Liza’s Botanicals Review: Quality & Cost Details

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Liza’s Botanicals Kratom is a California kratom vendor with a lot to offer discerning kratom connoisseurs. At first glance it may look like an amateur affair, but this e-commerce site is less about flash and more about stash.

Its collection of esoteric kratom powders is only part of what makes it worthwhile. The real advantage to shopping with Liza’s Best is its unbelievable bulk deals.

If you’re looking to score some serious bulk kratom powder at a price that’s well below the industry average, look no further than our Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review.

Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Review

Liza’s Best Botanicals is unlike any other vendor on the market. This Vallejo-based company may have been founded by the titular Liza, but it is run by Team Rampage, a tight-knit local advocacy group with roots in AAU basketball.

They may be amateurs at shooting hoops, but if their botanical blends have taught us anything it’s that Liza’s Best knows how to serve up top-shelf Mitragyna speciosa specimens.

This brand produces some of the most exotic plain leaf strains you’re ever likely to encounter. Its proprietary blends are even tailored to different segments of the global kratom community.

There is a reason why this vendor has earned dozens of four-star reviews and it’s not just its knack for low prices that has kept it in consumers’ good graces. Liza’s Botanicals Kratom is what many jaded plant lovers have been searching for—a homegrown brand that isn’t pure rubbish.

Instead of pulling your typical small-time backpack dealer act, the folks at Liza’s Best Botanicals actually invest their time and energy into sourcing and crafting their own superior kratom leaf. What’s more, this Solano County kratom brand is thoroughly examined prior to manufacturing.

The result is a fresh, clean, and potent product with some truly peculiar and unpredictable features. Strains like Green Angel and White Panther will show you what we mean.

Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

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This vendor carries more than 50 disparate kratom strains, including one of the most expansive selections of gold and yellow vein kratom powder online. Those with a taste for fermented kratom will be pleased to find no fewer than 15 gold and yellows in stock.

The rest of Liza’s Botanicals Kratom catalog is equally inclusive, with signature blends accounting for 10% of its overall inventory.

Its line of plain leaf kratom powder includes Green Aceh, Green Bota, Green Cambodian, Green Kali, Green Nanga, Green Premium MD, Green Zombie, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Chocolate, Red Crow, Red House, Red Hulu, Red Monster, Red Stem & Vein, Red Thai, Super Green Elephant, Super Red, Super White, White Big Bang, White Dragon, White Elephant, White House, White Slippery Rock, White Sumatra, and White Thai.

Liza’s Botanicals best strains are easily Green Nugroz, Red Jambu, and White Tanjung. These three dynamic strains share one thing in common—each is world’s apart from any other.

Green Nugroz is grown in Pontianak where it is cultivated on a private reservation using ancient drying techniques. This Mitragynine-dominant cultivar is a green vein kratom powder with many of the characteristics of a good red vein.

The soothing aroma and bittersweet fragrance will surely be embraced by any longtime Red Bali fan. Additionally, you may find it to be akin to that first cup of Green Malaysian tea.

Red Jambu is another quirky cultivar, one that gets its name from the java apple that shares a lineage with Malaysian apples. Red Vein Jambu is as visually appealing as its namesake and every bit as sumptuous.

This red vein’s prevailing aroma is earthy and spicy, with a sweet chocolatey finish. You’ll appreciate the velvety texture of the powder and the gentle scent of the same.

Last but not least, White Tanjung is a white vein powder that is sure to please seasoned consumers and newcomers alike. White Tanjung is a moderate brew that’s ideal for those getting acclimated to kratom’s natural aroma.

This smooth white powder is named for Tanjung Pinang, the second largest town in the Riau Archipelago. It is there, amid the diverse flora and fauna of the Eastern Indonesian islands, that White Tanjung develops its unique properties.

Kratom powders start at five dollars for an ounce, with a quarter kilo going for $35.00. You can pick up a half kilo for $55 or score a full kratom kilo for just $92.00.

And this is where things get really interesting: you can split your quarter, half, or full kilo up into a two, three, or even five-way split for the same bargain basement prices you would have otherwise paid.

Additionally, you can enhanced your four-way split kilo for an additional charge. Enhanced splits cap off at $520.00.

Perhaps even more impressive is its line of kratom blends, each of which sell for the same prices mentioned above. These signature mixtures include Happy Go Lucky, Red Headed Step Child, and the much-coveted Trainwreck Blend.

Kratom extracts are also expected to debut in the near future, with extraction occuring in-house for quality control purposes.

You can pay with CashApp, Google Pay, Venmo, or Zelle. Unfortunately, credit and debit cards are not accepted at this time, nor is Bitcoin. You can inquire about additional payment methods during the checkout process, but don’t get your hopes up.

Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Now its time to buy Kratom! You’ll be relieved to learn that Liza’s Botanicals often has discount codes, although many of them happen when you click on a link. Be sure to look for coupon codes before you make your first purchase.

You can find current promotions by visiting Liza’s Best Botanicals on Facebook and similar platforms. Free samples and giveaways may also be available.

Shipping & Returns


This vendor doesn’t make false promises when it comes to fast turnaround time. You won’t be offered same-day shipping because Team Rampage knows this isn’t feasible.

Instead this grassroots collective make it their business to get your order securely packaged and processed within two to three business days.

All orders are discreetly and securely shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Every order is sent in a Flat Rate mailer, with packages arriving in approximately a week or less, depending on your location.

No return policy is listed on the site, but you can discuss a possible refund with Liza if you received an item in error or found it to be substandard. The owner is a reasonable person with a love for their customers.

Should you experience a problem with your order, be sure to email: lizagraham39@yahoo.com. You will receive a prompt response and a satisfying resolution.

Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Consumer Reputation

Liza’s Best Botanicals Reddit posts have been nothing if not supportive. In one positively effusive review on the platform a user hailed its great prices and called it the go-to destination for reds.

A longtime member counted it among their favorite vendors, while another talked about their rad pricing.

Over on the Double M Herbals forums, a reviewer said, “Her kratom is excellent, among the best in my opinion,” while another member said, “[Liza] is so so nice and sweet, and she really does treat customers like friends and family.”

Other folks on Double M Herbals have expressed their love as well:

  • “I would say she’s got MORE selection than Johnson’s, or most other vendors.”
  • “She has grade A quality and a large selection.”
  • “I’ll just say she has more than any other site I’ve seen.”
  • “I love Red Maeng Da and Liza’s is fantastic.”
  • “I’ve ordered a ridiculous amount from Liza’s over the past few weeks, and I haven’t come across a bad strain yet.”

The question of customer service was also addressed and here’s what they had to say:

  • “Liza is a very good vendor. And she is absolutely a sweetheart. Her customer service is as good as it gets.”
  • “She is a wonderful lady who cares about her customers.”
  • “She was very nice to me, kind in every email. So A+ for customer service and shipping(package arrived in 2 days).”

Bottom Line

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Even though Liza’s Botanicals does not provide a money-back guarantee, we’d feel pretty darn good about ordering from them. If you look over the reviews from Double M Herbals, you’ll see that they have received a lot of love. Of course, not every single strain does as well as the others, so be sure to try a couple of strains at least.

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