Portal Botanical Kratom Vendor Review

Portal Botanical was a top-of-the-line Kratom vendor. Unfortunately, they’ve been closed since at least 2017. Despite this, some enthusiasts are still looking for information about this former vendor.

Portal Botanical Kratom Review

Portal Botanical was one of the earliest adopters of the American Kratom Association. They also had several contests, during which they gave away around 6,000 grams of Kratom. This endeared them to the community, and it’s still being talked about three years later.

Portal Botanical Kratom Product Line

At the height of their business, this vendor had 45 different strains. That’s a lot of Kratom! Some of their most well-liked strains included:

  • Powder – White Sumatra, Green Malay, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Red Relax, Ultra Enhanced Indo, & Gold Standard Extract.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

image of portal botanicals kratom cost

Portal Botanical is no longer in business, and their pricing structure seems to have been lost to the wind. In other words, we don’t know how much their strains cost, but does it really matter anymore?

Portal Botanical Kratom Coupon Code

There’s no more need to look for a coupon code from this vendor since they no longer exist. When you’re ready to shop with vendors that do exist, though, we recommend that you always look for a coupon code first.

Portal Botanical Kratom Consumer Reputation

People really liked this vendor, as evidenced by a Reddit post. Comments included:

  • “Their white Borneo is the best kratom I have ever had. I can’t find them online anymore and was wondering if anyone else was as excited by their product as I was.”
  • “I still have some of Portals kratom and it is very good!! In fact, I was going through my ‘inventory’ and found some samples of green maeng da that my wife and I hadn’t tried until a few days ago. It was excellent stuff! It’s a shame they’re not around anymore.”
  • “Sadly, no. I asked a couple of weeks ago and we reminisced about how cool they were.”
  • “I weighted the last portal kratom I’ve got today. 10g of yellow md I bought on their last restock ever. I miss portal’s black baggies and samplers.”

As you can see, they were the real deal. It truly is a shame that they’re gone.

Portal Botanical Kratom Customer Service

Reddit also shows us that Portal Botanical had excellent customer service.

  • “Portal Botanical was one of, if not my favorite vendor… Their customer service was the best I’ve ever had, and the prices were very fair/affordable.”
  • “I miss them too. several great strains. Loved that little chicken mascot.”
  • “I have that chicken mascot on laptop.”
  • “FAVORITE VENDOR OF ALL TIME… not my first but most of my best kratom experiences was using their leaf.”
  • “I would buy more if you’re listening, Portal Botanicals!”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

When it time to buy Kratom, you can only hope that you’ll find a vendor that’s as unique and wonderful as Portal Botanical was. When a site has been gone for 3+ years and people are still talking about it, you know that it had the goods.

Now that we’ve finished our trip down memory lane, it’s time to find a vendor that still exists. And with 95+ vendors on the Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors, you’ll have an easy time finding a replacement for Portal Botanical.

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