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Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom is a very confusing brand. On their official Facebook page, they also go by the brand name “Earthwell Botanicals”. The company’s phone number is also exactly the same as Pinnacle Hemp, a local head shop based in Joplin, MO that specializes in CBD-based products. Pinnacle Hemp is also related to Pinnacle Vapor Carthage, another popular head shop in Carthage, MO.

There’s no domain associated with Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom, but Earthwell Botanicals’ website is still under construction. On the other hand, Pinnacle Hemp and Pinnacle Vapor Carthage are full-blown businesses with a well-designed website (pinnaclehemp.com) and a total of about 10,000 Facebook followers.

image of pinnacle hempBased on all of the information that we have gathered online, it seems like Pinnacle Botanicals, Earthwell Botanicals, and Pinnacle Vapor Carthage are all under the Pinnacle Hemp brand. It seems like Pinnacle Hemp is branching out into Kratom products, which is not surprising considering that the herb is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. market.

In this review, we’ll try to find out what’s going on with all these different companies using the name “Pinnacle” and see if we can figure out what’s really going on here.

Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom Products and Services

There is very little information available about Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom on the Internet. All we know is that both Pinnacle Hemp and Pinnacle Vapor Carthage stores sell Kratom powder and capsules in green, white, red, and blended strains. A few pictures of their products pop up on Facebook and Google images, but that’s about it. We don’t even know the Kratom strains that they are offering.

Their packaging is pretty standard as they use resealable mylar bags for Kratom powder and bottles for Kratom capsules. Their Kratom powder comes in brown bags, while their Kratom capsules come in dark brown bottles.

image of pinnacle botanicals kratom products

Product Cost and Price Comparison

Unfortunately, there is no way to compare the prices of Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom products at the moment. It seems like you can only buy their Kratom powder and capsules directly from Pinnacle Hemp and Pinnacle Vapor Carthage in Missouri.

We’ve searched high and low on Google, but we couldn’t find any other information about their products. We also can’t find any third-party retailers that are selling Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom products as of this writing.

We can only wait until their website is up and running, and then we’ll be able to see their full range of products. If they don’t launch their website soon, we’ll reserve the judgment that they are just a local retail brand that doesn’t have any plans to become a national brand.

Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom Customer Reviews

We have to look at the Pinnacle brand as a whole if we want to know how well their companies are doing. Based on combined reviews of both Pinnacle Hemp and Pinnacle Vapor Carthage, the consensus is that both companies are doing great.

Most of their customers are satisfied with the quality of their products and the customer service they receive from these two head shops. Here are some of the positive comments about Pinnacle Hemp and Pinnacle Vapor Carthage:

“I’ve been using Pinnacle products over 5 years now and it has changed my life in so many ways. Managing my pain and my gut and much more. Pinnacle started me on my journey to a better life and healthier lifestyle. Lifetime customer here. If you haven’t given Pinnacle Hemp a try, please do. Will not regret it. You can’t beat a company with the compassion they have and affordable prices for a top quality hemp.” Kat J., Google Review

“Great shop! The staff is smart and well informed about vaping. They can sell you what fits you best without just trying to make money, and they have a great selection of juices and CBD products dedicated to health. They always brighten my day!” – Keri C., Google Review

As for Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom itself, we can’t find any reviews online. We can only speculate that since the brand is under the Pinnacle group of companies, their Kratom is of similar high quality as the other products sold by Pinnacle Hemp and Pinnacle Vapor Carthage.

Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom Customer Complaints

Surprisingly, Pinnacle Hemp and Pinnacle Vapor Carthage have almost no complaints about them. There are only a few negative comments about either company on the Internet. Here are some of the negative comments about them:

“Customer service was mediocre at best and they talked badly about competition.” – Johnny C., Google Review

“They messed up their Kratom. Green Maeng Da isn’t even the same anymore. It gives you paranoia when it’s used to give you paranoia. The green Kratom has the same color as the red.” – Bob R., Facebook

All in all, we can say that the Pinnacle brand receives a positive reception among the vaping and the CBD community. They seem to be very active when it comes to replying to customer comments online. They also have good customer service as most of the comments posted online are from satisfied customers.

Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom Coupons

image of pinnacle botanicals kratom coupons

As of this writing, we can’t find any coupon codes for Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom on the internet. We have to wait for their website to become functional before we can see if they are going to offer any type of discount on their products.

Is Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom Legit?

If we are going to talk about the Pinnacle brand as a whole, there is no doubt that they are legitimate. However, we need to see a lot of improvements before we can say the same thing about their Kratom brand.


Pinnacle Botanicals Kratom needs to launch their website as soon as possible if they want to get a lot of sales. Right now, they are missing out on a lot of potential customers because they cannot provide any type of online sales channel for their products. Until they do that, we need to treat all of the information in this section as “educated guesses” instead of facts.

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