Live Well Kratom Vendor Review

Live Well Kratom has been around the Kratom scene since at least 2017. During this time, they haven’t turned up much business. In fact, their Facebook page only has 10 likes.

Live Well Kratom Review

When we tried to go to the LWK website, it took us to a page in Russian. From there, Norton warned us that their page is known to be dangerous. However, once we went to an internal page, we actually ended up on LWK’s website. This doesn’t bode well for LWK, nor does the fact that their copyright on the page was for 2018.

Even worse is the fact that the FDA had to institute a mandatory recall of Live Well’s products in 2018. This means that the company was warned and asked to do a voluntary recall, but they refused. Salmonella poisoning isn’t something to play around with, and we’re quite honestly shocked that LWK didn’t simply comply from the beginning.

Live Well Kratom Product Line

All of Live Well Kratom’s products are headshop Kratom. They sell a mixture of Live Well branded products and White Rabbit.


  • Maeng Da & Superior Maeng Da


  • Maeng Da & Maeng Da + Thai

What’s it Going to Cost Me?


  • Ranges from $19.90 for 25g to $140 for 200g.


  • Ranges from $10.50 for 5 Extra Large Capsules to $240 for 350 Capsules.

Live Well Kratom Coupon Code

image of live well kratom coupon code

We weren’t able to find any active LWK promo codes.

Live Well Kratom Consumer Reputation

Unfortunately, LWK does not have a good consumer reputation. Over on Reddit, we found that:

  • “There [sic] website is extremely janky, so i couldn’t find anything. Usually small count bags of kratom capsules that are over priced like that are extract, i could be wrong but.. Better safe to be sorry!”
  • “Gas station kratom is low quality and those capsules hold around .75g each.”
  • “Is it even kratom? Looks suspiciously bright green…”
  • “It def brings a bad light. The package says like ALL nature blah blah blah. Life kratom. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just the same ol gas station kratom company rebranded.”
  • “Those kind of companies are bringing a bad light to kratom.”

Live Well Kratom Customer Service

According to their website, “for the sake of safety and sanitation, we will NOT accept returns under any circumstances.” We couldn’t find any reviews of their customer service, but if their customer reputation is anything to go on, we wouldn’t expect much from LWK.

Bottom Line

image of kratom powder

Before you buy Kratom, make sure the vendor has a good reputation. As far as Live Well Kratom is concerned, they just don’t appear to have the goods. Between negative feedback and outrageously expensive products, we can’t in good conscious recommend this vendor.

Now that you’ve heard about what type of Kratom you don’t want to buy, how about finding some that you will? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors!

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