Malaka Kratom Vendor Review

Malaka Kratom is a name that’s associated with white vein kratom and low prices, but that is hardly all this international kratom supplier has to offer.

This vendor is an inclusive worldwide supplier of Mitragyna speciosa specimens. Its quality has been the subject of much curiosity, which is why we decided to give them a try.

If you want to know how this indigenous provider of premium kratom measures up to the competition, you need to check out our full report below.

Malaka Kratom Review

Malaka Kratom is billed as a botanical garden, but the natives of Pontianak know it to be a kratom orchard. The brand takes its name from the Malaka Regency, a multi-district region of the East Nusa Tenggara province. This Indonesian kratom vendor has racked up many four-star ratings and reviews during its 10+ years in the business. More recently, its online store has opened its doors to international customers.

Today, you can obtain all the exotic kratom strains you desire by visiting The site is famous for its white vein kratom powder, which is said to marry the strength of Maeng Da Kratom to that of Sumatra Kratom. Malaka has built a sturdy reputation for itself by being completely forthcoming with consumers. The owners are clear about how long they’ve been in business, what they sell, and where you can buy it.

Malaka Kratom is available for delivery to 120 countries, with Bitcoin among its many payment options. You can get the kratom strain of your choice with the currency you prefer.

Customers can shop at the online store 24/7 thanks to its round-the-clock customer service team and easy checkout.


Malaka Kratom Product Line

image of malaka kratom powder and capsules

This vendor specializes in powdered and crushed leaf kratom, with Cambodian and Malakan strains among them. You won’t find any cheap novelty items or bogus kratom extracts here.

Malaka Kratom is strictly about selling fresh kratom powder at a fair market price. And wait till you hear these prices! It’s enough to make your head spin.

Malaka Kratom Powders

Malaka Kratom currently stocks dozens of kratom strains, including green, red, and white veins. This seller’s collection includes all of the following:

  • Gold Maeng Da
  • Gold Malaka
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Cambodian
  • Green Indo
  • Green Kapuas
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Thai
  • Premium Cambodian
  • Premium Indo
  • Premium Malaka
  • Red Cambodian
  • Red Kapuas
  • Red Horn Malaka
  • Red MD
  • Red Malaka
  • Red Thai
  • Red Vietnam
  • White Cambodian
  • White Malaka
  • White Sumatra
  • White Vietnam

image of malaka kratom powwder

Malaka Kratom Best Strain

We were quite taken with Malaka’s titular kratom powder, Green Malaka, but we can all agree that White Cambodian is this vendor’s finest achievement. This OG kratom tea is smooth, bold, and enduring.

White Vein Cambodian is produced by means of a signature grafting process. This process enables farmers to combine two unique kratom trees into one during their infancy.

The resulting cultivar is a potent plant with frosty-veined leaves and a distinct aroma. Although many have called White Cambodian mild, Malaka Kratom’s Cambodian powder is anything but.

This is subtle but strong, smooth but pronounced, and undeniably pungent. White Cambodian Kratom could easily serve as an ingredient in potpourri or perfume. It’s that fragrant.

Malaka Kratom is openly meticulous about quality control, with each kratom tree receiving ample amounts of sunlight, shade, fertilizer, and water.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

We’re gonna go on the record as saying Malaka Kratom is the cheapest kratom vendor you’ll find online or anywhere else. You can get any kratom powder you want for $40 per kilo.

At that price point, you are paying just four cents per gram, which is better than what you’d pay at any other online store. For the sake of comparison, Mitragaia charges $120 for one thousand grams.

That price equates to twelve cents per gram, which makes Malaka Kratom a full eight cents cheaper than the industry average. What’s more, many big name vendors charge as much as $150 for a half kilo.

If you were to fly to Indonesia and sweet-talk your way into the good graces of a local, you may score kratom for as little as two cents per gram, but that doesn’t negate the significant savings that Malaka Kratom represents to the online marketplace.

There is simply no beating this price in today’s domestic economy.

Shipping & Returns

image of malaka kratom shipping and return

International orders are shipped via DHL or UPS carrier, with the average cost of shipping costing somewhere between $40 and $50.00.

There does not appear to be a return policy, but it is more than likely that Malaka Kratom cannot accept refunds. After all, it’s not exactly fast or easy to return something when you purchased it from an overseas supplier.

Malaka Kratom Payment Methods

As we mentioned in our list of the best kratom vendors that take PayPal, Malaka Kratom gives you a range of payment options to choose from.

You can send a bank transfer, pay with PayPal, or visit a Western Union. This vendor also accepts Litecoin.

Malaka Kratom Coupon Code

This vendor frequently dishes out deep discounts to its loyal customers. Right now you can use the coupon code ‘malaka15’ to get 15% off your first order.

Malaka Kratom Consumer Reputation

Malaka has garnered magnificent reviews from the kratom community, with glowing testimonials on Trustpilot, Reddit, and the top online kratom forums.

One longtime kratom enthusiast on Double M Herbals wrote, “When I saw the deal they had(have?) running, which was 5 kilos for $235 shipped from Indonesia, I was excited by the price, but worried about getting something delivered from overseas.

“I decided to take the risk and reached out to their chat at the website…I made my payment on May 23rd. This whole process was super smooth, and the customer service was quick and attentive. I received tracking through POS Indonesia on May 24th, and I had it in my hands May 31. I was blown away at the speed of delivery, especially with the holiday weekend messing with the USPS.

“The package was intact and very secure/discreet. It had MSDS labels and everything else needed to help it zip through customs. Very impressed. Ferdinand emailed my on June 1 to make sure I had received everything and that I was satisfied. Nice to have that extra attention to my business.”

Over on Reddit, another user said, “I bought There! I was skeptical too but the product is really good. I bought the malaka gold and the Red Thai.”

Elsewhere, a reviewer said, “I have been a customer of for years. I trust that I’m getting the best products that money could buy and haven’t been disappointed.”

Malaka Kratom Customer Service

image of malaka kratom customer service

This vendor’s 24/7 Live chat feature makes it a piece of cake to get in touch with any questions about products, pricing, or origins. You can talk to a customer support representative in real time and they’ll usually throw in a promo code as a bonus.

Bottom Line

In summary, Malaka Kratom is the native Southeast Asian kratom source so many consumers have been dreaming about. Its wide assortment and wonderful prices makes it a slamdunk.

This is the economy vendor every frugal user should be seeking out. You will not find a more affordable bulk kratom supplier.

Try the White Cambodian and see for yourself. Malaka Kratom comes highly recommended, not just by us but by the community at large.

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