Nature’s Organix Kratom Vendor Review

Nature's Organix Vendor Review

Nature’s Organix Kratom can be a bit difficult to pin down because of its common name. Their Facebook page links to a dead site, but their Instagram page goes to

Nature’s Organix Kratom Tea Review

Another thing that’s confusing about NO is their branding. If you look online, you’ll find 300-count bottles of Kratom. However, if you go to the website listed above, you’ll find a lot of Kratom options, but none appear to use the old labeling. If you want to buy Kratom from this vendor, be sure to look closely at your options to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

Nature’s Organix Kratom Product Line

NO is independently owned and operated out of Wilsonville, OR. According to 4-Aces Wholesale, they only sell the following products:

  • Capsules – Gold Bali, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, & Red Maeng Da

Meanwhile, sells powder and capsules, and they’re based out of the same city. It seems likely that Nature’s Organix is a specific line, and that they don’t sell this particular Kratom from

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Once again, according to 4-Aces Wholesale, you should be able to score a 300-count bottle for around $29.99.

Nature’s Organix Kratom Coupon Code

There are no promo codes for Nature’s Organix. This product seems to be available from third-party sellers only.

Nature’s Organix Kratom Consumer Reputation

Per their Facebook page, Nature’s Organix is a mixed bag. They currently have a 3-star average.

  • “You can never go wrong on nature organix, probably the best kratom out there on the market. Definitely a winner.”
  • “Very good stuff for the most part every kind i have tried is super strong and cured whell, [sic] the red strain was still green pigment which is a good sign that they kept it pure. however it seems some of your bottles aren’t exactly 45 grams so that’s an issue.”

On the other hand:

  • “I bought their product and it was about half full. I messaged them and they told me they would send a return label and give me a free sample for spending my money and basically getting screwed. STAY AWAY from this company. Getting lied to and ignoring a customer is a great way to run a company. Terrible.”
  • “The green many da is excellent, however the red Mang da is awful. I have bought 3 greens, and still have red left because it sucks. To tell you the truth, i would suggest your company get a different red, because the one in your bottle is the worst kratom I ever had.”

Nature’s Organix Kratom Customer Service

While we were able to find the customer reviews above, we didn’t find any that specifically talked about their customer service.

Bottom Line

Kratom capsules

Nature’s Organix is a very confusing company. With all the different websites that are listed (most of which are down), it’s hard to pin them down. We suggest some caution if you decide to purchase this brand.

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