Mu Synergetics Kratom Vendor Review

Mu Synergetics is a San Francisco-based vendor that’s been on the scene since 2011. They have a rare reputation for truly caring about their customers.

Mu Synergetics Kratom Review

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the Mu Synergetics website is that it’s really old school. The front page is mostly a wall of text, and the template that was used for the site is quite old. However, don’t let this scare you off because they have really good business practices.

Mu Synergetics Kratom Product Line


There are 10 strains of Kratom available from Mu. This may not be the best selection we’ve ever seen, but all of it comes with the special care that Mu is known for.

  • Green Light Blend
  • Kalimantan Red
  • Red Light Special Blend
  • White Maeng Da
  • Kalimantan Green
  • Red Dragon Blend
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Mu Classic Blend
  • Working Man’s Maeng Da
  • Super Duper Blend

This vendor claims that their Red Dragon Blend was the very first Kratom sold online under the name Red Dragon.

image of mu synergetics kratom product

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Each of the strains has its own starting point, ranging from $7 to $8.50 for 25g. As you work your way up to larger quantities, the prices come really close together. By the time you get to 1 kilo, the cost is $130 – $135.

Mu Synergetics Kratom Coupon Code


Getting 10 percent off is relatively easy. However, it’s not usually a coupon code, but instead a sitewide sale.

Mu Synergetics Kratom Consumer Reputation

A look at Reddit and I Love Kratom shows us that this vendor has always had a good reputation. Here are just a few of the many consumer comments.

  • “My experience with Mu Synergetics has over the past year has been nothing but good.”
  • “Great name. Great product. Ten times the price you can for equal quality with vendors here.”
  • “MU is an Excellent Vendor with very high-quality products… They are extremely high for my budget, but they have some of the best Kratom that I have ever tried in a while. Overall Rating: 84/100.”
  • “I just got a bottle of Mu’s Red Kali Extract and it is soooo smooth… Best kratom experience I’ve had to date.”

Mu Synergetics Kratom Customer Service

One great thing that Mu does is include free samples with every purchase. That’s something you can’t get just anywhere, and we really enjoy it. Unfortunately, they don’t offer refunds. However, this doesn’t stop people from having great things to say about their customer service.

  • “The guys at Mu Synergetics are extremely knowledgeable and kind-hearted so never hesitate hitting them up with any questions.”
  • “Shipping is very fast. Packaging is Excellent.”

Bottom Line

image of mu synergetics kratom leaves


Buying Kratom from Mu Synergetics on regular basis could put a hamper on your budget. They’re great for occasional usage, though, and can be the perfect Kratom for a special occasion.

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