Mr Smiley Kratom Vendor Review

Mr Smiley is a wholesaler that requires people to get approved before they can view their wares. However, there’s a simpler way to check them out. Simply click on the search bar at type in “speciosa.” This won’t show you everything, but it will give you prices.

Mr Smiley Kratom Review

The Mr Smiley Kratom smile is a bit cheesy to me, but other than that, this vendor does have everything you need for a good time. Although their product line is very small, you can have a good time with this vendor’s wares.

Mr Smiley Kratom Product Line

This vendor sells four strains of Kratom. Additionally, they sell them in powder format only. Mr Smiley Kratom used to sell relaxation shots, but that’s not currently on their menu.

  • Powder – White Banjo, Super Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, & Gold Bali

Between their 500g and 1 kilo packs, you can get anywhere from one to all four.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

image of mr smiley kratom cost

We believe that a good price makes the difference, and that’s exactly what Mr Smiley offers. With 1 kilo selling for an average of only $85, this is a well-priced vendor.

Mr Smiley Kratom Coupon Code

When it’s time to buy Kratom, you should always do a quick internet search for a coupon code. Unfortunately, at the current time, Mr Smiley has nothing to offer.

Mr Smiley Kratom Consumer Reputation

Double M Herbals steps up to the plate first to attest to Mr Smiley’s skills. “This stuff has some serious heat…Very, very potent!” Another reviewer said, “Very potent but smooth…it might be my new favorite!”

Over on I Love Kratom, a customer broke down their rating by type. When all was said and done, they came out of it with a very respectable 87/100.

Mr Smiley Kratom Customer Service

image of mr smiley kratom customer service

It’s hard to say if Mr Smiley offers any type of return policy due to their membership program. However, we do know that someone on Double M Herbals said, “Mr. Smiley Time’s customer service is superlative… quick response to emails and he gets product out fast.”

Bottom Line

If you’re able to be approved for membership, Mr Smiley is a good choice. Their prices are more than fair, and they have good quality Kratom. Some people may balk at the idea of waiting 24 – 48 hours to get approved, however.

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