Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Liza's Botanicals Kratom Review

Liza’s Botanicals is a California-based company. Their website is decent, and they have really good prices.

Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Review

This vendor has a bit of a quirky feel, and that’s something that some of you will like very much. One thing that’s a bit odd is the checkmark next to each price point, but that can just be skipped over. The one thing we don’t like is that several products have an “image coming soon” product placeholder. Fortunately, there are many images available as well.

Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Product Line

When it comes to Kratom, Liza’s Botanicals has a lot of strains to sell. Let’s take a look!

  • Blends – Happy Go Lucky, Red Headed Step Child, Relaxer Elixer, Sleepy Blend, & Liza’s Blend #2.
  • Whites – Dragon, Tanjung, White Slippery Rock, White Maeng Da, Sumatra, Banjo, Elephant, Thai, Zombie, Big Bang, Super White, White House, Crow, Dayak, Bali, Nanga, Borneo, Batak, Plantation, Aceh, Monster, Lhok Sukon, Sulawesi, Nugroz, Jong Kong, Hulu, Horn, Malay, Pucuk, Indo, Bent, White Gold, & Jawi.
  • Yellows – Vietnam, Dragon, Yellow Super, Sunda, Indo, Yellow Gold, Hulu, Maeng Da, Banjo, Crow, Horn, Jong Kong, & Jawi.
  • Greens – Super Green Elephant, Green Premium Maeng Da, Nugroz, Zombie, Nanga, Aceh, Malay, Cambodian, Bota, Super Green Elephant #2, Super Green, Hulu, Labai, Kali, Maeng Da, Green Super Maeng Da, Sei Lepan, Premium Kalbar, Super Green Malay, PMD, Big Bang, Crow, Bent, Harmony, etc.
  • Reds – Bali, Maeng Da, Jambu, Thai, Red House, Red Chocolate, Hulu, Monster, Borneo, Super Red, Nugroz, Nanga, Dayak, Crow, Batak, Sumatra, Big Bang, Zombie, etc.
  • Golds – Bali, Maeng Da, & Monster.
  • Other – Sampler Pack, Red Extract, Diamond Dust, Green Extract, Resin Extract, Shilijat, Red Stem & Vein, Black Extract, Tincture, Kratom Extract Candies, Akuamma, & Green Stem & Vein.

The truly amazing thing about this list is that it’s not even complete! There are plenty more Greens and Reds to choose from.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

For the most part, Liza’s Botanicals has consistent pricing.

  • 1 Ounce – $5
  • Quarter Kilo – $35
  • Half Kilo – $55
  • Kilo – $92
  • 1 Ounce Enhanced – $17
  • Quarter Kilo Enhanced – $120
  • Half Kilo Enhanced – $230
  • Kilo Enhanced – $420

Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code

Now it time to buy Kratom! You’ll be relieved to learn that Liza’s Botanicals often has discount codes, although many of them happen when you click on a link. Be sure to look for coupon codes before you make your first purchase.

Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Consumer Reputation

Over on Double M Herbals, people love Liza’s! Comments include:

  • “I would say she’s got MORE selectionthan Johnson’s, or most other vendors.”
  • “She has grade A quality and a large selection.”
  • “I’ll just say she has more than any other site I’ve seen.”
  • “I love Red Maeng Da and Liza’s is fantastic.”
  • “I’ve ordered a ridiculous amount from Liza’s over the past few weeks, and I haven’t come across a bad strain yet.”

Liza’s Botanicals Kratom Customer Service

Again, the people over at Double M Herbals addressed the question of customer service.

  • “Liza is a very good vendor. And she is absolutely a sweetheart. Her customer service is as good as it gets.”
  • “She is a wonderful lady who cares about her customers.”
  • “She was very nice to me, kind in every email. So A+ for customer service and shipping(package arrived in 2 days).”

Bottom Line

Kratom leaves

Even though Liza’s Botanicals does not offer refunds, we’d feel pretty darn good about ordering from them. If you look over the reviews from Double M Herbals, you’ll see that they have a LOT of love. Of course, not every single strain does as well as the others, so be sure to try a couple of strains at least.

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