Precious Mitre Kratom Vendor Review

Precious Mitre was a Kratom vendor based out of California. Unfortunately, like many others before them, PM has gone the way of the dodo bird.

Precious Mitre Kratom Review

This vendor’s website is still picked up by Google, but it goes to a “403 Forbidden” error message. This may mean that PM still owns the URL but is unable to use it anymore. Perhaps their slogan, “leading you to better health,” was part of what finally did them in.

Precious Mitre Kratom Product Line

Once upon a time, PM was known for having several quality products. Among their best were:

  • Powder – Precious Mitre Trifecta, PM Red Fuchsia, White Stem & Vein, Odds and Blends Sampler Pack, PM Red Bali, and Precious Mitre Green Malay.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Unfortunately, you can no longer buy Kratom from Precious Mitre. And this really is unfortunate because they had some of the industry’s very best prices. At only $75 per kilo, PM definitely had a good thing going. It’s really a shame that they’re no longer available.

Precious Mitre Kratom Coupon Code

image of precious mitre kratom coupon code

This vendor used to offer regular promo codes. Of course, they no longer have any coupons as they’re no longer operational.

Precious Mitre Kratom Consumer Reputation

One thing is for certain; Precious Mitre had a very good consumer reputation. On Reddit, a long thread is even dedicated to PM.

  • “Jeff and his company Precious Mitre will always be one of my top vendors! The kratom is top notch stuff and I love the fact that I can buy all the other herbs and supplements I’m interested in.”
  • “Woooo Hoooooo I love me some PM!”
  • “I love their green MD and white Malay. Great quality.”
  • “Their Green Malay is my and my wife’s favorite strain of all right now. Also, the White Vietnam and White Maeng Da are very good.”
  • “I absolutely love Precious Mitre!”

Precious Mitre Kratom Customer Service

It seems like PM had excellent customer service, at least according to Reddit.

  • “I placed an order from him at prolly 4:00 cali time ..I sent him an email asking if it was possible to have that shipped in time for me to have it this weekend .. he said no problem ..He made a special trip to the PO to ship it ….Now that’s what I call customer service.”
  • “Yeah Jeff is a good ass dude. Helped me quite a few times.”
  • “When I ordered, I had used my name with my girlfriend’s apartment address. And over the weekend, the apartment front office decided to stop accepting packages with the names of people not on the lease, and they would be Returned to Sender. So I emailed Jeff explaining it to him, and that if the package made its way back to him, to let me know so that I could pay for shipping so he could send it back. He told me not to worry about it, that he would send it without me having to pay anything.”
  • “Jeff was very accommodating for me when I asked for a special order a while back. I have been coming back since then. Great quality kratom and service. One of my favorite vendors.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom capsules

Back when Precious Mitre was in business, they seemed to make most people very happy. Questionable slogan aside, we would have suggested checking them out. Now, though, there’s no longer a way to do so, which is a real shame.

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