Major Kratom Vendor Review

Major Kratom (MK) began selling Mitragyna speciosa in 2010. Originally located in Vermont, this vendor reportedly moved after receiving a message from the American Kratom Association about Vermont’s ban on mitragynine. Now, MK no longer lists their place of business on their website, so it’s anyone’s guess where they relocated to.

Major Kratom Company Review

Before you buy Kratom from any new vendor, it’s wise to do some research into their background. Major Kratom’s website indicates that they were “nominated for Best Kratom Vendor by Kratom Connoisseurs” in 2011. Unfortunately, we can’t verify this claim as the KC website has been down for years and no hits come up during a Google search about their old Vendor Awards.

Does this mean that Major Kratom is full of it? Or did they just have some bad luck with KC going out of business? Let’s do our best to find out!

Major Kratom Product Line

image of major kratom product line

This vendor sells 30 products. The majority of these items are Kratom powders, but there are also some supplies and other supplements. Something that concerns us is that not every item offered has a photo. Additionally, the packages don’t all have the same brand name on them. Instead, some say Major Kratom and others say Major Life.

  • Kratom Powder – Balance Blend, Black B, Green Thai, Green Boreno, JongKong Green, Lush Bang Baru, Mahakam River Maeng Da, Major’s Maeng Da, Premium Green, Pure Red Thai, Red Bang Baru, Red Horn, Red Borneo, Red Kali, Red Vietnam, Buntok Maeng Da, Spec B, Spring Green, Sumatran Superior, Super Green Borneo, Super Green Kapuas Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, White Borneo, & Yellow Matahari
  • Accessories – Scale & SG-300 Spoon Scale

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

As you can see above, MK appears to sell a lot of specialty blends and strains. It’s hard to say how many of their branded powder options are truly unique versus just relying on marketing names. Either way, most of their powder products start at $8.99 – $11.99 for 25g. Bigger orders such as 250g are typically priced at $83.99. The vendor also offers 400g packs, but they’re usually sold out.

Major Kratom Coupon Code

One thing we’re very pleased with is that Major Kratom does offer discount coupon codes. This always makes us feel more comfortable with a vendor because it means they’re willing to offer their products for a lower price in order to attract a new group that will become regular customers. Vendors that don’t have confidence in their products almost never offer coupon codes.

  • SHOP10% – Get 10% off your order plus free shipping
  • HOTDEALS10 – New customers save 10% off their first order

Major Kratom Consumer Reputation

We’d like to point you to a wide variety of reviews and opinions about Major Kratom. Unfortunately, we can’t because they don’t seem to exist. There is no chatter about this vendor on Reddit, I Love Kratom, or Double M Herbals. This seems very odd, especially when you consider that they’ve been in business for 10 years and have more than 10,000 followers on their Facebook page. There are no reviews on Facebook either, and their posts never get more than a thumbs up or two. Makes us wonder if some of those followers are just bots.

Major Kratom Company Customer Service

image of major kratom customer services

From a customer service perspective, we think it’s odd that they haven’t updated their shipping and returns policy page in five years. Perhaps they haven’t changed their prices since then, but it seems unlikely. This vendor does accept returns on unopened products, but they require customers to email them before starting a return. On the plus side, there’s an easily accessible email address and customer service phone number on their site (under the link: Hello, is this the Major?).

Bottom Line


We really don’t know what to make of this company. Fellow vendor Kratom Crazy did a review of them a while back, in which they were only impressed with Major Kratom’s fast shipping. Buds & Blossoms also urged caution in their vendor review. So, if you decide to give Major Kratom a try, you may want to stick to a small order to be on the safe side.

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