New Hope Botanicals Review – Pricing, Product, Coupons Codes

New Hope Botanicals is a West coast kratom vendor with an online store and a spot in San Bernardino County’s Alpine Mall. Unlike so many kratom suppliers who seek to turn a quick profit before pulling a vanishing act, New Hope’s owners are the genuine article—passionate, proactive individuals devoted to sourcing high-quality strains and sharing them with a new generation of kratom connoisseurs. This California-based kratom store was first established in April of 2017. Frustrated by the paucity of legitimate domestic kratom businesses, owner Jordan Eric Richard decided to launch a company that would make up for the glut of shady head shop brands.

Read on to learn all about this vendor’s products, pricing, incentives, and more. Our New Hope Botanicals Vendor Review will tell you everything you need to know about this California kratom brand.

New Hope Botanicals Product Review

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New Hope Botanicals came along just as names like Krypton Kratom were going down in flames for misleading and endangering consumers. At the time, online kratom forums were demanding more accountability and transparency. New Hope answered that call by curating a collection of pure, unadulterated ethnobotanical specimens, including Mitragyna speciosa, Shilajit, and more. Today, New Hope Kratom is a respected product, one that has attracted accolades from YouTube creators and forum members alike. Although it lacks AKA (American Kratom Association) approval, New Hope Botanicals has repeatedly demonstrated its credibility. First-time visitors can try out free kratom samples by simply signing up for this vendor’s mailing list.

If you’ve got questions about products or want to request third-party certificates of analysis, you can call the store, e-mail the owner, or drop them a text using the homepage’s handy contact feature. And as if that doesn’t reason enough reason to give this brand a whirl, you’ll receive kratom same-day shipping where available. The big draw here is the pricing, which includes kratom kilos for as little as $89.95. That’s at least $30 cheaper than what most large-scale companies charge for one thousand grams. More on this in a moment.

The New Hope Kratom catalog is neatly divided into three categories (not including its outstanding kratom alternatives and end of the year sales items)—kratom blends, kratom capsules, and kratom powder. New Hope Botanicals Best Strain has gotta be Red Bentuangie, a robust red vein from the wilds of West Borneo. This potent and peculiar cultivar is celebrated for its pungent, flowery aroma, which calls to mind everything from lavender and jasmine to moss and matcha tea.


What It Costs & How It Compares

You can get any of its green vein, red vein, or white vein—Bali, Bentuangie, Indo, Kapuas, Maeng Da, Malaysian, or Thai—for as little as five bucks an ounce, with two ounces for $14, four ounces for $25, eight ounces for $45, or a kilo for $100.00. Many of New Hope’s yellow strains, such as Yellow Kapuas and Yellow MD, go for as little as five dollars an ounce as well, though Yellow Bali will run you seven bucks an ounce or $120 for a kilo. With increased demand comes increased importation expense. Nevertheless, New Hope Botanicals keeps its prices fair and affordable, giving its clients bulk kratom powder for pennies per gram. For example, its proprietary blends—Green Hulk, Maengdalicious, Muhammad Bali, Patrick Star, Rasta Blend, and Sunburnt Ginger—sell for $80-89.95 per kilo.

Fans of small-batch kratom will appreciate the wealth of buying options, which includes four ounces for $20 or eight ounces for $35.00. This is far more product than most vendors provide for $45-50.00. For instance, Remarkable Herbs often sells for $45 per eight-ounce pouch, while Kratom Roots charges $54.99. Those who prefer encapsulated kratom to the toss ‘n wash will appreciate New Hope Botanicals’ kratom capsules. This vendor offers each of its strains in capsule form for as little as $19.99 for one hundred caps. You can snatch up a 200-count for $29.99 or a 500-count for $69.99. Compare that to smoke shop tags and it’s clear why local Crestline customers have called New Hope Kratom “quality, well-priced products.”

New Hope Botanicals Customer Reviews

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After more than four years in business, this homegrown brand has developed a core clientele that continues to grow. Its proponents have left glowing Google reviews and name-dropped the company on popular kratom forums. Over at I Love Kratom, an active member raved about how excellent its Green Maeng Da was, while Google reviewers have given it a 4.9-star overall rating. One customer wrote, “Everything you would want in a vendor!! Great product – I’m no rookie to this and am not easily impressed. They have top shelf product and the blends are perfect! “All my questions were answered and they had my order in the mail on the same day I ordered. I received it two days after it was shipped! The packaging … I love how on every blend package it tells you what color strains it has. I will be a returning customer.”

Another customer said, “Jordan is the best! These guys go out of their way to provide top of the line products, and always make you feel like you’ve been friends forever. They are professional, down to wary and their product is the best, and believe me I’ve tried a lot. Thanks, Guys, for always answering my 52 questions, lol ! You guys rock!” Yet another customer wrote, “New Hope is great! Best tea I’ve had in awhile. Customer service is on point, with friendly people willing to help. Tea is fresh-tasting and super smooth … no grit at all … I’ll be back for sure … thank you so much!!!”

Thus far, there hasn’t been a single negative review levied against this vendor. We were unable to find any example of a poor customer satisfaction experience. As of this writing, the brand has not been added to Trustpilot.


New Hope Botanicals Coupon Codes & Discounts

If you’re looking to unlock some serious savings, you can join New Hope Botanicals’ Facebook group. There you’ll have exclusive access to promo codes, special giveaways, and updates regarding new products. New Hope Kratom coupon codes are redeemable for as much as fifteen percent off your total at checkout.

Is New Hope Botanicals Legit?

Based on our research, this San Bernardino kratom supplier is as real as it gets. There are no pending lawsuits against it, nor have any complaints been lodged on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Despite its lack of AKA or BEA affiliation, New Hope has shown itself to be a trusted source for clean kratom products. This is a legitimate vendor with a knack for signature combinations and special offers.

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Closing Thoughts

Even though the lack of expedited shipping options is and lack of third-party labs is inconvenient, we have thoroughly enjoyed this brand and suspect it is reliable. Between its free samples and social media specials, New Hope is a risk-free option for anyone who’s looking for something new.

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  1. I’ve had kratom from 25 to 30 vendors. New Hope is always going to be my absolute favorite so now my vendor shopping is complete.


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