Kratom Underground Vendor Review

Even though they weren’t around for very long, people still ask about Kratom Underground on a semi-regular basis. That’s not necessarily because their Mitragyna speciosa gained widespread approval, although they certainly had some fans. Read on to learn about this cautionary tale from a few years ago.

Who Was Kratom Underground?

This vendor had a brick and mortar location in Round Rock, Texas, along with an online shop. They first launched in 2014 and initially garnered fairly good reviews from numerous customers. Once the FDA got involved, though, things went downhill very quickly for Kratom Underground.

Kratom Underground Vendor Review

They kicked off their store launch with a big presence online and lots of coupon codes. They also started an affiliate program. However, there’s little evidence that it ever attracted a sizeable number of affiliates. Soon, they started bumping up their discount codes, trying out other store names, and basically anything else you can think of to try to drum up a lot of business.

Kratom Underground’s Old Product Line

It has been so long since this vendor went dark that it’s difficult to reconstruct their product menu. We do know that they were a powder only business, as evidenced by the owner’s scorn toward Kratom capsule sellers. Back in 2015, the Kratom Underground Reddit account went so far as to post a diatribe against those particular vendors. “Thanks to all the money hungry jerks out there who sell Kratom in capsules, Kratom is getting seized and then released later after much scrutinization and due diligence by the FDA.”

This is also where Kratom Underground publicly stated they’d become an FDA target. The FDA seized every shipment they received during this difficult time. This backed up their shipments by a considerable amount of time. When combined with a bad batch they received and shipped out to many customers, Kratom Underground was soon struggling to remain viable.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

picture of kratom cost

Back in 2014 and 2015, the general consensus about Kratom Underground indicated they had decent prices. They were a middle of the road company that typically sold average to good Kratom powder at prices that didn’t break the bank. Sadly, by the time this vendor started to really catch on with the Mitragyna speciosa community, they’d also caught the attention of the FDA.

Kratom Underground Consumer Reputation

At the end of their run, Kratom Underground (sometimes referred to online as KU) had burned down most of the goodwill they’d accumulated within the community. This may not have been fully their fault due to all the FDA seizures, but any reputable business owner should also know better than to keep taking orders during such a rough legal spot. Or, at the very least, a company in this position needs to reserve enough money to issue any necessary refunds.

Instead, several former customers complained about not receiving their last order or a refund. Even worse, the customer service email address began bouncing back to concerned customers.

Of course, during the very slim window of time from late 2014 to early 2015 when Kratom Underground began to operate profitably, they did receive many good reviews. Over on Google, the permanently closed storefront still showcases a 3.9-star average out of 16 reviews. Comments include “quality Kratom,” “they are always friendly and very knowledgeable,” and “superb experience.”

Kratom Underground Customer Service

At first, people seemed to really like the customer service they received from KU. One Redditor detailed a very disturbing interaction with this vendor’s customer service department, though. After getting a bad batch of Kratom and emailing the company several times looking for resolution, this Reddit forum member claims he was told, “you cannot expect us to respond to every single complaint we receive. We process 400 orders per day.”

Yikes! Can you imagine how many complaints a vendor would have to get to say that they didn’t have time to respond to them all? It truly boggles the mind.

What Happened to Kratom Underground?

Like many Kratom vendors that fail, KU didn’t release any statements, nor did they even bother to delete their now very outdated social media accounts. Our best guess is that the FDA seizures became too problematic to keep their business alive.

Final Thoughts

image of kratom capsules and powder

Unfortunately, Kratom vendors often come and go, especially those that don’t have reputable backing. And sometimes, customers get burned when a vendor goes out of business. This is one of the sad risks of buying Kratom from a site that doesn’t have a long track record of success.

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