Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Magnum Opus Botanicals is a Texas-based vendor. They sell Kratom Extracts instead of just Kratom, which makes their goods highly sought after. Do they live up to their promise of selling high-quality Extracts? Let’s find out!

Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom Review

Their name might not sound familiar, but the greater Kratom community is definitely into Magnum Opus. They’ve been around for a few years now, and reviews have been stellar. Anyone who has the chance to order from this vendor should do so but be careful; Extracts are a lot stronger than what most of us are used to.

Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom Product Line

When it comes to Extracts, Magnum is the vendor to trust. Check out their product line:

  • Full-Spectrum Extracts: MO White Blend, MO Red Blend, & MO Green Blend
  • Liquid Kratom Extracts: MO Green, MO White, & MO Red
  • Powder & Capsules Extracts: Each of the following each Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da: 10%, 20%, & 30% capsules and 10%, 20%, & 30% powder
  • Skin Salve Extract

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

image of magnum opus botanicals cost

If you’re going to buy Kratom from Magnum Opus, be sure to double check what you’re getting. Although the pricing is standardized, it changes per quantity.


  • 8 capsules are $14-$39
  • 16 capsules are $25-$80
  • 32 capsules are $48-$158

Ultra Enhanced Powder

  • 5 grams for $17.50 to $52.50
  • 10 grams for $30 to $100
  • 28 grams for $85 to $255

Full Spectrum

  • 1 gram is $35
  • 5 grams are $160

Liquid Kratom

  • 1 oz = $39

Skin Salve Extract

  • 1 oz is $25

Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code

You can occasionally find a promo code online for Magnum Opus. Alternatively, you could sign up for their MO Rewards program and receive a point for every dollar you spend.

Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom Consumer Reputation

When it comes to good reviews, Mangum Opus has them in spades. They’re on Reddit and Double M Herbals.

  • “The tincture is top notch!”
  • “That extract will knock your socks off.”
  • “Finally tried some MOBotanicals Extract and I love it!”
  • “Great stuff!”
  • “That was 6 hrs ago and I’m still feeling relaxed… I highly recommend this vendor and this product.”

Magnum Opus Botanicals Kratom Customer Service

image of magnum opus botanicals customer services

It’s unknown if they offer any refunds. Please note that you need to be careful how you word your question or request if you send them a message. They do respond to posts on Reddit too and are quite informative.

  • “They were kind enough to throw in an extra sample of their tincture!”

Bottom Line

Extracts are different from regular Kratom. As such, you need to make sure you’re in the right space to try them. As long as you’re sure you’re ready, this vendor’s supply will knock your socks off!

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  1. Trey c says:

    Scam. They will only allow you to pay by check. It will always say the check was denied to try again. This is where they get you. They will magically approve all checks you send and will not reply to you to get a refund


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