Mucho Kratom Vendor Review


Mucho Kratom is a New Hampshire based company. They offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee, which puts them in good company. But are they worth their steep prices?

Mucho Kratom Review

One thing about Mucho Kratom that really stands out is their commitment to helping others. For instance, they may have high prices, but you can cut these prices back dramatically if you’re been unemployed by the coronavirus. With a 40 percent off deal available for those who have suffered due to COVID-19, it actually makes their 25g packs cheaper than most companies.

Mucho Kratom Product Line

This vendor sells capsules and powder. Although they don’t have the longest list of options available, they do have a couple of rarer choices.

  • Powder – White Indo, White Bali, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Red Indo, Red Bali, MK-Ultra, Red MK-Ultra, Green MK-Ultra, Green JongKong, Green Indo, Green Bali, & MK-Ultra Full Spectrum
  • Capsules – Green Bali, Green Indo, Green JongKong, Green MK-Ultra, Red MK-Ultra, MK-Ultra, Red Bali, Red Indo, Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, White Bali, & White Indo

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

image of mucho kratom cost

One of our favorite aspects of Mucho Kratom is that they sell everything for the same price. This is a big deal because it means that you’ll never be surprised.


  • 25g – $10
  • 100g – $30
  • 250g – $60


  • 30-count – $10
  • 60-count – $18

Mucho Kratom Coupon Code

This is a good place to buy Kratom if you’re currently unemployed due to the coronavirus. Not only do you get 40 percent off, but you also get free shipping. Otherwise, shipping will be free on all orders above $65. Other than that, though, there are no coupon codes available for Mucho Kratom.

Mucho Kratom Consumer Reputation

This vendor’s consumer reputation is difficult to find out because there just really isn’t that much about them online. However, one person reviewed them on I Love Kratom. While the quality of their Kratom got a respectable 82/100, the overall score was only 73/100 due to the price. “Mucho Kratom is a good solid vendor with quality Kratom. The only negative thing that I can find about them is their Prices are so high but other than that everything else is good.”

Mucho Kratom Customer Service

With a 100 percent money-back guarantee, this vendor has a good standing in the Kratom community. Even better, they provide their phone number, email address, and physical shipping address for those who need to get in touch with them. According to I Love Kratom, they earned an 83/100 for their customer service.

Bottom Line

image of mucho kratom leaf

Mucho Kratom sells their stuff online, but they also sell bulk goods to wholesalers. This might help explain their high prices, but it certainly doesn’t do anything for buyers. We do enjoy their Kratom, but we feel that their prices are too high unless you’re currently unemployed due to the coronavirus.

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