Re-Leaf.us (Re-Leaf LLC) Kratom Vendor Review


Re-Leaf.us says “without a doubt, you can use our help navigating the Kratom industry.” They also indicate that “the cold hard truth is, most vendors are stocking bad products that you should have nothing to do with.” They refer to themselves as the “crème de la crème of Kratom suppliers” and have gone so far as to state that “about 99.99% of the world’s Kratom is WRETCHED QUALITY.” Do they live up to their big hype? Let’s find out!

There is a lot of information to take in on the Re-Leaf.us website. From an extensive blog to their Easy Purchasing page, you’ll probably want to take your time so you can get to know the Re-Leaf team. They have a “we pick for you” feature that’s pretty unheard of in the industry but could just be the perfect way to find your next favorite.

Re-Leaf Kratom Product Line

The store currently (Feb 2021) has 204 different Kratom options. With this being the case, we’re only able to list a representative sample below.

  • Blends: After Work Chill, Arthur Itis, Calm Enurgie, Sleep Buddy, UFO-ria, & 36 more blends.
  • Low Class: Menu Reject Green, Menu Reject Red, & Menu Reject White.
  • Wholesale: Kilos for as low as $60
  • High Class: #102 & #106
  • Specials: $1 increments & $99 kilo for new customers
  • Phenotypes: Green Phenotype #1587, White Phenotype #1484, Red Phenotype #1500, & 120 more phenotypes.
  • Pick for Me: Express, Priority, Economy, & 15 Easy Purchasing options.

image of re leaf llc products

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Make sure you pay close attention to the prices when you buy Kratom from Re-Leaf. All they sell is powder, and most of the Easy Purchasing options are $14.75. For the most part, Blends tend to be between $10.40 and $11.28. Low Class Kratom is only $6. On the other hand, High Class Kratom ranges from $16 – $23. Finally, Phenotypes typically cost $14 – $14.10.

Re-Leaf.us Kratom Coupon Code

Re-Leaf has a good Loyalty & Rewards program. You can receive an average discount of 22 percent, but you also just might earn as much as $200 off. Be sure to sign up before you spend any money with Re-Leaf.

Re-Leaf Kratom Consumer Reputation

Here’s where the rubber truly meets the road. Does Re-Leaf have the goods? Read on to find out what Facebook users think.

  • “1st time customer of re-leaf. Not only was quality of kratom a+, they were nice enough to send a free sample with my order. Shipping was fast and cheap. Will be our go to vendor for now on.”
  • “I have gone through this company before. And the array of strains in there arsenal is very Diverse and Always on Point in the Quality Department.”
  • “I’ve bought Kratom from a lot of different online stores but Re-leaf is the best. Great product quality and price.”
  • “They are ALL about QUALITY. I’ve tried many vendors and Re-Leaf is my last one, because their stuff is the best. They’re extremely educated on the topic, and the entire process on what they get before it gets to the client. The search ends here.”

Re-Leaf.us Kratom Customer Service

image of re leaf llc customer reviews

Re-Leaf offers refunds, but only if they’ve made a mistake. Aside from this, they seem to have excellent customer service, as evidenced by Facebook reviews.

  • “Great quality. Joe and jazz actually care about this plant and their customers.”
  • “Been ordering from Re-leaf for about 4 months. Great product and great people!”
  • “Just got my new order today!! As usual your product is by far the best and you guys are AWESOME too!!”
  • “Excellent, 5-star product, service, and communication.”
  • “Simply the best!! Best customer service, outstanding product!”
  • “Wonderful Company With TOP NOTCH customer service and Support. Always there to help out in Any way they can.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom

As you can see, Re-Leaf definitely has a fantastic reputation. In fact, we couldn’t find even one negative review. Therefore, we feel comfortable suggesting this vendor. It’ll be worth learning their system.

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