Kratzilla Kratom Vendor Review

If you’re new to kratom, you may mistake Kratzilla’s longevity for a quality guarantee. Before you place an order with this vendor, you should know all the facts.

Many consumers will turn to this vendor on the basis of its six-plus years in the kratom industry, but Kratzilla Kratom is a deliberately evasive brand with very little to recommend it.

Learn all about the pros and cons of this mysterious company in our comprehensive vendor review.

Kratzilla Kratom Review

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Are you in a bind and need to buy Kratom from a local headshop? If so, you just might run into Kratzilla’s products. Their pricing is higher than most Kratom, even if you shop online. They also have a very mixed reputation for quality.

Kratzilla is a domestic kratom vendor with an amateurish website and a number of negative reviews. Although it was founded in 2015, Kratzilla has failed to cement its reputation as a legitimate brand.

This vendor has not participated in the American Kratom Association’s GMP program, nor has it disclosed third-party certificates of analysis with its patrons.

When buying kratom online, you should always be on the lookout for a reputable brand with a history of transparency and generosity. The best vendors offer money-back guarantees, free kratom samples, and proof of third-party laboratory testing.

Kratzilla offers none of the above.

As if this weren’t sketchy enough on its own, Kratzilla.com lacks any background information. There is no About Us page, no description of its cultivation process, and no record of its registration as an American company.

The Kratzilla name, crudely spelled out in Ford Fairlane font across the top of its homepage, does not appear to be a trademarked name. This suggests a brand that is neither professional nor trustworthy.

Unlike other popular vendors, Kratzilla is not featured on the Better Business Bureau’s website. In other words, the average consumer is not familiar with this brand.

Kratzilla’s online store has the most threadbare product pages of any site we’ve visited. If you click on Kratom Strains, you’ll find a pic-free page with a two-sentence description.

“There are various Kratom strains out there,” it reads. “The differences depend not only on lineage but also on geographical area in which Kratom grows.”

No information about Kratzilla Kratom’s origins is provided, nor are there any vital details about purity or potency.

While the owners of Kratzilla do not appear to be overly concerned with pleasing consumers, they have made it their business to forge relationships with wholesale customers. Kratzilla Kratom is one of several Mitragyna speciosa brands offered by NHM Distributing.

For those who don’t know, NHM Distributing is a nationwide smoke shop supplier with more than one thousand established clients and more than twelve years in business.


  • Offers kratom capsules
  • Offers kratom kilos


  • Limited inventory
  • Cost-prohibitive pricing
  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • No third-party labs
  • No AKA approval
  • Malfunctioning checkout
  • Poor consumer reputation

Kratzilla Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

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This vendor’s catalog is extremely limited, with only four kratom powders to choose from—Green Vein, Maeng Da Kratom, Red Vein, and White Vein Kratom, respectively.

Normally we would be singing a brand’s praises for keeping things simple and gimmick-free, but in a congested marketplace where seasoned kratom enthusiasts are always looking for the next best thing, Kratzilla gives them nothing to go on other than vein color.

Kratzilla’s best kratom strain Maeng Da delivers a dynamic aroma, with notes of dill, jasmine, and moss, but it lacks the duration common of OG Horned Leaf Kratom.

This seller’s green vein is a joke. Period. This green vein kratom powder is neither bracing nor chill. It looks and smells stale. You can usually tell when a kratom strain has turned due to the lack of color and scent.

Kratzilla’s red vein kratom powder is a solid two out of four in our opinion. Its fragrance is undeniable, but like Green Vein it lacks a desirable duration. If you’re a fan of Red Bali or Red Borneo, you should do yourself a favor and purchase it elsewhere.

Finally, Kratzilla White Vein is a decent marriage of green ‘tude and red groove, providing a full spectrum aroma that will please daytime and nighttime brewers alike.

Prices start at $8.99 for seven measly grams of kratom powder. This is highway robbery, plain and simple. Most online vendors charge anywhere from $5-15 for a full ounce (twenty-eight grams).

If you’re wondering about bulk pricing, you won’t find any savings here. Kratzilla charges $12.99 for fourteen grams.

An ounce goes for $29.99, while a kilo sells for $149.99. There are no quarter-kilos, half-kilos, or split-kilos. At $149.99 for one thousand grams, you’ll be paying nearly fifteen cents per gram.

These prices do not compare favorably to those of other domestic brands. For example, Mitragaia charges $120 per kilo, while Amazing Botanicals charges just $99.99.

Kratzilla offers each of its strains in powder and capsule form. Kratom capsules are the optimal choice for anyone with a sensitivity to kratom’s natural bitterness.

Not only do capsules mask kratom’s bitter flavor, they also go down much easier than the old toss ‘n wash method.

Capsules start at $8.99 for six, with eighteen capsules going for $12.99. You can get thirty caps for $16.99, fifty caps for $24.99, one hundred caps for $44.99, or a kilo’s worth for $199.99.

Kratzilla currently accepts COD (Cash On Delivery) or credit/debit card payments. Bitcoin does not appear to be accepted at this time.

Kratzilla Kratom Coupon Code

image of kratzilla kratom coupon code

At the current time, Kratzilla does not have any active promo codes. However, they’ve offered them in the past, so hopefully they’ll release a new code soon.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped via UPS, with discounted prices given to wholesale customers. UPS Ground is standard, but users can upgrade to UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air Saver, and more.

Kratzilla does not advertise a money-back guarantee or any refund policy whatsoever. All sales appear to be final.

Kratzilla Kratom Consumer Reputation

When it comes to user reviews, they’re few and far between. We did find a few, though.

  • “Kratzilla was also horrible, I think it was just plain leaf capped and marked up like crazy.”
  • “I was radically underwhelmed by their plain leaf strains.”

On the other hand:

  • “Yeah actually it’s great. Kratzilla Red Dragon is my go to.”

We couldn’t find anything about Kratzilla’s customer service, other than the fact that one package took so long to come in that the buyer forgot what they’d purchased. Their website doesn’t address any concerns either, and we have no idea if they accept refunds, etc.

image of kratzilla kratom consumer reputation

Bottom Line

Although Kratzilla may be decent, the price alone causes us to shy away. Why pay $29.99 for something you can usually get for $5 – $10? When you combine the big price difference with some negative reviews, it becomes impossible for us to recommend Kratzilla. If you do decide to give them a try anyway, be careful with what you order.

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