MoBotanicals Kratom Vendor Review

MoBotanicals (also known as Magnum Opus Botanicals) is a family owned and operated Kratom business.

MoBotanicals Kratom Review

This vendor has a nicely arranged website. They’re based out of Denison, TX, and they offer both a sales and support email address. They only offer eight products, but each is an extract or ultra enhanced powder.

MoBotanicals Kratom Product Line

Keeping their product line tight is something that Magnum Opus Botanicals does right!

  • Ultra Enhanced Powder: 10% UEMD, 20% UEMD, & 30% UEMD
  • Ultra Enhanced Caplets: 30% UEMD, 20% UEMD, & 10% UEMD
  • Extracts: Full Spec Alkaloid Extract
  • Tincture: Liquid Kratom Extract

How Much Will It Cost Me?

We respect that MoBotanicals only sells eight products. After all, sometimes you have to sell what you can do right, not everything that your competitors sell. Prices below include powder and capsules for UEMD.

  • 10% UEMD – $14 – $58
  • 20% UEMD – $25 – $128
  • 30% UEMD – $39 – $195
  • Full-Spec Alkaloid – $35

MoBotanicals Kratom Coupon Code

image of mobotanicals kratom coupons

If you’re looking for a promo code, your best bet is to check the usual coupon sites. Magnum Opus Botanicals doesn’t always have a code available, but they usually do.

MoBotanicals Kratom Consumer Reputation

Customer reviews for this vendor are pretty universal: they love their Kratom offerings!

  • “I received my order the other day from MOband have to say they are well worth it. Yes its a little bit more expensive for some things, but I must declare the quality is top notch!”
  • “When I first discovered mobos I bought one of everything to try out. Their pure alkaloid powder, full spec tincture, and enhanced caps all were wonderful. Extracts are definitely their thing.“
  • “Hands down best extract I’ve ever had.”
  • “Finally tried some MoBotanicals extract and I love it!”
  • “You picked the best possible extract around.”

MoBotanicals Kratom Customer Service

Despite all the positive reviews for their products, we weren’t able to find much of anything about their customer service. What we do know is that emailing their support team should get you some answers. Unfortunately, this vendor does not list their refund policy (if any) on their website.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

If you’re ready to try out some hardcore extracts, then by all means buy Kratom from Magnum Opus Botanicals. Some people can’t handle extracts, though, so be sure that you’re going to be able to enjoy what you purchase.

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