Kratom One Vendor Review

Kratom One doesn’t disclose anywhere on their site where they’re located or when they first launched. A bit of investigative work hints at 2012 as this company’s founding year based on their Twitter account. Staying in the Kratom business for more than a few years is always a good sign, but does that automatically mean that Kratom One has high quality products? Stay tuned to find out!

Kratom One Review

Visiting the Kratom One website isn’t exactly a compelling experience. The site’s build is very basic, and most of the basic details that help customers feel comfortable placing an order are missing. You won’t find out anything about their shipping details, returns policy, or even what type of payments they accept until you get to the end of your order. For obvious reasons, we’re not a big fan of this lack of upfront transparency.

Product Line

image of kratom one products

We have no idea how Kratom One sources their Kratom, but we can tell you a bit about their six strains. Customers can choose between:

  • Tri-Force Kratom
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Horn
  • Super Green Malaysian
  • White Fire Kratom
  • Bali

According to the product description pages, this vendor sells the “freshest ground leaf Kratom on the market.” Of course, anyone can make that claim, and Kratom One provides absolutely nothing to back up their marketing buzz.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Each of the Kratom strains comes in a variety of sizes, including 100g, 250g, 500g, 1 kilo, and 2 kilos. Pricing is different for each strain, so here’s the range.

  • Tri-Force Kratom: $29 – $260 (2 kilos not available)
  • Maeng Da: $26.50 – $460
  • Red Horn: $26 – $450
  • Super Green Malaysian: $27 – $240 (2 kilos not available)
  • White Fire Kratom: $28 – $250 (2 kilos not available)
  • Bali: $25 – $360

Kratom One Coupon Codes

image of kratom one coupon

There are a few coupon codes floating around the internet for Kratom One. Keep in mind that these codes can stop working at any time. As of November 2019, though, these codes appear to be operational.

  • SPARTA1 – 20% off
  • GOBBLEGOBBLE – 25% off
  • MUMS – 20% off

In some instances, this vendor prefers lower case coupon codes. For example, if ‘SPARTA1’ doesn’t work, try ‘sparta1.’

Consumer Reputation

Reddit’s official Kratom One Review & Discussion thread doesn’t have much to say, but all of it is positive. The moderator of the thread said, “these guys are a solid vendor and have been verified since the beginning of the Korner.” Someone else piped up that Kratom One is the “only brand I carry at my shops by the oz.” Another comment says, “love this vendor. The Bali is amazing.”

On the other hand, Reddit feedback on Kratom One’s Tri-Force Blend isn’t very good. One person complained that “it’s super expensive” yet it did “nothing.” Another Redditor said, “I wanted to like it, but it sucks.” A more thorough review reveals that “their leaf is high priced, [but] a majority [of it] is good. But this isn’t…it’s definitely not the worst I have ever had. But pretty close.”

Only one person stood up for Tri-Force: “I like it…it’s definitely nowhere near the best…but I liked it well enough.”

Customer Service

As previously mentioned, this vendor offers zero details on their site about their shipping or returns policy. They also don’t include any contact info. This always make us a bit leery, as these things are very basic and should be included on every site.

According to some Reddit forum members, Kratom One does generally offer good customer service. “Very stand up guys, good product,” says one person, along with adding, “A+. Can’t think of anything any other vendor does better.” Another Redditor said, “the product was as advertised and was delivered in good time.” Finally, we’ve got another customer vouching for them with “incredibly fast shipping and really great branding.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves and capsules

When we buy Kratom, we really want to know in advance what the vendor’s policies are. However, based on all the positive reviews, we’d probably feel comfortable enough to order Kratom One’s products. We’d most likely steer clear of Tri-Force, though.

Are you looking for a vendor that’s more transparent in their business approach? The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors has dozens of vendor reviews for you to check out!

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