One Stop Herbal Shop Kratom Vendor Review

One Stop Herbal Shop is based out of Oklahoma. They sell Kratom, CBD, and a few other herbs.

The One Stop Herbal Shop website doesn’t have a lot going for it. The brand doesn’t even have a logo, nor is the Contact Us section of the website operational. Despite this, they do have a few strains of Kratom at very good prices, which may make it worth checking out.

One Stop Herbal Shop Kratom Product Line

This vendor may only have a few strains of Kratom, but they manage to keep them in stock.

  • Powder –Green Horn, Green Maeng Da, Super Green, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, White Borneo, and White Maeng Da

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

The excellent prices at One Stop Herbal Shop are difficult to beat. And even better, they have all their Kratom priced the same way!

  • 1 ounce – $5
  • 250g – $25
  • 500g – $40
  • 1 kilo – $60

I bet you’ve never found another kilo for $60 before! Now, the question is, is it worth it?

One Stop Herbal Shop Kratom Coupon Code

As you can probably guess, it’s just not possible to buy Kratom for much less than One Stop Herbal Shop’s already low prices. Therefore, we did not find any coupon codes for this vendor.

One Stop Herbal Shop Kratom Consumer Reputation

It looks like the biggest problem that One Stop Herbal Shop has is staying in stock. And that makes perfect sense, given their price points! As a Redditor said, “I received a package from them today. Their site was down for SSL maintenance the other day. They fixed it, had stock, sold out of a lot quickly. I tried their site again a few mins ago and it’s down again. Hopefully they’re uploading their stock.”

Another person on Reddit relayed this experience: “Would I recommend them, yes. Prices were great to start with, but their true colors showed when they bent over backwards, and probably took a loss on the sale to make me happy.”

As to their Kratom, a Reddit forum member said, “One stop is great IMO, green bali is some of the best I ever had.”

One Stop Herbal Shop Kratom Customer Service

image of one stop herbal shop kratom customer service

Although their website says all sales are final, it also says that unopened products can be returned within 15 days. The Contact Us link is dead on their website, but you can email directly if you require assistance.

When it comes to customer service reports, it looks like it’s almost all good.

  • “I think their customer service is incredible.”
  • “I once had an issue with them also and Kristen responded to my email and fixed the issue rapidly. I was more than pleased with her customer service.”
  • “They’re good people, I ordered a bunch a few months ago, nothing but great strains.”
  • “Fast shipping, great product.”
  • “They are legit, they have great kratom and the owners are stand up people.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaf

One Stop Herbal Shop’s website may not be much to look at, but it sure sounds like they make up for it with excellent customer service! Sometimes, this vendor may go quiet for a little while, but that usually means they’re trying to get their stock back up. Otherwise, there are very few complaints, and we’d feel comfortable recommending them. In fact, we might need to check them out ourselves, considering their low prices!

Are you looking for a bigger vendor that doesn’t have occasional issues with keeping their items in stock? We now have more than 90 vendors on the Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors, so we’ve got you covered and then some!

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