Medicine Man Kratom Brand Review

Medicine Man is a headshop brand of Kratom that many people have reviewed favorably. Although they don’t appear to have their own dedicated website, they can be purchased from a variety of online shops. For example, AFG Distribution offers wholesale orders to smoke shops, headshops, and other websites.

Medicine Man Kratom Review


Medicine Man hit a big bump in the road back in 2017. At that time, RGR Canada Inc manufactured and sold products under the Medicine Man name. Unfortunately, RGR was offering Kratom capsules for sale in certain Canadian locations, despite not being legally allowed to. When Health Canada got involved, RGR had to voluntarily recall and pull all Medicine Man products to avoid legal issues.

Since that time, RGR has removed every mention of Medicine Man and Kratom from their website. We’re unsure if they’re still involved with this Mitragyna speciosa in any capacity. Either way, though, Medicine Man has bounced back enough to rack up some enthusiastic fans in the US.

Medicine Man Kratom Product Line

Capsules are the name of the game for this brand, which makes sense with the popularity of capsules at headshop locations. They offer four varieties.

  • Green Malay
  • Lone Wolf (White Maeng Da)
  • Black Jaguar (Ultra-Enhanced Maeng Da)
  • Phoenix (Red Bali)

Each of these products are sold to wholesalers in large displays with either 25-count blister packs or 75-count bottles. According to Medicine Man’s packaging, their Black Jaguar option is actually Ultra-Enhanced Maeng Da, which is a blend between a 30x Red Maeng Da Extract and regular White Maeng Da.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Wholesale pricing isn’t available unless you have any account with AFG Distribution. Of course, most of you won’t be looking for wholesale anyway. This does mean that you’ll be at the mercy of whatever your local headshop or an online vendor decides to charge.

We took a look around and found 25-capsule packs selling for around $17-$35 online. Expect this price to be higher at a brick and mortar store. Some online vendors have a large quantity selection, with at least one shop selling 50-count packs for $29.99, 75 capsules for $41.99, and 150-count bottles for $66.99.

With this big of a price range difference, it’s very important to do some digging if you want to uncover the most affordable price.

Medicine Man Coupon Code

image of medicine man kratom coupon code

Just like many other headshop brands, there’s no way to buy Kratom directly from the manufacturer without a wholesale license.  As a result, coupon does don’t exist specifically for this product. However, make sure you look around for coupon codes for any online vendor that’s selling Medicine Man products.

Medicine Man Consumer Reputation

As previously mentioned, the 2017 recall in Canada did not help Medicine Man’s consumer reputation. However, many have moved on from that situation and will still purchase Kratom with the Medicine Man label. One Reddit thread about this brand featured this comment: “ I really liked it up until I found the cheaper, just as good online world… Medicine Man Lone Wolf was always consistent Kratom with a good experience. Just waaaay overpriced.”

Another Redditor opined that “Medicine Man Lone Wolf” White Maeng Da was absolutely amazing.

I mean, it was $25 for like 20 grams, but what can you expect from a head shop. But the quality was incredible.”

Medicine Man Customer Service

Because the manufacturer doesn’t sell Medicine Man directly to Kratom enthusiasts, it’s borderline impossible to assess their customer service skills. When we look back at Reddit reviews, we do see that many forum members who have tried Medicine Man have been surprised by how good it is. For example, one Redditor said, “I’m definitely in a good mood and have had a more productive day than usual. A coworker noted that I seem “sunnier” than normal today.”

Bottom Line

There are two types of Kratom enthusiasts: those who shun all headshop brands and those who are willing to try anything, as long as it has a solid reputation. If you fall into the second camp, you may want to give Medicine Man a try. It will almost certainly be on the pricey side, though, which means it is best saved for an emergency day where you’re in between shipments and decide to visit a local headshop.

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