Lively Mood Kratom Vendor Review

Lively Mood Kratom Vendor Review

Lively Mood Kratom is a Chandler, AZ-based company. They sell their wares on the internet, or you can book a time to shop in person.

Lively Mood Kratom Review

It’s always a risk to buy Kratom from a vendor that’s new to you. Fortunately, Lively Mood has a good reputation within the community. In addition to Kratom, they also sell Kava, Blue Lotus, and Maca.

Lively Mood Kratom Product Line

We like that this vendor has separated their Kratom by whether it’s “moderate, fast, or slow.” It also helps that most of their pricing is streamlined.

  • Powder – Kratom Sample Pack, Kratom Starter Pack, Green Sandai, Green Hulu Kalimantan, Red Bentuangie, Ultra Premium Bali, White Bentuangie, White Borneo, White Sumatra, Maeng Da, Premium Green Malaysian, Premium White Sandai, Red Thai, Ultra Premium Elite Elephant, White Vietnam, Red Malaysian, Red Borneo, Red Hulu Kalimantan, Red Sumatra, & Yellow Sumatra

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Most of LM’s Kratom costs $11.99. However, there are a few exceptions. No matter what you buy, though, it won’t cost you most than $14.99. You’ll receive an ounce of your chosen strain, which makes it a bit expensive.

Lively Mood Kratom Coupon Code

As soon as you visit their website, you’ll be greeted by the option to sign up for promo codes.

Lively Mood Kratom Consumer Reputation

Even though they’ve been part of the Kratom community since 2016, Lively Moods hasn’t attracted a lot of reviews. What they do have, though, shows they’ve got the right stuff. On Facebook, you’ll see that they’ve got:

  • “Great Kratom and they deliver via USPS.”

I Love Kratom’s message boards have also spoken highly of LM.

  • “Good Solid Vendor with some good Kratom & other herbs & botanicals. Shipping was quick at 3 days & was packaged very well. Pouches were good enough & were all Labeled well. The Prices for their Kratom are very high but you are getting a good product but expensive.”

Lively Mood Kratom Customer Service

One of the fantastic things about LM’s customer service is that refunds are offered. Additionally, they provide lab testing and a heavy metal analysis. You’ll also find out how to make Kratom soap by visiting their website. Overall, they get high marks for customer service!

Bottom Line


Although it’s a bit expensive, Lively Mood seems to have the quality that you’re looking for. This might be more of a special occasion type of Kratom, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

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