Nirvanio Kratom Vendor Review

Nirvanio Kratom is an American-based vendor. They sell their products in headshops, smoke shops, and via third-party online sellers.

Nirvanio Kratom Review


Being a headshop vendor is enough on its own to warrant some caution. When you combine that with the fact that Nirvanio went through a recall in 2018, it becomes even more difficult to embrace this brand. One point in their favor, though, is that they’ve cleaned up their act since 2018. On the other hand, they don’t have their own website.

Nirvanio Kratom Product Line

Online third-party sites stock a lot of Nirvanio’s products. By checking some of these, we were able to ascertain that Nirvanio sells:

  • Capsules: Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, White Maeng Da, Red Bali, & Red Maeng Da
  • Powder: Green Maeng Da

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Prices will vary per vendor. However, the prices listed below seem to provide a fair estimate.


  • 100-count – $16.99
  • 500-count – $80.99


  • 500g – $79.99
  • 1 kilo – $120.99

Nirvanio Kratom Coupon Code

image of nirvanio kratom coupon code

As a wholesale vendor, Nirvanio doesn’t offer any promo codes.

Nirvanio Kratom Consumer Reputation

There’s not much chatter online about Nirvanio. However, we did find this:

  • “I went ahead and took it and actually it was way stronger than I expected. It’s definitely a more energetic strain though, which is unfortunate since I like almost exclusively reds, aside from green bali.”
  • “Some people here will say it is less potent and that may be true but most likely because it is just less potent by design not because it has been sitting around for too long.”
  • “Nothing wrong with headshop kratom but it’s usually not very potent.”
  • “The kilos labeled “Green Malay” had a completely different taste, smell, and potency to the same strain in the ounce packs.”

Nirvanio Kratom Customer Service

Being a headshop wholesale brand, it’s pretty much impossible to find anyone discussing Nirvanio’s customer service. Hopefully, they stand behind their products, but there’s nothing that indicates this is the case.

Bottom Line

Do you really want to buy Kratom from a headshop? As the reviews above indicate, there may not be anything wrong with it, per say, but it’ll probably be weaker and much more expensive than buying from an online vendor with a quality reputation.

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