation

Over on Kratom Crazy, they said the following:

  • “My personal faves are Mark’s Special Blend and their Super Green, both of which have a robust aroma and an extended duration.”

On Reddit, you’ll find that:

  • “These guys have taken great care of me and their leaf has always been top shelf quality from what I can tell.”
  • “Shamans pricing is high on some products but I gave a number of their strains a shot anyway. They ranged from good to outstanding, they offer blends which I like as well.”
  • “Hands down, YES. It is one of the best blends I’ve had by far.”

Shaman Nation Kratom Customer Service

image of shaman nation kratom customer service

It’s hard to tell if this vendor offers returns. One thing we did see on Reddit, though, indicates that they take care of their customers.

  • “Shamannation is great for new users. They have descriptions and reviews that really help you choose what to order. Not the least expensive, but great for new users!”

Bottom Line

There may not be a lot of feedback for this vendor, but everything we could find was good. In other words, Shaman Nation may just be worth your time and money.

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